Silver Liberation Army JP Morgan Facebook Bomb, A Look At The Evidence

8 comments on “Silver Liberation Army JP Morgan Facebook Bomb, A Look At The Evidence
  1. Bruce says:

    be sure to make it easy for business & gov (one and the same) to ID you, analyse you, dissect you, compartmentalize you, profile you, reward you, punish you and silence you – but above all – exploit you.

  2. Longjohnsilver says:

    I thought u cant buy the coins anywhere, simple supply and demand

  3. nathan el Corochio says:

    @bruce. dammit no wonder there was only 8 people when i ‘liked’ it. silver vigilante are you on the colloidal silver moonshine?!!

  4. Sirial says:

    Not that it matters much as I use google mail and my online privacy is most likely not existent, but at least I am not on facebook.

  5. BankingThiefs says:

    Did anyone notice Yahoo Finance stole Lauren Lyster from RT’s Capital Account?

  6. BankingThiefs says:

    The fools stuck her behind a desk where you cannot see her legs. Doh! ;D

  7. Hi Bruce,

    From my perspective my name already floats around a bunch, etc. and there is very little information on my FB. As for the others, well perhaps they just aren’t scared.

  8. Oh and also, yes that is a new facebook SLA group. I bought Silver Liberation Army and turned it into a forum, so I am trying to grow it so i don’t lose the little bit of money I am each month on it : )….Not that I mind that much.

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