That’s not capitalism! That’s fraud!

7 comments on “That’s not capitalism! That’s fraud!
  1. Marc Authier says:

    Where are the handcuffs for Ackerman. This criminal CEO knew what was going on. Why doesnt the german government arrest this financial terrorist ? Because Germany also is runned by criminals.

  2. LedLCD says:

    Threshold for White House petitions raised to 100,000

  3. Herbie687 says:

    Free-market Capitalism = Anarchy.
    The bankers think they are tigers in a jungle!

  4. matt says:


  5. bbrebozo says:

    Ok this will be off of topic; since, the topic is the same redundant theft/ lies by the bankster/ corporate/ government insiders/ sociopaths.

    Forgive me Stacy.

    You both are well dressed and probably have enormous closets full of what to wear.
    That’s fine clothing – like hair- is art and I’d like to have the money to do that too.

    But here is the prompt, what’s the oldest ass thing in either of – or both of- your wardrobes. Wear it on the show! Ha.

  6. bbrebozo says:

    On a more serious note, the Constitution of the United States of America.
    Note, not all capitals for the US. the United States is a Republic , not a Democracy!
    The United States of America are NOT a corporation. ONLY, Washington DC is!

    The Washington DC corporation has no jurisdiction over the independent states. What don’t you get? Stop obeying any decrees from Washington!

    So, don’t be stupid and get over the Southern accent. This guy has relevant info for the current and past treason in America.
    If you are American citizens and want to be free – and not a slave – check this out. Revolt against the US Corporation of Washington DC!

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