Does anyone properly understand what’s happening in the UK economy anymore?

12 comments on “Does anyone properly understand what’s happening in the UK economy anymore?
  1. Ptah says:

    An analogy might be… the nation is wearing a gastric band, and then eating extra cream cakes, buns, chocolate, biscuits etc etc…. or something like that….

  2. Alf says:

    The one thing we know for sure is the economy under George Osborne has
    failed and continues fail miserably…

  3. Blah Blah says:


    I’d like to offer a slight change to your observation regarding the UK economy under George Osborne and that would be “the economy under George Osborne continues to fail as it did under Alistair Darling, Gordon Brown and the previous tenants of No.11 Downing Street stretching back over the last 40 years”. Our current state of affairs is due to gravity bringing down a can that is too heavy for George’s dainty feet to kick into the future.

  4. Alf says:

    @blahblah…yep, there’s some truth in that.

  5. James Brown says:

    Call it 500 years of colonialism that’s coming home to roost…the average Brit think they are ‘owed’ a living and thanks to racial capitalism and favourable exchange rates…now all of a sudden they find out thy actually have to scrounge a living, but they don’t want to stop sucking at Mommy’s titty…

  6. El_Puerco says:

    I do…it’s on my screen on all the time!…


  7. Banking Thiefs says:

    That’s the same bullshit as “nobody saw the banking collapse coming”

    Anyone with half a brain saw that coming, and anyone with half a brain can see we’ve suspended capitalism like the Japanese has done for the last 20+ years with quantitative easing.

  8. Bruce says:

    * halving scone production
    * invading more lands for cheap tea production
    * investment in automated tennis machines for David Cameron to play with
    * laughter and get-togethers celebrating the selling of wars to the public under the fear of uncontrollable terrorism
    * more looting and rape of the public purse for all manner of fun
    * money laundering / drug production far and wide
    * Big Pharma, glossy advertising, cluelessness and poverty takes care of the rest

    Do I haz medalz?

  9. Nobody is going to understand anything, if people like John Maddox Editor of Nature, get on the phone to people like stage magician James Randi, to warn him that he is about to lose a $$$Million Bucks, if he does not shift his ass over to Paris quick, and help John Maddox suppress the truth!
    I am NOT making this up! Dr. Jaques Benveniste was the French equivalent of their Chief Medical Officer in charge of Research. He was not some light-weight crackpot fringe pseudo-scientist.
    The week before he died, Jaques Benveniste was completely vindicated, leading some to suspect he was wacked by slow poison? As John Maddox himself said, if this is true, it turns science on it;s head, and is the greatest scientific discoverey since fire was discovered!
    IT IS TRUE! …. And, may yet be further proof that we all exist within a simulated universe, and quite possibly a simulation that is trying to piece together the memory of the oceans, had a fuckwit gamblaholic called Ashwatama not unleashed advanced Nuclear Waepons that he was not trained to use! (See Wikipedia) Vedic Scripture and Revelations Ch. 21, speak of the Earth’s Oceans being drained! As part of a Planetary Repair Process…. What’s so mad about that hypothesis? if every shred of evidence strongly supports it? and not one shred of evidence refutes it, other than fraudulent and deliberately concocted pseudo-evidence, aimed at suppression of knowledge too hot to handle!

  10. Marshall says:

    @ Alastair Carnegie,
    Thoughts of Ponns & Fleischmann & their character assassination by the Establishment.

  11. trooper dave says:

    @Marshall. We are told many things are impossible.
    Ponns & Flaishmann , Eugene Mallove, Nicola Tesla all showed things that were supposed to be impossible.
    I think what the establishment wants to be impossible is that people could have self dependent and sustainable abilities that would allow them to thrive and succeed in living WITHOUT the intervention, control and paying tribute to the establishment.
    In the financialised world that the establishment has devised for us to live in, we are forced to operate within a backstabbing, beggar thy neighbour predatory system.
    Unfortunately like frogs in water brought to the boil people are conditioned to not recognize a system that is killing them, but instead they will defend that very system for they have been brainwashed to believe it is the ONLY system.
    Only when people break the conditioning will life change for the 99% who are blind slaves right now.

  12. Specky4eyes says:

    It’s the same the world over. They are holding us to ransom. They will cancel the debt if we accept digital money and rfid chipping.

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