Neo-feudal castles with moats popping up in America as economy collapses

The pitch is “Libertarian Paradise” – but that’s just the way they figure they can hook you. It’s snake oil. It’s BS. It’s people trying to build sheltered communities protected by their own military to protect them from the people they fucked over pursuing their vision of a ‘libertarian paradise.’ Glenn Beck wants to start one of these in Texas (he’s raising $2 bn. dollars). We’ve been saying for a few years now that ‘neo-feudalism’ will take society and the economy back to a pre-Enlightenment era of religious superstition, book burning, anti-science run by all powerful ideologues ruling as media mad dictators. The Jim Jones cult, the Hale-Bopp comet cult, and other similar experiments all ended in mass suicides as the reality bubble engineered popped with only suicide providing meaning to an otherwise horse’s-ass life (that Beck so brilliantly personifies). This time, like the death cults we read about in history books, we’ll see entire ‘libertarian’ cities commit mass suicide to cleanse themselves of ever having to face reality.



Patriotic Group To Build Armed ‘Defensible’ Neighborhood Fortress

A group of like-minded patriots, bound together by pride in American exceptionalism, plan on building an armed community to protect their liberty.

The group, named Citadel, intends to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 acres for the project in western Idaho. The community will comprise of 3,500 to 7,000 families of patriotic Americans who “voluntarily choose to live together in accordance with Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of Rightful Liberty.”

According to the Citadel website, Rightful Liberty means that “neighbors keep their noses out of other neighbors’ business, that neighbors live and let live.”

Citadel explains that residents in the community will be bound by the following:

Pride in American Exceptionalism
Our proud history of Liberty as defined by our Founding Fathers, and
Physical preparedness to survive and prevail in the face of natural catastrophes –such as Hurricanes Sandy or Katrina — or man-made catastrophes such as a power grid failure or economic collapse.

79 comments on “Neo-feudal castles with moats popping up in America as economy collapses
  1. MonsantoFDAUSAbioterrorists says:

    Love the paradox. A libertarian commune ! It will be a little difficult to do this with a bunch of fascist neocons in Wall Street and Washington. This guy is an entertaining clown.

  2. Klaxon says:

    Its pretty scary in Amerca, lately. Kind of an era where the billionaires desperately want you to be a slave to their destructive ideology now though, with the whole gulag-casino model of private prisons etc., the kimono has been opened and the end game involves tech that they will have, not you. Humans evolved to be cooperative more than competitive and growth is ultimately illusory. Now we are chasing digital dragons with infinite, exponential power. Paul Ryan, Glenn Beck, Grover Norquist, the Kochs, etc. want to be fuedal lords. I need the Post Office to work. I need public schools to be healthy. I need affordable healthcare. Uberrich do not need anything to work well, be affordable, and serve the community. This is the problem.

  3. jischinger says:

    I hope 1000 atheists move in

  4. jischinger says:

    OT – fyi – 4 Years Ago Could You’ve Imagined We’d Let Banks Off Laundering Money For Terrorists & Drug Cartels?

  5. BuBu says:

    The euro crisis no one is talking about: France is in free fall

    “The euro zone’s second-largest economy is suffering more than any other member from a shocking deterioration in competitiveness. And it’s doing nothing to stop it.”

  6. stacyherbert says:

    Note that it is a classic sign of a cult to separate yourself from the rest of society in a commune of ‘like-minded’ people.

  7. d. miller says:

    First of all, Beck is a neo-con. Second, you routinely praise Ron Paul, an actual libertarian. Third, a libertarian country would not regulate but would also not bail out or distort regulations to favor their cronies–The only reason regulations exist, by the way, they never actually protect “the masses”.

    1) I’m too sorry to keep myself under control
    2) I’ll vote for a thug to hold me at gunpoint making me do what it is I’m too sorry to do
    Sound stupid? Democracy: You’re soaking in it.

    Half the time this site should be called

  8. Hondo Stalwart says:

    Beware the Luftwaffe!

  9. d. miller says:

    Also libertarians tend to have jobs. It’s the blue states that will kill themselves as the section 8 vouchers run out.

    Promising this shit (or “defense” spending) is how non-libertarian politicians get elected, BTW and it’s a dangerous game when the music stops.

