Schrodinger’s Large Hadron Squid Spotted In Davos

In a Loch Ness-like spotting in the Swiss Alps, it wasn’t Bigfoot, but rather the increasingly un-rare two-headed Vampire Squid that was seen simultaneously giving and receiving interviews of itself on freezing cold balconies under the umbrella of those efficient outdoor propane heaters.  The new HuffPo-Goldman partnership is able to maintain two perspectives in the single body of a media-banking-industrial complex organism.  The problem of figurative third world entrepreneurs showing up for work while literally being hungry was finally resolved by the Huffington-Blankfein duality of nutritional uncertainty principle (aka the Piggs Boson).  When hunger sets in, simply repeat the slogan “Snickers Satisfies” for the full Rosenthal-Collider effect.

3 comments on “Schrodinger’s Large Hadron Squid Spotted In Davos
  1. Roger Yates says:

    That will be HADRON. A Haldron is a beefburger containing traces of pterodactyl meat.

  2. Indeed. Stand corrected on Too Bigfoot To Fail.

  3. Paolo says:

    Blankfeins 30 million dollar house looks suspiciously like Goebels villa if you’ve ever seen it.