A New Manhattan Project – A lesson from Australia!

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  1. Alden says:

    My comment ASSHOLE~~~to infinity.. carbon tax .. how about a tax on your pie hole. I will pay for you to have your mouth sewn shut. Carbon taxes always end up with the middle class and poor being screwed.. shove you carbon tax up Al Gore’s ASS MORON.

  2. dlweld says:

    Sure makes a lot of sense to me – energy self-sufficiency seems a real no-brainer in today’s world – US can do it – and will do it – just might take a while for the petro-propaganda to fade away and folks realize that they’re stuck in an obsolete, expensive energy environment while the rest of the world moves ahead with clean, cheap, secure renewables.

    BTW re the tax thing – well, folks always hate it when their free ride is over and they have to pay for what they’re using.

  3. Banking Thiefs says:

    Neither wind nor solar can provide energy 24hrs a day x 365 days a year, but a gas, coal and nuclear power stations can.

  4. dlweld says:

    The wind and solar energy plants just buffer their energy production by various means – heating molten salt, pumping water up hill, presurizing air etc. etc. and then use these sources for the non-sunny, non-windy times – it’s simple technology.

  5. Cash ain'tKingNoMo says:

    Bravo!! Even if there never is a Carbon tax.. just make the oil companies PAY for all their OWN military protection instead of using MY TAX dollars as a FREE ride on the Military protection train.
    I recently got a package of solar panels to install my own system,, just have to get on the roof and getter done. I’ll be “off grid” before the year is done. (I’m slow.)

  6. johnseattle says:

    Tom Hartman is a DNC ,NWO loving zionest. He lures you in with the catch phrases and hangs you out to dry with the NWO propaganda. They (NWO crowd)will make the world suffer until they have it ALL!!!!

  7. Sacramento Joe says:

    Besides national healthcare…..Australia is one big giant ponzi rip-off. Trust me.

  8. JO Blo says:

    First off, I DO NOT want a smart grid, I like my privacy, second, the climate change crap is complete BS, third what happens when it gets dark and the wind stop blowing? Oh and are we ever going to have advance energy? We could use THORIUM reactors and maybe eventually go in to space with a real advanced energy systems…can’t do that with solar or wind I am afraid.

  9. JO Blo says:

    Oh I forgot, NO CARBON TAX THANK YOU, I don’t want the government setting that kind of precedent, it allows them to tax us for practically anything.

  10. alan says:

    Renewable energy is do able. Germany has commited to it with smart grids and pumped storage in Norway I beleive.
    I can not understand the vitriole against a carbon tax. there are costs associated with burning fossel fuels, they need to be taken into account.
    If the power companies were forced to pick up the bill and pay ongoing costs associated with nuclear mishaps, instead of the tax payer, you would not see another nuc station built.
    Re carbon tax /house prices house prices are high because of many factors a very small percentage would be due to carbon tax.
    you want affordable houseing start by getting rid of the tax incentives for investers, second jail politicians doing favours for a few developers etc etc

  11. alan says:

    This Vitriole againt carbon tax reminded me of the histeria over certain refrigerents being banned in the 80’s because of the ozone hole thing.
    I was a mature student in a air con engineering class. All the young gung ho pricks were raving about the costs involved in developing new refrigerants and how stupid, costly and undoable it all was. I think they were all suck holes and were just puting on a show for the teacher. Anyway at that time Ammonia was about the most efficient refrigerant but was not in favour because you would have had to redesign small domestic units. I started a discusion on the alternatives if no new refrigerants were developed and it became obvious they had just not put a moments thought into it. But still they were prepared to regurgitate the shit vested interests had got the radio shock jocks to rabbit on about

  12. Jimbo says:

    I am sorry to say that most folks do not know enough to warrant the utter cynicism this deserves.

