This firm really stinks to high heaven. Nobody wants to work for these bums.

When I was a guest on BBC Daily Politics a few months ago, I was originally scheduled to appear with a Cantor exec who RAN FOR THE HILLS when she found out she’d be facing me and she never appeared. That’s what a guilty conscious does to you. And that fear of the truth acts like a repellent to potential hires…And they run too. I predict this company goes under in the next 24 months. Gosh, and they’re still crying in their soup about 9/11. Get over it already. Look in the mirror, accept your role in the attacks and move on.

5 comments on “This firm really stinks to high heaven. Nobody wants to work for these bums.
  1. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    This is a peaceful idyllic movie that Mr. Guru-Murthy ( the morally superior slayer of Quentin Tarantino) was in.

    The little hypocrite has broad TV experience as well.
    Along with game shows he also hosted “The 100 Greatest Musicals” and “Going Cold Turkey”. Yep… nothing more entertaining than a crack-ho and a bowl of fruit.

    At college, he read (couldn’t find anything about him actually graduating) Philosophy and Poli Sci (that along with Psych and Sociology are gut courses) and Economics, which is seemingly the only actual problem solving class he had.

  2. blindman says:

    hey, please tell me what my complicity in the affairs know as 9/11 are.
    i have looked in the mirror and i have not seen any perpetrator or conspirator
    associated with the claimed 3000 or so homicides of 9/11, never mind the
    billions in insurance claims. ” get over it” ? no,. fuck no! not getting over it
    but looking for the perp and wanting/needing/demanding justice to the
    grave. what are you thinking saying “get over it”, really?
    as has been said.. ” present consciousness is a tapestry woven of threads of
    memories.” .. or something like that .
    if you think you can tell other people what to, or not to, “get over” you have
    lost your fucking mind, period.
    love the show, but really …..
    homicide, once accepted or dismissed, is a calamitous and debilitating destructive
    peace and justice, requiring a degree of worthwhile yet costly conformity
    and investigation, or let the thing unravel in which case not only are we
    all on our own but we are all out for, each and , the other’s blood.
    and get over it as there is no justice … just us, being disemboweled in
    broad daylight, ongoing, is that what it is about?
    oh, never mind.
    there is always money in it, somewhere and somehow. sheesh.
    double edge thing and we all live in terry’s world. … or not.
    i drink from the fountain unnamed / unknown.
    This Love Is True – NRBQ
    NRBQ IN FULL HD performs “Honey Hush” live at The State Theatre in Falls Church
    you are welcome, check it out, check it in, but check it .

  3. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:


    Taking the personal private property of gun owners is okay with you, but you see, communists don’t allow private property… not even a special person like YOU.

  4. Bruce says:


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