(AGW-deniers look away) M.I.T. doubles its 2095 warming projection to 10°F — with 866 ppm and Arctic warming of 20°F

34 comments on “(AGW-deniers look away) M.I.T. doubles its 2095 warming projection to 10°F — with 866 ppm and Arctic warming of 20°F
  1. KDT says:

    MIT? WOW cant argue with THEM now can we?………but wait!! these would be the same people from the aaron swartz feasco?…….the SAME people who alowed them selves to be persuaded by the feds that he was a criminal who deserved to be punished with a prosicution that ended up driving him to kill himself? yea they heve “credibility” no chance they are paroting a line fed to them by the PTB no they have “moral standing” (like “pen state” on child molestors) and would NEVER prostitute there brand for federal funds…………….give me a break.

  2. Jonny James says:

    In mainstream economic theory (ideology), environmental damage and costs borne by the natural world are an “externality” not to be factored in to any cost accounting. Environmental damage of all sorts is to be completely ignored.

    Western Civilization (brought to you by a relatively small number of the White Elite) is a suicide death cult.

  3. denier says:

    Similar models are used to predict the rise in bond and stock markets, they rise forever, well until they crash. The same is with human made global warming. CO2 makes up for 2% of total gas species in the atmosphere, of that 0.2% atmospheric gas, humans contribute 1% with their daily activities. So its like thinking that a butterfly in India caused a tornado in USA by flapping its wings, he contributed to it.

    The climate, just like the economy is a nonlinear system, chaotic, and you cant make accurate predictions for those systems no matter how big your PhD.

    Politicians need a boogieman to hide the diminishing oil reserves behind, and force the populations to reduce their energy consummation by increased taxes and regulation over a non existent threat like global warming.

    Some will be privileged some will be forced into starvation and poverty.

  4. denier says:

    CO2 makes up for 0.0387% of total gas species in the atmosphere, of that 0.0387% atmospheric gas, humans contribute 1% with their daily activities.

  5. denier says:

    @ Jonny James: “Western Civilization (brought to you by a relatively small number of the White Elite) is a suicide death cult.”

    Seems to me, you sir are a racist, and brainwashed by leftist propaganda, and their “Critical theory” nonsense.

  6. 11dimensionsandcounting says:

    Max, the MIT study is from 2009. It’s almost certainly a vast underestimate that underplays and neglects to factor in all the feedbacks. I suggest you google “Guy McPherson”. He has a several lectures on YouTube placing the most recent scientific studies in perspective. As McPherson spells out the only thing that can stop runaway climate change (and thus extinction of life on Earth…possibly within 50 years) is the complete collapse of industrial civilization.

    To KDT, a 6 degree rise will snuff out the oxygen creating processes of the oceans. When the oceans stop producing oxygen the forests will quickly die. These two elements account for almost 100% of our oxygen. Thus we are all DEAD. Hopefully your painfully uninformed comment will be dug up by the next species which inherits the Earth as an example from which to learn from.

  7. Jonny James says:

    You mean self-hating White Anglo Saxon Protestant? Self-hating American? Lol
    I include JEWS in that as well, does that make me Anti-Semitic? Lol.
    Did you read the rest of my comment?

  8. 11dimensionsandcounting says:

    Jonny James: the industrial age (and the corrupt crony capitalism that metastasized from it) was a party that benefitted perhaps 1 out of every 5 human inhabitants for a brief few decades while causing absolute cradle to grave misery for the rest.

    The party is coming to an end as unlimited growth cannot last forever on a finite planet.

    WW3 will precede the collapse sparked by dwindling energy supplies, environmental collapse and a burning planet. Enjoy the last couple decades before hell literally breaks loose.

  9. balois says:

    Keiser Maximilian, dont be a Schmuck. Too primitive for you. Stop it, please. I have my doubts and different opinions about AGW but that does not make me a ‘denier’. Neither a Holocaust-‘denier’. This is cheapest crap, Maximilian, this humbug association, befitting gutter media. And by 2095 my projection is that you are probably dead.

  10. general silver crow says:

    @Stacy. put todays show up and forget about 2095.

  11. Jonny James says:

    I agree, and I am enjoying my limited time as a mortal. The next decades will be interesting in many ways. May we live in interesting times indeed.

  12. Sérgio says:

    Hi Max, I believe you are in London, so you should be feeling the tremendous global warming right now:

  13. Banking Thiefs says:

    All taxes require fear to get people to pay them.

  14. Wolferl says:


    “When the oceans stop producing oxygen the forests will quickly die.”

    Why, please explain.

  15. 623-3 says:

    Deniers will keep denying even while they burn in the hell they allowed to break loose. They’re the real version of Hi Brazil is sinking.

  16. David says:

    Just the the Fed, warming “models” doubling down on stupidity because their models were wrong for the past 20 years.

  17. trooper dave says:

    Prediction for 2095!!! Wow that is great. I predict that in 2070 everyone will have two heads and two avatars that can be controlled at will.
    ANYONE can can make ANYKIND of prediction for a period so far in the future it matters not that the predictions have any substance or realism BECAUSE they will never have to be held to account, verified or evaluated.

    April 1st 2030. NOBODY go outside because the air will be thick with mackerel and anyone outside will suffocate from fish, ignore this warning at your peril.

  18. trooper dave says:

    @ Wolferl @11dimensionsandcounting
    “When the oceans stop producing oxygen the forests will quickly die.”
    Why, please explain.

    That kind of baffled me as well.

  19. WeLoveIt! says:

    CO2, plants love it! Carbon dioxide is a essential nutrient!

