Secret French Plan In the European War Of The Automakers

“Volkswagen has chosen to wipe out PSA,” said a source in President Hollande’s entourage. PSA Peugeot Citroën, Europe’s second largest automaker, is teetering. Volkswagen Group, Europe’s largest automaker, is an invincible giant—that wants to reduce overcapacity in Europe “on the backs of the French,” the source said. Hence a secret plan, a desperate, misbegotten, and taxpayer-funded deal.

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7 comments on “Secret French Plan In the European War Of The Automakers
  1. Wolferl says:

    Volkswagen doesn´t want to wipe out PSA. Volkswagen just wants to sell more cars. Just like everyone in the industry. It´s easy for PSA to beat Volkswagen. Just produce better cars for a better price. If you don´t capitalism will wipe you out. That´s what real capitalism is about.

  2. Mary Genoud says:

    GM is a conglomerate, not a family. French science is underplayed in the press; why not focus upon technological achievements with Parisian flare?

  3. ZORRO - London says:

    From BBC today

    SLA is GROWING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. TJ says:

    This is the car ( British?) I’m buying when it comes on the market 😉–YNOjySZaw

  5. Max says:

    Who are these Maastricht treaty supporters who massively said twenty years ago that the European Union would bring prosperity and peace across Europe ? Were not these people called experts at the time ? The European Union has so far been successful in preventing real wars but not their very economic and social causes. Are we not facing an offensive of the French PSA against the German Volkswagen ? Will conflicts between these two countries ever end ?

  6. Spaniard says:

    Oh, come on, Woferl. French cars are a joke, but VW is anything but a private company. Markets have nothing to do with the hand outs from government to automakers to sell more of their planet killing machines. VW will implode eventually as well, just later. The whole economic structure is becoming obsolete by the hour.

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