Alternative Currency Goes Mainstream As Bitcoin ATMs Emerge

14 comments on “Alternative Currency Goes Mainstream As Bitcoin ATMs Emerge
  1. Banking Thiefs says:

    “these Bitcoin ATMs will accept dollar bills — using the same validation mechanism as vending machines — and instantly convert the amount to Bitcoins”

    er.. how about it works the other way around, I give it bitcoins and it gives me dollar bills?

    The hardest thing you’ll ever do is try to get sell your bitcoins!

  2. Joe9083 says:

    When the matrix corporation(merica)wants to turn of bit coin,it will!

  3. Joe9083 says:

    turn bit coin off.It will.

  4. Anthony says:

    Let me know when I can buy food, gas or anything else one desires with bit-coin and you’ll see a shift.

  5. jarrollin says:

    This just proves that bitcoin is the Trojan Horse for that digital currency the PTB are trying to put out there. That and the newly minted rumor swirling about that Max is cavorting with a Rothschild is all the proof I need.

  6. mijj says:

    the financial elite will not sit back as control is lost .. ultimately, they will defeat Bitcoin by making human beings illegal!

  7. Kenguru says:

    This Rothschild’s dream come true-digital money. There is only one step left-take it under control.

  8. Papa San says:

    I have lots of BitCoins and I need to change them to cash so I can buy normal day-to-day stuffs and food in the real world. This so-called BitCoin ATM machines are nothing but fakes and jokes since they only take in cash in exchange for useless BitCoins with the sole objective of enriching the company and crooks behind it. Why are people so stupid as to fall for this kind of scam?

  9. MirrorMirror says:


    An excellent short video which explains the Fiat-Money System in German :

    ( Starts automatically at 2:22 mins )
    Wo die Elite ihr Geld anlegt

    It is very simply and slowly explained … just a pity it’s only in German.

    8 Elite Families own almost everything ( “real” assets ) … and gained this wealth through Fiat-Money system.
    All those countries that are “not yet” members of the CB system are at risk of invasion ( as we already knew of course ).

  10. BankingThiefs says:

    @ MirrorMirror

    in English…

    Debt as Money

  11. TBCM says:

    Bitcoin adoption is increasing and reaching new businesses every day. These machines will help bring the cryptocurrency to those in the streets. The more people who get into this virtual currency, the better! For those who haven’t joined the revolution yet, check out and get started!

  12. Teri Buhl says:

    This is awesome news Max. It’s going to be cheaper for U.S. ppl to trade and exchange btc on mt.gox now also

  13. Jayme says:

    This Zerohedge article doesn’t mention that this bitcoin ATM isn’t really anonymous. This bank is keeping records. Zerohedge doesn’t provide the C-Net article link and even the C-Net article misleads you by saying it’s anonymous in the headline. You have to read down in the body about some of the conditions of this currency. This is not a peer-to-peer anonymous transaction.

    “While not truly anonymous, it can be relatively private — and is far more difficult for the U.S. or other governments to trace. ”

    Need Bitcoins? This ATM takes dollars and funds your account

    “…far more difficult for the U.S. or other governments to trace.”

    pfft. I doubt it.

  14. Jayme says:

    “Why are people so stupid as to fall for this kind of scam?” – Papa San

    For the same reason people prefer to shop at MallMart than a local store – it appears cheaper. Initially it will appear benign and will have lower transactions costs than conventional payment such as wire transfer. People will like it because it is as easy as a credit or debit card but not as expensive.

    Then the schemes and hard luck stories will come up… the banks or governments just can’t afford to continue operating this kind and generous service to you unless transaction rates are raised. Look at what is happening in Ireland with the internet.

    WWW is our life line to freedom so the Irish government are imposing an Internet tax.

    Nothing is without a price in a system built on … price.

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