The ‘Currency War’ Has Been Raging For A Few Years… Now We Have The ‘Copyright War.’ Aaron Swarz Is A Martyr. Chris Dodd (of the MPAA) Is Public Enemy No. 1 And Anonymous Aren’t Kidding Around.

12 comments on “The ‘Currency War’ Has Been Raging For A Few Years… Now We Have The ‘Copyright War.’ Aaron Swarz Is A Martyr. Chris Dodd (of the MPAA) Is Public Enemy No. 1 And Anonymous Aren’t Kidding Around.
  1. LedLCD says:

    Are Anonymous plan to lunch warhead missile ?

  2. Carlos says:

    Sure. We are still waiting for Assange to release his much hyped “insurance” files…

  3. One guy says:

    Hey anonymous..
    Where the hell is the Keshe technology. If his claims are true and it frees us from the energy companies and revolutionizes the world then…what are we waiting for.

  4. swell says:

    There is so much relevant and on-topic information at, I have been unable to keep up, it keeps amassing in my to-read queue.

  5. Sierra_Hotel says:

    Suicide does not qualify one to be a martyr. He had a long fight ahead of him and decided that he was not up for it and took a quicker way out, but he was not killed. His death is tragic, but it was his choice. It’s sad that more attention was not given to his case before his suicide, but there is just so much that’s sad about America.

  6. swell says:

    For example, at, in just a single link:

    Another example, a mere quote:

    Not for nothing did the phreaks like Wozniak, Jobs, Gates, and innumerable others decide to monetize their youthful skills as amoral manufacturers of asymmetrical technology to lure users and steal their data. Outsider outlaws became insider law-exploiting cohorts in the ancient tradition of bandits and revolutionaries — evident in manifold WikiLeaks betrayals for cashing in on the market.

    Stopping just short of the Kevin Mitnick era when criminalization of phreaking was implemented after admitting technological defeat, Lapsley’s mani-faceted tale of dispersed nic-named phreakers trouncing the Ma Bell wizards of centrality, amply prefigures today’s government crackdown on digital freedom hackerdom while at the same time allowing corporations to free-range as predators of the public trust of mis-named “reputable” institutions.

    Smartest of today’s insiders of hegemonic corporations feel kinship with the outsiders, indeed, join them in setting up competing companies to hopefully topple (gobble Google, Facebook, Twitter) former top-heavy, inept, ham-handed bosses employing the law rigged to favor employers in cahoots with their regulators, lobbying one another and swapping leaders to assure continuance of public dupery. Taxes and profits ever in lock-step to exploit public debt.

  7. Blah Blah says:

    Bored already. Set those Bitcoin rigs to busting that bad boy open.

  8. HUH? says:

    Mossad and Anonymous: when it comes to propaganda about Syria, they’re one and the same.

  9. swell says:

    “Bored” is a good point. No one seems to have yet pointed out that Aaron Swartz would have been precluded from using a computer as a condition of his sentence and eventual parole. Never mind that these laws are set up as “slam dunk” cases anyway, where a defendant has virtually no chance of winning at all. (Like in cases where defendants are completely stripped of assets before trial, in order to prevent them from paying for legal defense attorneys.) With as active a mind as Aaron Swartz had, it would have been tantamount to sensory deprivation torture, being deprived of use of a computer, nevermind preparing a defense without one, or nevermind that a German court has recently ruled that the Internet is essential to modern life; he would have been deprived of it.

    Re:publica 2012 – Eben Moglen – “Freedom of Thought Requires Free Media”, mentions Stewart Baker, (who writes regularly over at the totalitarian “law” agitprop site, Reading Stewart Baker’s apologetics for current computer law, as well as his constant screeds demanding total surveillance, makes one wonder how so many ostensibly intelligent thinkers can be so credulous.

    It’s spelled “DoJ”, in the pejorative, by-the-way.

  10. Peter Jennings says:

    Anonymous, don’t threaten…do.

  11. YoLithos says:

    ‘ … Warns “There Will Be Chaos” … ‘
    What the crappling inferno does hesheit mean “there will be chaos”. Is that a Stallone quote? Or a quote from the Graphic Novel? “Is there no window in the padded cell”? Demoralizing. Just plain demoralizing. Got to be a troll cell. From the Karolynska Institute of Tröllfyschüng Labs. What’s next, Bätmynn pointing to Sandia-UK on a map?