  10. bit chin says:

    @d. miller – unfortunately, regarding ‘idiocracy’, you’re right. Just earlier I was contemplating how unaware the democratic masses are – how little they act on principle to achieve any kind of effective change. If they had a clue of what was being done to them, they’d put their money where their mouth is and put the funny farm in power out of business. As they sit and do not take action, more and more of what is happening will continue to happen until we reach a new crisis. As the crisis get more complicated and abstract, the less the people will understand and still nothing will be done.

    I believe this is one if the reasons I continue to come back to this site. To see this playing out in real time, much to the bemusement of my own eyes. The majority of news sites are either mickey mouse or mainstream and bias their side of the story so you have to read between the lines. Max spells it out loud and clear (maybe one day the people will get it)

  11. O says:

    Max is clearly the internets most mentally conflicted person. If only he would read books then he would be taken seriously. But the way things are our fearless leader is simply a clown.
    Please Max.
    Just try reading books. It will make all the difference in the world.

  12. YoLithos says:

    What an impressive concentration of conceit, ignorance, and plundered loot it would be. Starting with the initial unbelievable allocation. Who would that have been stolen from?

    Hell’s Angels (and other biker “fraternities”) annual picnics? Around and nearby, every year,or so? Jet-skis are a lot like like bikes, right? Pumpkin Throwers Nationals. A few “Woodstocks”, now and then. There’s no Place Like Rome! I’m sure good ol’ US ingenuity will eventually take care of the more trifling issues. Stand by for visits from the real, original,”skull n bones”.

  13. MEJ says:

    Cool way to get rid of those awful poor people with no fashion sense, who drive stinky cars that make too much noise, who hang out with scary looking people. We just have to figure out who is going to clean toilets and cut the grass (not me!). Will there be a rota?

  14. YoLithos says:

    Hurricanes, rising seas levels, increased ebbs and tides. Harsher winters. Ice-lock. Harsher droughts. Huge storms and flash floods. And a bunch of people who don’t like working together locked inside with each other. Genius!

    And then the cardboard façade falls over – and everyone notices the locks and bars, in the windows and hallways. When they publish the blueprints, look for the “beachfront recreational shower complex”. Uphill from the “waste management” facilities.

  15. Silver Phoenix says:

    The Belle Isle proposal is an interesting juxtaposition, next to the socialist jewel Detroit.

  16. Vonda Bra says:

    @ ronron | January 12, 2013 at 11:48 pm |

    sorry, I had to stop at 0:55 … couldn´t go on … no way!

  17. ronron says:

    hi Vonda. 🙂 the end is the best. what a fucking piece of work.

  18. ronron says:

    @Vonda. how did you like TAM. they didn’t seem to have much umpfff. flu pandemic?

  19. ronron says:

    @Vonda. i had the flu in 1957 and i assure you none of these sniffles is the fucking flu. the flu will give you a fever so bad you hallucinate. it can kill. there has not been a real flu in canada since 1957.

  20. ronron says:

    oh and the projectile vomiting, caused by the fever. serios dehydration.

  21. snoop diddy says:

    Noahs Ark has already been done Glen,
    Ricky Gervais on Noah’s Ark

    So much of that rings true

  22. ronron says:

    @Vonda. i have never really been sick since.

  23. snoop diddy says:

    of course, Glen is god in that story, not the guy doing the labour to put the plan together.

  24. Alden says:

    @RonRon.. I had the flu in 1957 too and the swine flue in the 70s.. the stuff that is going on now .. not even close. AND you do get a fever so high you hallucinate and in some cases start spewing green bile.. hope you had your dinner. As for Beck.. as andrew Breitbart said . Beck is a thief and a liar . he steals the work of others.. up too taking items whole and putting his name on it. Sometimes he changes a word or two but it’s the very same paragraph. In the case of Breitbart . who also referred to Beck as a phony because Beck continued to steal from his video work. He has stolen from a dozen conservative writers and libertarians without attribution and some called him on that score . never gives an answer. I know he has stolen from Alsx Jones as well. Beck .. I would rather listen to Hannity and HE MAKES MY EARS BLEED than Beck. He is a disgusting ASS HAT . .. before he became a ‘conservative’ he was a liberal shock jock in various venues and stole from others in any city he was in. Sooner or later this is going to bite him on his big fat ass .. I await the day. Anyone who signs onto this .. needs their head examined.. who does he think he is … JIM JONES.. John Galt ..he is not.