    1) Look-up Thorium reactors. The USA built one in the 60’s and decommissioned it in the 70’s…Why? It does not produce weapons grade fissionable material and because they wanted nuclear powered submarines (Sodium from the Molten salt design & water don’t mix real good). This is not theoretical, they work, i.e the 40MWe Peach Bottom HTR in the USA (1967-74), the 330 MWe Fort St Vrain HTR in Colorado, USA (1976-89); A Light Water Breeder Reactor operated from 1977 to 1982 at Shippingport in the USA ( 1.39% more fissile fuel was present at the end of core life, proving that breeding had occurred), etc. Thorium development work has been conducted in Germany, India, Canada, Japan, China, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Russia, Brazil, the UK & the USA. The supply of cheap abundant base load energy is the crux of all solutions (ie fresh water from the sea, etc). Molten Fluoride Salt Thorium reactors are the likely future. Let’s just get on with it shall we?

    2) Commercialise growing protein (meat in VATS). You want a home grown fatty steak? No worries, but you’ll pay a premium. Source from abundant natural supplies (i.e in Australia, instead of culling kangaroos, put them on the table. Lean and tasty). This way, huge tracts of land can be restored and reforested. Forests are the lungs and kidneys of the planet. They also promote rainfall, which promotes further forestation.

    3) Common sense for other crops, ie rotation to prevent disease, seasonal fallow to promote fertility, and for god’s sake, quit growing cotton and rice where it’s dry. That’s what the equatorial monsoons are for. Do not force livestock animals into cannibalism, etc, ad nauseum et infinitum. Karma folks (or do unto others or what goes around comes around, you get the gist).

    Unfortunately our governments are corporatised, which brings me to the fourth point.

    4) We need to the moral integrity to help us distinguish ourselves (humanity) from a virus. The Earth is a closed system, period. It is NOT O.K to screw your mama over for twenty cents. As there is supposed to be a separation between religion and the state, a likewise seperation between corporations and the state should also be mandated.

    Of, For and By the people folks….. It’s somewhat more than a mere sentiment. Until we grow up and take responsibility I remain a steadfast and dedicated cynic.

  13. alan says:


    you make up your own minds as to wether this type of government produces correct decisions

  14. YoLithos says:

    @Banking Thiefs – RE : “… Neither wind nor solar can provide energy 24/365 …”

    Use some of it to fill high reservoirs. Said Could be far form the generation. “Re-generate” downhill, when needed. Solar heating could also employed for the same function. Knowanyone that might actually like or need hot water? Hot enogh and it sublimates. That means distilled. Another value-added product.

    Use it to produce Hydrogen. Ditto. If there’s an excess, try implementing a fuel-cell economy revolution. The technology has been functional since the 60’s. From NASA to public transport.

    Use it to process trash into biofuel or biogas. More than one technology available. Falls in the US$80 per barell ballpark. Considering the falling true value of the US$, and the cost in lives, real estate, and ramsacked museums presently used to procure it. Actually, the process can be stopped at the “heavy crude” level. Sulphur and waste metals can be added in as required to suit even outdated Texas heavy crude refineries dependent on Venezuelan sources – or, on bringing tar-crude by pipeline down from Canada (turning the planet into an even more devastated hellhole). – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P36p-zhhkL4

    Tides are 24/365. Not making use of them is a cultural problem. Russia has one at least, decades old. Can’t remember where. ‘Was on a RT – Technology Update episode, late last year.

    The iridium satellite system has hundreds – (allcaps)Hundreds(/allcaps) – of satellites in LEO or Near LEO. Turn them into energy collectors and that’s even more efficient than wind farming. Collect the energy with those HAARP-like arrays. Lay out aluminum foil strips, as rectennas, in the desert. And so on.

    The Earth is a roiling turmoil of circulating masses going every which way. Plus varying energy cells – temperature, and electrical. Established channels between any two provide flux, which can be tapped as your energy of choice.

  15. YoLithos says:

    Stumbefingers. Notenoughcoffee. The usual. My belated apologies to all.

  16. james chen says:

    herro , hope good day

    max sure do rove his carbon tax investment.



  17. Peter Jennings says:

    This guy’s a fuckin halfwit reading a PR sheet from a wind turbine company and pushing carbon tax when there is NO proof whatsoever that carbon release is causing climate change. If it is happening, it’s due to a natural cycle of the earth and no tax is going to help. Credible scientists have beaten the pro shrills who take their grant money and run.

    If there is any proof of anything is that winters are getting colder and in some places summers are getting warmer. Africa is having rain in areas it didn’t have lots of before turning arid areas into farmland. Maybe they want our money, via the totally discredited carbon tax, to invade Africa to take the land from the indigenous people.

