Tim Geithner, the King of Cloud Cuckoo Land

Look, you can save banks that are in deep debt trouble, and perhaps that’s not necessarily such a bad thing, since letting them fail outright would have been a risky proposition. But you can’t make the choice to save banks and not at the same time restructure those debts and expose and prosecute the bankers who put their firms into a situation that necessitated saving them in the first place, and were paid big bonuses for doing it. That is not alright by any stretch of the imagination, either ethically or economically.

The only reason the policy – if you can call it that – of handing banks trillions in cheap credit appears to work is because its consequences cannot be felt immediately, but are pushed forward into the future. That doesn’t absolve us from having to ask what happened to the debt, though, but we still have no answer to that question, and Tim Geithner carries a substantial part of the blame for that.

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4 comments on “Tim Geithner, the King of Cloud Cuckoo Land
  1. snoop diddy says:

    Beatles – Baby you’re a rich man

  2. LedLCD says:

    the car with mother and son comes from time of endless prosperity; I understand ?

  3. snoop diddy says:

    Nature of the cuckoo duck – David Attenborough

  4. Alf says:

    Gotta ask yourself…What is America to me?

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