Reserve Bank of Australia declares on Australia Day that it is happy that Pommie Bankers hold 99.9% of its Gold

On the eve of Australia Day I received a reply to my email to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). It seems even on Australia Day, and every other day for the foreseeable future, the RBA is willing to trust a bunch of bankers on a wet miserable little island off the coast of France, who have engaged in QE and are implicated in the LIBOR rigging scandal, to hold 99.9% of their gold. So much for the independent Australian spirit and patriotism.

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21 comments on “Reserve Bank of Australia declares on Australia Day that it is happy that Pommie Bankers hold 99.9% of its Gold
  1. Hondo Stalwart says:

    They got guns? … Not … They got Gold?

  2. mijj says:

    good news everybody! /snark

    Fear is so high about the integrity of the UK and the gold held in trust, that the Reserve Bank of Australia has been instructed to declare that it is happy that Pommie Bankers hold 99.9% of its Gold.

    Ironic, isn’t it. The more you try to reassure people that they can trust you, the escalating degree of assertion that there’s no need for them to reclaim their stuff => the less they trust you => the more important it is they get their stuff back.

  3. SLA-mdunk says:

    Any chance of you forwarding a copy of that email to me, young Miss Herbert ?
    I’m good for a stir.
    SLA-mdunk in Oz.

  4. Part time lover says:

    This is stunning how naive and ignorant are the dinguses at the RBA are don’t they realize how corrupt Britain is!!

  5. alan says:

    We are insecure children, We need someone else to always make decisions for us. We need the approval of our superiors
    Its pathetic I know, but it is what makes us comfortable.

  6. Werdna says:

    No worries, mate! She’ll be right. We’ll just dig a few more truckloads from out the ground if ever we need some more jewellery. And we’re not stupid enough to put all our faith paper money neither. We make our cash out of plastic!

  7. Trevor Morgan says:

    Re: Miserable Wet Island – (with nett immigration!)

    Things grow here.
    Is dry and and arid better in some way?
    Check out our comedy scene.
    Compare with German comedy!
    Check out our music scene.
    Compare with French music!
    Check out our fighting ability
    Compare with Argentinian or Italian armed forces!

    So we have a square mile of rogues and thieves. We know that.
    We have corrupt and incompetant politicians. We know that.
    We have a malignant and lying media. We know that.
    We have banks you cannot trust. We know that.

    Where is there a place with no thieves, no corrupt and lying politicians and no lies in the media and 100% honest bankers. (Oh, and not to hot and arid with venomous wildlife, or floods containing crocs)

    Let me know – I might consider holidaying there.

    Or are you commenting from the Emerald City in the Land of Oz (not AUS)

    Now I really do like Aus. Like the humour, like the music, like echidnas….

  8. Trevor Morgan says:


    Yes I like Aussie comedy as well

  9. SLA-mdunk says:

    Thank you, Tears.


  10. @Trevor Morgan

    Mate don’t take me too seriously, it is Australia Day today and there is no better day to poke fun at the Mother country than today.

    I agree with you British comedy is the best; Monty Python, Two Ronnies, Benny Hill. Although based on my experience with British hotels I think Faulty Towers should have classed as a documentary not comedy.

    You even prove British comedy is the best by your comment about nett immigration to Britain. Yes you are right, thousands of poor sods are coming to Britain every year from even more miserable places, such as Pakistan, India, and the former Eastern Bloc, whilst many Australians are coming back home from Britain to escape the GFC.

    And of course you would be welcome to visit Oz anytime, just watch out for the wildlife, they have a tendency to sting, bite, chase and kill Pommies on sight – and that is just at the cricket, go bush and you will really be in trouble 🙂

  11. Trevor Morgan says:


    I usually write in humour and rarely in rage.
    Had a holiday In Aus three months ago; enjoyed it. England’s child has grown and seems to be doing okay whilst the parent dweindles into senility or insanity.
    Jervis Bay is beautiful, Sydney “interesting”; ecosystem fascinatingly different.
    Have bought a few packet of seed of frost resistant plants from Tasmania.
    Visited HMAS Voyager memorial, knew a couple of matelots on her.
    Bird song was rasping, grating and untuneful. The bats were BIG real BIG.
    Cricket is boring, so to excel at boring is something I suppose.
    Aussie football is strange. A rebellion against the rectangle maybe.
    However I like the skylark and the songthrush and a sunset viewed from Glastonbury Tor.
    Yes, I like my home.
    Shame about the thieves, the lies and the corruption ,etc..
    Like your website.
    Disagree with the Buddah quote. Lies can be maintained for ever in some cases. Some religions are based on that sad fact.

  12. Skiddypants says:

    With 300 billion of gov debt, costing 22 million/day in interest, no wonder Australia’s creditors want a neutral custodian of thier collateral ( gold ).


  13. snoop diddy says:

    The RBA sold gold around the same time as Brown’s bottom too so we know who’s pocket their in.

  14. snoop diddy says:

    *their = they’re
    grammar nazi myself.

  15. Bruce says:×0.jpg
    “We are happy to be the Mother Country’s bitch. Keep paying your taxes and the debt we’ve amassed and enjoy Australia Day 2013 like we’ve asked you too. Stock up on “Made In China” Australia flags, enjoy a snag on the barbie, support our Carbon Tax and support the local economy to help all Australians.”
    -Julia Gillard

  16. snoop diddy says:

    hehehe, thanks @Bruce,
    i really cant get enough close ups of Julia in my life.

  17. giggler says:

    Likely a British colonial thing or they know, no matter how much is in their vaults, theres 1000x more still to mine in OZ so why bother.

  18. Peter Jennings says:

    Australia is just towing the NWO line until a sufficient amount of their people wake up, realise they are not the target of pedophiles but psychopaths and sociopaths with secret agendas to meet.
    What do they do all day/months/years behind their closed doors? I wonder how many Australians noticed the change in their police force since their guns were banned?

  19. @Bruce that link to the PM was a horrible thing to do to someone first thing in the morning I almost choked on my weetbix. In retaliation I give you this link:

  20. Skiddypants says:

    Plus the 12 million in gold bullion to be part of the UN security council .


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