On the launch pad: a move to $233 for Silver

Max got me
into Silver
at $9.”

15 comments on “On the launch pad: a move to $233 for Silver
  1. john cole says:

    $90 is realistic by 2015, barring a collapse.

  2. trooper dave says:

    @john cole $90 is realistic by 2015, barring a collapse.

    The PTB will not let a collaspe , that will show that the “system” is an unbalanced, unsustainable system, happen. Instead, as more people realise the system is made of the 1%ers, by the 1%ers, FOR the 1%ers , the PTB will start more and more hot wars and distractions. These distraction will be very dramatic and very lethal for many people. A double win for the PTB, distraction and thinning the herd of useless eaters.

  3. dorkis barry says:

    So Max is selling his silver but it is going to 233 an OZ ? Some ting fishy here

  4. GGees says:

    How many more times do we have to hear this?? lol. Silver to $500, to 200 to whatever, what a crock

  5. Frans says:

    All those wave analysts: all bollocks!
    (mabey Martin Armstrong not)
    Just get me the results instead of the predictions.

  6. Alden says:

    I think what matters is what most people will see as the true value of silver . not what the spot price is. Silver or gold .. the real market marches on.. look on some auctions to find what folks are willing to offer for a bag of pre 1964 quarters and dimes.. or walking liberties.. it may go down . .it may go up but it IS of greater value in the end. The system may not have one big giant collapse.. it may dither away .. like an old person with joint aches .. every day becomes more difficult to move around .. same for the West . .every day it will be harder and harder to move around .. to exist to thrive .. and before you know it .. the US and the West are sitting in a rocking chair dribbling and the rest of the world has moved on to bigger and better. But before the collapse they will take us to war . we are already on the move in Africa.. half of the military there are National Guard.. not enough regulars to go around and they can do empire on the cheap. .National Guard .. used to be for states.. not anymore. Meantime . the US and NATO countries.. .. fight for assets so the Ponzi scheme can move on.

  7. maxkeiser says:

    dorkis barry

    have you been injecting bath salts again?

    The mint is minting KES rounds from available silver market; not my personal stash of silver . . .

  8. Ilia says:

    Why so many trolls in this thread. Silver price is coming. Have some patience. If you need a get-rich-quick scheme there’s always the lottery.

  9. Frans says:

    Ilia: trolls?
    I am holding X monsterboxes of silver maple leafs since 2008.
    Sitting thight, holding strong. No problem.
    Problem is cherry picking the analyst who are ultra bullish.
    I am almost sure that silver will perform, it already has, in my case about 100%.

  10. Frans says:

    After all those years I came to respect only a few silver / PM analists. Most often those with moderate and reasonable projectons for the price of silver.
    I don’t by the way mind at all the cheerleading articles on the MK site: you need something to get you going, and it is the eye of the viewer to judge them for what they are.
    I wouldn’t rule out 233 or even 500 for silver, but It will take time.
    (and I don’t think the world will be a fun place once that happens: I much more would prefer a better world, and no over 1000% gains on my silver…)

  11. Ilia says:

    The world now is only fun if you’re living in the so called ‘first world’ at the top of the ponzi ladder. 2/3 of the world population live on $6/day or less. For them, any kind of shuffle couldn’t come soon enough.

  12. Frans says:

    @ Ilia: agreed!
    It makes my heart hurt to see the people suffering: I know what is happening, and I know that only a collapse will change things. High PM prices are a good development in that respect: a sign of the collapse playing out.

  13. Lumber Jack says:

    Let’s see silver break above 35$ before we start predicting a hyperbolic rise in silver. Every time silver hits 35$ now ‘the cartel’ otherwise known as JPMC comes in and flood the market with naked paper silver shorts. I predict financial stocks (BAC, MS, GS, JPM, and C) keep beating silver this year because the game is rigged. Max Keiser’s theme song: “Don’t stop believing!”

  14. Dorkis barry says:

    Quackety quack quack well I will be dipped on sour owl shit !! Dem bath salts is Goooood stuff !

  15. nathan el Corochio says:

    @maxkeiser’s repeated use use of halfdressed women pics next to a short quote just goes straight into my long term memory.a real educational tool. max could you do an episode on Austrian economics and just keep flashing bikini woman in the background?

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