PMQs: George Galloway slapped down on dictators (30Jan13)

11 comments on “PMQs: George Galloway slapped down on dictators (30Jan13)
  1. Billy says:

    Shouldn’t the headline read ‘George Galloway slapped down by public school-Eton educated, multi millionaire, toff nosed elitist, imperialist-fascist, mass-murdering, financial terrorist’?

  2. Flopot says:

    Haha. Cameron did not answer the question – instead he resorts to name calling.

  3. alan says:

    As long as you are a Dictator who is willing to sell out your people to the benefit of the west, you will always have the support of Britain and the USA and their puppets.

    John Howard Australia’s ex prime minister in conjunction with elements of the Australian military used Bahrain facilities to train people for an illegal attack on the Australian Union movement. I assume if Syria or Iraq had provided the same services they may have been protected from the wests blood lust.

  4. Mary Genoud says:

    The Honorable George Galloway has every right to question the role of the UK as the caboose in resource wars, since Iraq. Would France, the major nuclear technology-based country, be in Mali, if the country did not have excess reserves of uranium? Ummmmmmmmmm, human rights.

  5. What-me-worry? says:

    Just answer the fucking question you spineless cunt.

  6. Perfidious Albion says:

    Made them look like the spoiled schoolboys they are.

  7. Perfidious Albion says:

    Woah, that reply of Cameron’s – “wherever there is a brutal arab dictator in the world he will have the support of the honourable gentleman ”

    They’re so cocky they think they don’t even have to try. They’ve taken the bullshit so far and made such hay out of it that it just rolls off the lips without a second thought, confident that they only have to make sure that they know that certain interests are hearing the right things, and never mind if the public sees through it.
    You can hardly even call Cameron a politician when he comes out with lame rubbish like that.

  8. Alf says:

    Cameron’s reply wasn’t only foolish but blindingly hypocritical.

  9. steve says:

    England, France, Italy, Israel, Australia and the USA have an agenda of total control over the world in all resources etc… The Russia and the Chinese know this and they are trying to counter measure it. The Chinese could take the US down in a few days via financial means if push comes to shove, that is why Iran has not yet been taken.

  10. Paolo says:

    Dictators, dictators! The revelations of Britamgate have opened a window on the manipulation that the UK, US and other supposedly benign forces are probably perpetrating in the middle east.
    Staggeringly enough this story appeared briefly in the Daily Mail 2 days ago before being disappeared…

  11. Eric Saunders says:

    Galloway is exactly right. Cameron is a bankster fluffing twat.

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