    We have had wind turbines now for years spoiling the environment with little gain to the consumer, but lots of gain for big companies. What happens when there is no wind? these things don’t operate in breezes. No, I’m afraid this dog is barking up the wrong tree and to keep pushing this carbon tax on humanity will backfire.

    The answer is for everyone to have a unit in their homes and busineses to look after their own needs. There are lots of ways to generate electricity at cost of even free once the equipment is installed, but they are being ignored. Wonder why?
    We might be a bit further ahead by now if those thieving bastards in the US admin released the info they STOLE from Tesla.
    Come on Max & Stacey, what you doing? stop pushing this crap.

  18. snoop diddy says:

    In context, Im not sure what it means on the ground.
    I really cannot foresee Australia getting together any sort of mfg base to capitalise on alternative energy. And as an alternative, it has just seemed to mean we have freed up more coal leases for export than actually made an alternative to them. A lot of gas plants have come on line and among the hype and downplaying that seems to be the trend for now.

  19. Commentariat says:

    I agree with Mr Jennings, Mr & Mrs Keiser can do better than this.

    Man Made Global Warming is the New Christianity forced on us by the NEW global TAX POPES ( feel the self loathing humans, give us your money and wash away your filthy polluting sins – while they fly around in a private JETS!).

    They’ve already started the Witch hunts for climate deniers.

    If they were so f**king bothered about global warming the bastards should be getting their hands in their pockets & using some of that 21 Trillion in offshore Tax evasion they keep gloating about.

    I wouldn’t mind but the same bastards who want our Carbon Tax money are the same bastards who send jobs over to china, who now, build a least one new coal fired power station every week, you now need an oxygen tent to go camping in china – I blame that twat Al Gore, they should make him live in Beijing!

  20. jarrollin says:

    I thought people here did a good job of being able to handle this video (sarcasm). I thought before I looked at comments, that maybe half would find this video acceptable. I overestimated this crowd. My grandfather and great grandfather were smalltime politicians here in Minnesota; one a town mayor who got the roads paved, the other a legislature who helped get a damn built so North Mankato would not flood. Those two things, too, were met with massive resistance at the time, even though they eased travel and prevented flooding. People at the time probably shrieked that it was all part of the New World Order. On a related note, southern Minnesota already has a massive build-up of wind turbines, which is good to see.

  21. Bruce says:

    I’m a propagandist selling the Carbon Tax.


    PS. riches to the United Nations and World Gov for everybody.
    *free showbag included and discounts on your energy bill

  22. jarrollin says:

    Obviously, a carbon tax should be paid directly toward ecological recovery. Paying it to the UN is BS. I agree there. That, unfortunately, makes this more centrally controlled stuff which gives people the right to be wary, suspicious and hateful. Hartman would do well to learn some of that stuff.

  23. Spaniard says:

    Wind and solar seem cheaper (their building costs are related, like everything else, to hydrocarbons) now that we are have burnt all cheap oil available, but that does not mean that it is feasible to replace oil for renewables (resources are not only finite but dwindling already). On the other hand, renewables may seem less destructive but, lets say they did not rely on hydrocarbons for their manufacturing process, at the end solar, wind and biofuels farming on a big scale is associated with very harsh effects on life, land and climate as well.

    What method we use to end our species is not a conversation that amuses me particularly- oil heads, nuclear zealots and renewable priests seem all equally deluded to me. There is only a way- we may take it or it shall take us- scale down voluntarily. The conversation that takes place instead is how to reboot the Matrix.

    Jarrolin brings the only valid point over here- whatever your take on issues, it is only by actually doing something that one really considers things thoroughly, and the only place anybody can actually do things is in small municipalities. Otherwise, whatever our takes on issues, they are irrelevant. You could always vote on gay marriage or carbon tax, I suppose.

  24. Kevin Eshbach says:


    People just hate change whether it is good or bad.

  25. Bruce says:

    If I ever visit Spain, it would be for this.
    And the oranges.
    And the oilive oil.

