The average coed “sugar baby” receives about $3,000 a month in allowances and gifts from her sugar daddy

“I’m studying Austrian economics.”

13 comments on “The average coed “sugar baby” receives about $3,000 a month in allowances and gifts from her sugar daddy
  1. jarrollin says:

    (1) It’s a good gig, if you can get it?


    (2) Bernanke’s ZIRP policies creating TWISTER board society.

  2. snoop diddy says:

    love the tagline!

    In US Rockwellwoodsian economics they’d have to give blowies to all the tollkeepers on their way to college too.

  3. Oky1 says:


    Hey, what’s the matter here sugar, can’t a guy get a hand job around here on credit anymore?

    I’m payin the Vig plus 3% next Tuesday.

    Signed: Ben Bernak…


  4. Bill Stewart says:

    Who says we’ve escaped the worst of the effects of a fiscal cliff dive? The dollar menu is finally dead.

    Budget deal or not, nothing stopped the sad fact that Wendy’s will now have a value menu with items priced from 99 cents to $1.99. The fast food joint was the last holdout of the burger giants to offer a full dollar only menu.

    Now like Micky D’s, Burger King, Jack in the Box and others, Wendy’s has entered the non dollar menu age.

    Thanks for holding out so long Wen.

    Still, value menus instead of dollar menus remind me of a store I ran across about 12-years-ago somewhere near Converse or Windcrest called the “Everything a Dollar or more Store.”

  5. Crissy says:

    When these girls finish school they can add to their resume that they are a whore. Just what we need, a large labor pool of educated sluts.

  6. Mother Earth says:

    Some reflections on bank ethics

    @max, you should get in touch with Joris Luyendijk, an interesting dutch guy that has been interviewing bankers about thier life. He says exactly what you have been saying but in Dutch. Lives in London.

  7. O says:

    You can be a prostitute to a sugar daddy or to a counterfeiter. The sugar daddy doesn’t take 30 years of your life after graduation. And that without investment. The sugar daddy is a hero. We need more of them.

  8. Chalcedonite says:

    Reminds me of the movie “Gigi’.

  9. mel says:

    I hear spies get treated with the exact same incentives. They never make more than 3k per month – most of them…

  10. Bill says:

    Can I be a sugar daddy for an hour or two?

  11. Popo says:

    Students turning to prostitution. Let’s call it what it is: Money for sex.

    3000 per month is high, but that’s because the stats come reported from SeekingArrangement. Plenty of girls go with 1000.

  12. marcio says:

    Does this headline has anything to do with the “personal lubricant’s Facebook episode”?


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