Balding Men Beware!

There’s a trend going on in the hairstyling industry that mimics the bond market.  They charge you for a haircut when in reality there was no haircut… your hair simply fell out… $10 please.  The debate on whether it’s “fee for service” or simply a “where’s your hair?” tax rages on…

One comment on “Balding Men Beware!
  1. marcio says:

    Real interest differentials versus short interest differentials, it’s all so clear to me now.
    I love Dave, he has my style in writing. He starts talking about balding men in some barber’s shop in Japan and ends talking about short interest differentials; whatever that term means. Maybe my hairstyle is getting old.

    I need some Ice Cream: “the perception of the market about a particular state of solvency of a certain entity determines the short interest differential of that same particular entity in a given period, thus QE monetary policy does not have a linear impact as expected because, in the end of the day, his paternal grandfather paid negative interest rate to its creditor, low enough to eat the initial QE (differential?).

    Out of style haircut or not I suppose I got the message. Next time I’ll go bald.
    Thank you Dave.

    Bye A’ll!

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