    “Nutrient – “Element or compound essential for animal and plant growth. Common nutrients in fertilizer include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.” – U.S. Geological Survey, 2007″

    Google “nutrient carbon dioxide”.

    What is photosynthesis? Does it apply here? What is the “carbon cycle”? What is the “oxygen cycle”? Google them.


    Limiting/increasing factors of photosynthesis:
    Note: Raised levels of CO2 gives greater rates of photosynthesis (plant building and oxygen release). See last paragraph under Maximising Growth and other text and graphs.

  20. KDT says:


    LOL the levels they “predict” assuming we EVER reach them at all are ONLY = to levels seen before in the prehistoric past……… so by there reasoning there should be NO life on this planet NOW !(just pinched my self , YEP im alive)!
    had these same morons been around back then they would have been saying the continuing loss of co2 to mineral sequestration and plant fixing of carbon in to there life cycle would result in all of us frezing to death on a snowball planet .
    in fact looking in to why we are not a frozen ball of ice is what led to the green house effect as a hypothisis , wich turned out to be TOTALY incorect BTW and can’t be substantiated in ACTUAL repetable experiments , and is ONLY possable if you ignore things like Latent heat , Evaporation , Convection ………. you know “phisics”.
    the ONLY excuse for thinking up somthing as idotic as the “green house effect” in the first place is that in the late 1700s they had no clue about most of the actual phisics i listed AND the ocean curents were just starting to be charted and so the thermo dynamics for 2/3 of the PLANET were not considered by the “sience” of the day (such as it was) .
    just because carl sagen claimed that venus has a “run away” green house because of its co2 levels don’t make THAT true either , nore the extrapolation that incresses in co2 on earth will cause “the earth to end up like venus”………latest data on venus shows that temp. DECRESES with altitude IE the closer to the surface you get the hotter it is!
    it is NOT the atmosphere that is “hot” it is the planets surface , wich is in turn heating the air wich is then convecting upwards …. had it been “run away green house efffect” the air would be heating up the surface and there would be lower temps seen as you aproched the ground , also the surface is now known to be young , volcanic and all of the same age sugesting that the entire surface was recently molten……………… the fact IS that we dont even understand the basics of what is going on in these systems and yet the people of this planet are expected to alter our ways of existing to the point of death and self extermination because of a hypothisis from the 1700 and a bunch of chicken littles that need the climate to STOP changing becuse “OMG we cant handle change”.
    is the climate changing……only ignoramuses thought it was not changing it has ALWAYS BEEN “Changingable”, changing ,chaotic, and unpredictable , and past the 3 day forcast it still is! in spite of all the money and effort spent on weather prediction.
    the problem is that human “socity” is fixed , unchanging , unwise , and bad at adaptation. as such IT NEEDS an artificial “enviroment” that throws no curve balls and never gets rained out ………… mother nature says “we dont play that way on my planet……….and BTW pretend all you want I OWN your asses TOO , and if i want to cull your over populated ‘spicies’ I WILL!”

  21. Febo says:

    I have always been a believer in AGW, then I watched Freeman Dyson, and now I’m really not so sure the issue hasn’t been fatally contaminated by hystericals:
    (from 10:50mins)

  22. Curious says:

    one hundredth of an inch per year. I’m going to remember.

    Freeman Dyson (thanks Febo) is the next guest on the Max Keiser show! One could only hope.

  23. general silver crow says:

    i see you guys are serious on both sides. show me the science that proves plants live because of co2. i know it,s prevalent but why? are these plants in the wrong place at the right time? do plants like oxygen? who would you ask? a carrot?

  24. 11dimensionsandcounting says:


    The oceans are a carbon sink. As the amount of carbon increases the oceans become more acidic. A 6 degree rise in temperature will overwhelm the oceans with acidity. The acidity kills the phytoplankton. The phytoplankton create 50% of the world’s oxygen.


  25. 11dimensionsandcounting says:

    trooper dave…

    Forests are extremely sensitive to even minor changes in the environment. As temperatures rise and oxygen levels plummet the forests will come under extreme stress.


  26. 11dimensionsandcounting says:


    Up to 10,000 gigatons of methane sits under the arctic permafrost.

    The arctic will be ice free in summer, most likely in twenty years (probably much sooner).

    Methane is a 30x more potent greenhouse trapping gas than carbon.

    If this methane is released IT IS GAME OVER FOR LIFE ON EARTH.

    Our only hope is to prevent the arctic from melting and the methane time bomb from detonating.

    Our only chance to prevent the arctic from melting and releasing the methane is to accept the science of man made climate change and stop burning all fossil fuels immediately.


  27. Daedelous says:

    Oh shit! You mean I’m gonna die? -I’m gonna wake the kids and tell them.

  28. SAO says:

    Global Warming? Ain’t buying it. AND I’m not going to “off” myself.

  29. 623-3 says:

    Hi Brazil is not sinking! Many oil industry sponsored talking heads told me so.

  30. whitehunter says:

    I learned in high school biology that plants consume carbon dioxide and create oxygen. This was deemed as part of the balance of nature. It was, I think, the basis for the concern a few years ago about the destruction of the rain forests (formerly known as jungles) , most notably in South America. Since that time the focus has changed. If history can be constantly revised, why not science? I can remember in the 60’s Lady Bird Johnson theme was “Keep America Beautiful.” There was one television ad where a Native American (formerly known as Indian) paddled his canoe around in a polluted body of water among floating debris. I assume a reduction in pollution will translate into a reduction in carbon dioxide. If someone is labeled a “denier,” the issue at hand is most likely propaganda.

  31. Vindor says:

    The fact of the matter is that global temperature didnt rise in 12 years.

    Have a nice day