Quote Of The Year. And The Next.

Ilargi: [..] … perhaps this is all we have, and always, that it’s a universal truth. That we can never solve our real big problems through proactive change. That we can only get to a next step by letting the main problems we face grow into full-blown crises, and that our only answer is to let that happen.

And then we come out on the other side, or we don’t, but it’s not because we find the answer to the problem itself, we simply adapt to what there is at the other side of the full-blown crisis we were once again unable to halt in its tracks. Adapt like rats do, and crocodiles, cockroaches, no more and no less.

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7 comments on “Quote Of The Year. And The Next.
  1. Terry says:

    Truest quote of the year.
    Don’t let em build another beast and they have lost what they stole thats why the hate “libertards”.

  2. lupe says:

    “keep the faith, baby.” acp

  3. Jayme says:

    Good article. I don’t know that the evolution analogy applies to our particular set of problems but understand the point.

  4. Mattdog says:

    Sheeeite, I gotta go by my ‘winning quote’, if i may parlay, “Live long and prosper, especially on this thread”. The entire world has become a one world entity, any and all thought can be communicated around the world within a blink of the eye. The one world community has been spawned without the intervention of the evil wall street bankers and their ill kind. They are desperately trying to maintain posture and control, but the tsunami of good will human endeavor will cease their tyranny.

  5. jarrollin says:

    Actually, there’s a funny kind of optimism in this piece. Although, I stopped reading it , mainly due to passing a certain threshold of semantic differences with the writer. Actually, it wasn’t just word choice. I do have a difference in perspective. But I liked some of it. We morph. We mutate. We move along…grind…clash…destroy. Nature plays itself out, until we don’t recognize ourselves and something else is born. Is this anything new, really?

  6. OlympiaLogger says:



  7. Lumber Jack says:

    The real truth is that there aint no hope for the masses, so the intelligent try to join the upper classes. The Obama ‘hope’ campaign was so effective because there is no hope for the majority of people, if there was hope the message of hope wouldn’t have sold so well. Max Keiser and John Perkins make tons of money being crooks and then they make tons of money telling everyone that the world is run by crooks like them. I’m thinking about doing the same thing, maybe I can make millions working on Wall Street and then flip the switch and use the knowledge I have from the experience to make millions decrying the whole bloody mess. So there’s no need to worry about society unless you’re broke. Everyone for themselves, it’s more fun that way. It’s human nature baby.