  26. R. Freiherr v. Wackendonk says:

    I always read the comments FIRST before clicking on ANYthing having to do with Hartmann. Just as I suspected, sounds like he’s advocating a proto-fascist Carbon Tax (read: Carbon credit derivatives) casino for the lurid bankers. Oh, but its all for a good cause. Problem is, the collective global leadership and the advanced western civilization is corrupt and immoral and dying from their own narrow fear of mortality. There is no such thing as multigenerational project planning. Every time I hear some faggit moaning”our grandchildren will have to pay our bills”, I imagine they are secretly happy and go and buy another 60 inch flat screen for the dining room wall. Hartmann and the other Pharaoh Obama worshipers can take their fantasies to hell, cause they’re
    NOT happening. NEVER!

  27. Daedelous says:

    This whole argument is pointless.

    UK Daily electric demand normally oscillates between 30,000-50,000 MW in 24hrs.

    Storing Non-Fossil-Fuel produced energy is just too impractical (And in-efficient). If the UK converted to totally NFF production TODAY, we would need around 80 of the worlds largest ever built hydro-electric turbines (120 for redundant security) just to generate tomorrows peak energy demand…. What if it is calm weather for a week? Two weeks?
    There is just no politically or practical solution to the energy demands we have today. You can elect to go off-grid in your home, but unless you plan to process your own drinking water, and slaughter your own livestock, your carbon impact will still be huge. Buy an electric car? Where the hell are you going to charge it on a calm winter’s night? And just how environmentally friendly are Lithium Ion Batteries?
    This whole debate has been hyjacked by governments and Banks monetising individual aspects of the issues facing us.
    The answer is not to Tax Carbon, or to build wind turbines all over the globe. It is first, to take a holistic and frank assessment of the basic needs for equitable human co-existence throughout the planet, and then create a sustainable model to support that.
    This is why we’re comprehensively fucked, and paying for the privilege to be so!
    We have absolutely no idea of how our Social or Political paradigms can be supported when faced with something as simple as immigration, or population growth or individual choice. Throw into the mix “permitted” criminality within our economies and we have no ability to form any model of our current situation, in any demographic, let alone a basis from which to formulate a plan to deal with any of this.
    Corruption is so rife, I no longer believe it is the 12th of February 2013. So wanker will have surely made millions off short-selling the Gregorian Calender by now.


  28. dlweld says:

    Interesting the mix of comments – on the one hand there appears the group that talks about externalities, security of energy supply, ways to buffer renewable energy, etc. in a cool collected way, and on the other side we have a group that feels the need to talk about faggots, about f*tax popes, about ASSHOLES, and about fucking half wits. I’m sorry, but I just can’t side with the swearing, incoherent group – they just seem a bit off, a bit shrill, with loud and non persuasive arguments

  29. Shane says:

    The same politicians who lie to us about the banks, lie to us about the cancer industry, lie to us about what’s in vaccines, lie to us about the need for austerity, lie to us about GMO foods being safe for consumption, lie to us about carbon taxes being reinvested in the respective country’s sovereignty, lie to us about 9/11, lie to us about WMD’s in Iraq, lie to us about Gaddafi loyalists raping women, lie to us that men and women who die in wars are “defending our freedom”, lie to us about the quantity of gold in national storage…

    I could go on and on and on… and yet we’re suppose TO FUCKING TRUST THEM ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE? Give me a fucking break. Carbon taxes are another ‘Hobin Rood’ scheme, steal wealth from the poor and middle class to redistribute to the rich.

    @Max & Stacy: have either of you ever heard of chemtrails, HAARP, and Dr Judy Wood’s research into 9/11 & hurricane Erin? It’s a problem I encounter with all climate change hysterists. And no, I’m not an oil-loving resistant-to-change back-woods hillbilly, I’m just bright enough to see that the carbon tax is a fucking fraud, period.

  30. dlweld says:

    LOL on the politicians lying – they do – but not in the way you think. Climate change is real and fully visible if you live near glaciers, or in the far north, you can see it, despite what politicians say to placate their paymasters. Check out the documentary “chasing ice”. These guys are in the field, no axe to grind, just observing and documenting – it’s real and it’s scary. Scary expensive too, as we’re so tied to the way things are – fertile grain belts, huge cities on the shoreline, big cities in deserts etc etc. – expensive to change