The Latest Victim of Inflation: Subway’s “Footlong” Sub

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

In what has now become a series of posts on how people in the western world are being shortchanged by stealth inflation, we now find out that: “four out of seven Footlongs — purchased at Subway locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens — measured only 11 or 11.5 inches.”

From the New York Post:

And that’s not the only corner Subway is cutting — the shops have sliced their cold-cut sizes by 25 percent in the past few months, a Manhattan franchise owner told The Post.

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17 comments on “The Latest Victim of Inflation: Subway’s “Footlong” Sub
  1. snoop diddy says:

    full of MSG, aspartame, benzoates etc etc etc like most fast food these days.

  2. Klaxon says:

    Ha! I just had a Subway footlong veggie patty sub earlier this week. I didn’t measure it or weigh it on a portable digiscale. Is there an app for that? “Hey, my iphone7 says you gipped me 3.8 oz of a tuna melt.”

  3. Ian james says:

    That is so fucked up. Better book that sub in for an enlargement operation.

  4. OlympiaLogger says:


    This is an example of what’s LAWful and Constitutional, like County Sheriffs, and what’s Color of Law and corporately fraudulent like Holder and The God damned Creature in the White House.

    It’s Stand and Deliver for some of us… thank God.
    …(and the rest of you can go back and keep hiding under your God damned rocks.)

    I can hardly wait to hear your miserable worthless God damned preposterous ‘Opinions’ about what’s REALLY going to happen.

  5. Jerm says:

    I actually tested this yesterday at lunch….and my footlong Subway sub measured exactly 12 inches.

    I then measured my foot. Exactly 11 inches.

    What’s all the bitching about?

  6. Bruce says:

    snoop diddy | January 18, 2013 at 11:25 pm |
    full of MSG, aspartame, benzoates etc etc etc like most fast food these days.
    Yep, factory food, topped off with processed white bread.

    If you are eating out to start with, the last thing you should be concerned about is getting less; eating out is a low-value proposition to start with, without getting into health.

  7. Bruce says:

    with all the integration going on, it would be nice if they could make many of today’s phones digital scales with some newer technology; they are all touchscreens these days so they have the right shape and flatness going now.

  8. snoop diddy says:

    and that bread no doubt has one of additives 280-283 which are propionates and possibly linked to autism among other things,
    link to list of all additives and their effects (great list to keep):

    propionic acid and study on rats:

  9. snoop diddy says:

    So, in conclusion, it turns out Subway are doing you a favour by not giving you as much of their product even though you are spending the same amount of money for that privilege.

  10. Champion the Wonder Burger says:

    “Industry insiders have told the Guardian they believe that an ingredient called “drind”, dehydrated rind or skin, may be at the heart of the scandal. It is commonly used to bulk up cheap meat products.

    Additives made from boiled hide or offcuts of carcasses are typically used to bind in added fat and water and increase the protein levels of economy beef products that have a low meat content. These may legally be identified simply as “seasoning” on the label.”

    ?>>>> Seasoning? <<<<?

    – that's not what I'd call salt 'n' pepper…..

  11. Champion the Wonder Burger says:

    Worth mentioning that it’s Tesco economy burgers that have dead nag in them, these are the ones you eat when your money is tight – possibly when you are doing unpaid ‘work experience’ at Tesco.
    Lidl too – all thoses tales of middle class people turning to Lidl for cheapo food – hahahahahaha did anyone ever really think bargain basement food was ever going to be what it says it is ?

  12. Champion the Wonder Burger says:

    In fact, fuck it, they should just openly offer East European horse meat to anyone receiving a welfare benefit, the gov could bulk buy it, get someone sweet like G4S to serve it out at job centres and old folk’s homes. Hey ATOS are French, they know about horse dinners, they could hand out rotten old French horsemeat to the disabed.

  13. snoop diddy says:

    Been enjoying m’self some pear juice as of late:

    The Health Benefits of Pears

  14. Bruce says:

    top info snoop

  15. snoop diddy says:

    cheers, been trying to figure out all this stuff to help my 2yr old nephew who has kidney reflux and eczema and asthma etc. His main prob seems to be salicylate sensitivity but has trouble with a lot of preservatives and also milk proteins. Doesnt have a ‘technical’ allergy to anything so doctors were not very helpful in diagnosing any sensitivites apart from just excluding anything suspected of causing a symptom and then trying it again later to see if the sensitivity has decreased etc.

    I hadnt heard of salicylates (natural chemicals in plants to fend off pests and diseases) before but found out that even I am sensitive to oranges and a few things and have sneezing fits sometimes, depends at the time. Apparently salicylates can affect ADHD too:

    That’s without even looking at allergies to gluten etc and pesticide residue, GMO, diabetes, obesity as well as malnutrition etc.
    It is a frigging minefield as far as food goes these days. No wonder kids are not handling once they’re off the bottle as well as before and the re emergence of a lot of childhood illnesses are coming back.

  16. Just like them to overboast like most men. LOL

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