  25. Hondo Stalwart says:

    “Citadel” … intends to purchase 2,000 to 3,000 acres for the project in western Idaho. The community will comprise of 3,500 to 7,000 families of patriotic Americans who “voluntarily choose to live together in accordance with Thomas Jefferson’s ideal of Rightful Liberty

  26. ronron says:

    @Alden. i was only 5 but i will never forget the flu.

  27. ronron says:

    i hope i never need a gun. hope isn,t a very good strategy.

  28. jischinger says:

    $300k to get in on Belle Isle and the 20% of the poor they require have to have a good credit rating

    isn’t that why they are poor cause they can’t get credit?

    not only that – google map the place – geographically, they could drain all of the the great lakes if they wanted to.

    I got a better idea… eat the rich

  29. jischinger says:

    has anyone else out here been reading my predictions over the years and noticing them coming true?

    just asking

  30. Bruce says:

    I’m guessing “Independence, USA” will be importing many goods from China. It’s unclear to me how the “limited government” thing will come about.

    Sounds like a great way to make money off deluded investors.

  31. ronron says:

    how the fuck could an island off detroit drain the great lakes? no wonder Stacy took you off the contributor list. they gonna bottle and ship. fuck off with the bullshit.

  32. ronron says:

    @jischinger. you have been here for 8 months, so it,s hard to know your years of predictions.

  33. tsuki says:

    Move ’em in and blow the bridge.

  34. jischinger says:

    @ronron I’ve been here longer than that
    my first Max Keiser experience
    but I don’t think I started posting until this

  35. jischinger says:

    @ronron whoa, such hostility

    if Stacy wants me to go I’ll leave immediately

  36. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    So where’s the news here. Like Romney, he’s a Mormon cultist. Hes simply gone from being a cult follower to a cult leader. Of course Libertarians flock to him, most Libertarians are drug users and aaddicts. Real protestants know without a doubt he’s a fraud. and teaches ‘another Jesus’ annd mangeles scripture all the time on his shows. He’s actually closer to your life …er… deathstyle
    than anyone who”s in the Body of Christ. Nice try but he’s more you scumbag than ours.

  37. jischinger says:

    @ron – in the past several years with all my contributions, never asking for compensation, given freely with joy and enthusiasm, along with promoting this web site all over the net and out in the world, defending and scraping to promote and buy silver to help in the efforts to bring down the banks, now to be spoken to with such malice, and then rubbing my nose in one mistake, one, I made in all my contributions; a mistake that could have been explained and delete in a blink, now to be chastised by you, a person who has for years ignored me and has never said a kind word to me is beneath contempt. Sir, you owe me an apology.

  38. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Sorry for all the typos. I’m typing on an iPhone “keyboard” designed for a target market of 14 year old highschool. girls with tiny fingers.

  39. snoop diddy says:

    “Castles in the Air” Don McLean

  40. Kublai Khan says:

    Sounds like …. paradise… I think maybe Beck’s mormon undies are squeezing his brains too tight.

    The infernal serpent; he it was, whose guile
    Stirred up with envy and revenge, deceived
    The mother of mankind, what time his pride
    Had cast him out from Heaven, with all his host
    Of rebel angels, by whose aid aspiring
    To set himself in glory above his peers,
    He trusted to have equaled the most high,
    If he opposed; and with ambitious aim
    Against the throne and monarchy of God
    Raised impious war in Heaven and battle proud
    With vain attempt. Him the Almighty Power
    Hurled headlong flaming from the ethereal sky
    With hideous ruin and combustion down
    To bottomless perdition, there to dwell

    Great, if Beck wants real Independence he can divest himself of tax funded military, law enforcement, subsidised energy and see how long he lasts without the protection and resource provision of the state at bargain prices.

  41. Danny Cunnington says:

    So what does this place produce? I don’t see space for farm or garden production or any factories. It just looks like a fancy condo style thing to me.

  42. Bruce says:

    Shhh. It produces dreams!

  43. alan says:

    Could someone define libertarian in the Modern USA sence please. I Find this term confusing when used in the context I often see on this site.

  44. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    They’re Constitutionalists who add the strange demand for freedom of some things not actually in the Constitution.

    Sometimes referred to as “The Pot and Pistol” party.

  45. Terry says:

    Follow along with me here:
    The Neo-con Big Brother house. They can finance it by having CCTV cameras in every room and live drones overhead. Have weekly highlights, executions and shit. Subscribers can vote to send the their least favourite housemate for the weekly Coch Walk where they get dumped in the dead of night into an inner city hood. Have right wing celebrity intruder guests. Anne Coulter could be big brother she’d be perfect.
    She’s certainly got the adams apple for it.

