Truck Carrying $10 Million in Silver Bars Crashes in Upstate NY

silver truckA truck heading from Rochester to Queens, NY crashed on Interstate 81 Monday, along with its cargo of $10 million in silver bars. The truck and $10 million in silver slid down the Interstate embankment, with the silver strewn across the interstate.
We hope rescue workers were able to recover every last bar, as we are talking $1 billion in rehypothecated paper silver at risk.

In other news, Jamie Dimon spent New Years Eve vacationing in upstate New York.

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14 comments on “Truck Carrying $10 Million in Silver Bars Crashes in Upstate NY
  1. Marc Authier says:

    Hey I see my silver bar ! 🙂

  2. jarrollin says:


  3. hogan says:

    The very last sentence of the article is the best:
    “Another truck was coming to pick up the goods from the wrecked truck.” <—— Who's truck LOL?

  4. Silver Swan… The fragile type

  5. ronron says:

    this reminds me of the 10th oz keiser heist. they won,t fit those fuckers in a golf bag.

  6. Barry Soetero says:

    It’s probably Eastman-Kodak’s stash to sell for extra cash.
    Kodak most likely paid $2.50 OZ way back when.
    What if a couple of bars go missing. Anyway, no one will ever know.

  7. Barry Soetero says:

    Somebody from Kodak needs to check out the warehouse. All it takes is a forklift to slide a pallet of Ag Bars onto a truck. Honest. . . boss I didn’t see nutin’.

  8. Nathan el Corochio says:

    does anyone know how delicate that silver is, it looks like its in shards. i only want a metal that could handle apocalyptic shock waves. and i could rehypothecate way more than a billion if max would just detail how its done.

  9. Mattdog says:

    Something doesn’t add up. How could an armored vehicle “strew” stuff all around?
    It should take more than that to crack open one of those trucks. A lot more interesting than the usual candy bar or toilet paper carrying semi that jack knifes sending crap everywhere.

  10. Max;
    I hope you understand the meaning of this.
    There is more than 1 hwy 81 heading North in the US as is
    Magical contraband runway from HUB centers such as
    Int Airports with fed UPS run HUB global systems
    81 is 9 and 9x 9 is 81 and is really maybe route 66
    Drugs and Contraband run North the 81’s some all the
    way north to the Canuks and to merry olde England.
    All from over sees and south of the Border. Is now to be upset.
    Elana the Kagan is a Hun or a 9 to the power of 9 is in KAGAN
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    contraband runner to 59o49 to 3486764401 you will even find
    some very interesting codes and other misc, shit. oops I see they have lost their highest powers since a year or so ago.
    Take 9 to the power of 2,3,4, on up on any one and see what you find. David Hawkins was such but was under cover. Obama
    is not!


  11. Bruce says:

    Jamie has the real silver.

    Just ask his barber.

  12. Banking Thiefs says:

    $10,000,000 / $31-oz = 322,580-oz (9.145 metric tonnes)
    sounds about right for a truck load

  13. Ellin Callvis says:

    There was that story in Dec 2012 about the guy who pooped in a sock and then hit people with it, and Stacy suggested it was Jamie Dimon… It isn’t coming up on search so I will post the Pat Benetar lyrics here:

    Hit Me With Your Shit Sock
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    their pensions because of you.

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