Who does the EPA protect?

A DOCUMENTARY FILM. By Dr. David Kennedy

3 comments on “Who does the EPA protect?
  1. Klaxon says:

    I totally agree with the doc. This country is bonkers. I visit the dentist every 6 months and they want to give me a freakin’ full set of mouth x-rays every single time. “That can’t be good for you” I usually say, but to them x-rays, flushots, etc are almost like vitamins or something. Nobody really has any idea either when I mention genetically modified food. These college degree holding know betters cock their head back, screw their face up, and go blank or think it is actually a positive advancement in farming. Whatever. By the way, Eileen Dublin is a kickass nom de plume. Should be a film character: “In a world…one woman…

  2. Bill says:

    Seriously I am surprised Max isn’t pro fluoride. We don’t know his position on vaccinations but I’ll bet he is for giving kids the 20 or so they need before they start first grade.

  3. adampeart says:

    …and yet Keiser puts all sorts of blind faith into these ‘regulatory’ agencies, and acts shocked and dismayed when he discovers that they don’t give a shite about ‘protecting’ anyone but their own asses and the asses of their partners in crime. More ‘libertarian paradise’ mockery and condescension please Keiser! What a joker….

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