  46. Terry says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can’t take it
    “Sorry for all the typos. I’m typing on an iPhone “keyboard” designed for a target market of 14 year old highschool. girls with tiny fingers.”
    I’m sorry to hear about your weight problem. Perhaps more exercise? And don’t forget it about what inside that counts. Don’t let those nasty skinny girls at school bring you down.

  47. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Blithering imbeciles aside… here’s a second little something for your left ear:

  48. Ptah says:

    Normally, when a resistance movement has ambition of creating a better place, they form cells, have disciplined chains of command and act with large amounts of discretion. Not all move to a convenient location so that one well placed missile removes them from the equation!

  49. Terry says:

    Your Highness,
    Please indulge me. Most of which I write is the result of following James the Justs advice. “If any of you lacks wisdom…..” try it. You seem to like standing in front of a torn curtain. Not entering yourself and barring others from entering also.
    All that you poo pooed in my writing is a direct theological result of Reformed Christian Theology. All I have written are the logical conclusion one is able to arrive at using Calvinist doctrines logic and an inquizitive nature. True.. I do not use those doctrines as most do but I do use a strict method , and it is my own but, it is one developed over several decades as internally consistant as I can make it. I do not feel the need to adhere closely to the doctrines of any particular denomination and I will tell you why. The churches are quite likely the largest capital investor in the central banking cabal that has controlled this world for the last several thousand years. They are by far the largest property holder within nearly every significant city and most churches have committees that actively manage those investment so they are not passive. I am a Christian and greive for the churches who have declare we will not sit as widows I do not like existing outside of the church body but until they divest themselves of those investments take up their cross and follow him, union with them is impossible. It is unseemly for us to bicker in public and I will refrain from friendly banter or comment on your post in the future.

  50. Bob A says:

    The folks who provide Privatized Max Security for the poor get Designer Prisons for the Rich.

  51. snoop diddy says:

    Libertarianism in a US sense:
    if something good happens concerning any subject it’s because of the free market,
    if something bad happens concerning any subject it’s because of the govt.

  52. snoop diddy says:

    oh yeah, and something about removing any civil rights and commons so that everything in life is captured by the ‘free’ market. You of course remain totally free to buy your rights back. In other words, a different term for the same ol, same ol.

  53. ronron says:

    @jischinger. the glen beck draining the great lakes statement is too much. sorry you said that. i don,t have to google the great lakes. you got your wish. you weren’t ignored by me last night.

  54. jischinger says:

    @ron first of all I did not say Beck was going to drain the great lakes – apparently, you didn’t even read the articles, nor do you seem interested in details or facts. It’s not my wish to get your attention, and in all honestly I dismiss or ignore most of what you post, I have found your links and what you contributed to be either a snide drunken remark or a waste of time.

    I don’t post or come here looking for a fight, perhaps that is your agenda. I expect people to say whatever it is they say and to offer their thoughts on or off any given topic. I do this in order to learn. If I want more information I will engage in a conversation, I hope and expect people will do the same in kind. Further, I have no idea why you feel the need or think you have the privilege to push users around, if it is some kind of persona you wish to create or are naturally sour , but I surely won’t be bullied or attacked by the likes of you.

  55. Flopot says:

    @D Miller

    You are presenting a skewed view of “regulations” – a lot of regulations were fought for by ordinary decent people for ordinary decent people. Simple as. Why do you think the corporatists then fought back and removed a lot of these regulations, e.g. financial and environmental?

    Like I always say, rightwing libertarians are fighting the good fight for the neoliberals (consciously or otherwise).

  56. ronron says:

    @jischinger. if they drain the fucking great lakes they will fill up with salt water from the atlantic ocean. i guess if you dammed the st lawrence river? anyway , have fun with your nonsense.

  57. OlympiaLogger says:

    Plainness of speech is always preferable so I’ll keep this as orderly as I can and not ramble about in kind.

    All the truly power-mad want to “rule the world”, I’ve decided to settle on the top bit of it… it’s a joke Sally… a JOKE.

