Who Killed The Paper Golden Goose?

If it’s good for the golden goose is it equally good for the platinum gander?  If the  private central banks can only hold gold as a precious metal on their buffaloed balance sheets and the U.S.  Treasury bridges the fiscal canyon with a trillion dollar platinum coin, what’s a silver eagle to do?  Keith Weiner fails to explain the insane; a one way street of paper price discovery while conveniently overlooking the fact that the gold and silver supply is as unlimited as HP ink cartridges in the face of oncoming traffic of physical demand, that while dollar denominated, whose value can be expressed in a single trillion dollar coin.



2 comments on “Who Killed The Paper Golden Goose?
  1. Sad to see Capital Account end, even sadder to see it end interviewing a tosser like Keith. I had the pleasure to speak to Keith for 5 mins at the side of the trade stall I was manning at the Gold Symposium in Sydney last year. After 5 mins I told Keith I was just going to get another drink from the bar, when in truth I ran away screaming!!

    Said bar and trade stall: http://ausbullion.blogspot.com.au/2012/10/gold-is-precious-in-many-forms.html

  2. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Everybody, scope these two clips out.
    Watch to the end.


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