    The “poo poo” I see is the manic attack of my little apology for all the typos in the preceding post. I’m 6’2″, spent my young adult life setting chokers and falling timber. I’m ham fisted and when we go somewhere like a diner to eat, the people I see being the most active on those scrunched up little keyboards are that group, hence the reference to that group. I have NO idea where you got “…nasty skinny girls.” Oh wait, yes I do… from you own head.

    You think your outer man is your inner man. The institutions of men you are waiting for to come around to you position are replaced by what would be written on the fleshy tables of your heart… which obviously they are not. All the things you “grieve” for are fallen away, long ago. You’re a dog trying to return to it’s own vomit. Your curtain YOU imagine me standing at is pointed the wrong direction. You want me to exit the place of the Ark of the Covenant and join you in your apostate avaricious pagan temple of SELF.

    By all means, in the future and forever — depart from me.

  58. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    — ** POOF ** —
    It’s me again… I’m over here too !!! 😛

  59. 623-3 says:

    Americans and their guns. They have deep Freudian issues.

  60. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    No doubt a sexual reference, that’s the only thing Freudian most people can relate to. Especially Eurotrash.
    If I’m in an office building and walking down a hallway lined with steel cabinets and there’s only one glass case filled with glass awards, and the place I feel oddly off balance and fall is into the glass case… out of all the others… that’s Freudian.

  61. Nathan el Corochio says:

    I’m thinking about this very very hard. As long as they have medicare and dole programs that can compete with Australia, I’m there!

  62. Nathan el Corochio says:

    @jischinger Were you taken off the contributor list for the SandyHook/Libor kerfuffle? That is rough!

  63. Eddie Lutz says:

    Why do you presume neo-feudalism will infect the scoiety at large? More likely, it will segregate and isolate the more extreme elements from the rest of us. How can that be a bad thing? If they wish to be left alone, I say let them.

  64. Peter Klein says:

    I can’t believe nobody has yet seen this “planned community” and thought to themselves…’Timeshare’.

    I guess while I’m here…I’m even more deluded than those uncaring Libertatians. I’m a Voluntaryist. Government is and forever will be the scourge of humanity. What better grift can you imagine than a monopoly on helping others?

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t write off a development like this assuming the very notion of 1,000s of people choosing to live together under less exposure to the global block association. Of course, Beck’s association is the deal-breaker for me. But, what I don’t see being factored is the pride in ones decision to partner freely with others. If the planners sprung anything on the community that was universally disliked, I wouldn’t be surprised if they set aside their differences to work together in opposition, despite their “self-serving Libertarianism.” That’s what can happen as governments diminish.

    Seriously though, I wouldn’t write off a development like this assuming the very notion of 1,000s of people choosing to live together under less exposure to the global block association. Of course, Beck’s association is the deal-breaker for me. But, what I don’t see

  65. Derek Heuring says:

    What I’m hearing in a lot of these posts are complaints by Libs that the Obamite mob they’ve joined will be unable to break into these communities to steal other peoples stuff when the Government can longer afford all the free shit they’ve been giving away. News Flash people, this is America and we’re, for now, still free. I didn’t hear any of the Libs pissing and moaning about that other communal living group; OWS. Keep posting fools, everytime a Lib opens his mouth, or submits a post, he/she confirms what an utter hypocrite and Fascist they are.

  66. Lonnie Beerman says:

    I am absolutely stunned at the vapidness of the postings here.
    It seems everyone is more interested in insulting than discussing the subject matter…as in…why has it come to the point, in this country, that the idea of living seperately from the main stream is appealling to more and more people (regardless of their political stripe…because I know some “liberal” suvivalists, too).
    We, as a society, have turned on ourselves and spend far to much time and energy fighting each other.
    So what if people you don’t like want to live where you are not. Doesn’t that make you happy?
    Does everybody have to fit you preconcieved mold? I’m betting there are things about every one of you that every one of us would hate…or love…or just tolerate.
    Isn’t that contrary to “LIBERAL THINKING”?

  67. Wolf says:

    Funny, as the economy continues to collapse all because of failed liberal policies all they can do is turn around and try to point the blame somewhere else. Heres a little wake up call to all you socialist ignorant liberals. When the economy collapse and America along with it, who do you think is going to help or protect you? Its not going to be the military or police, you know the guys you have bad mouthed through out your lives. And honestly, few of you know how to protect yourselves so any fight you put up wont last for long. Well just call it the weeding out of the ignorant.

  68. companion says:

    The 2008 financial crisis discredited republican policies and everything they stood for.

  69. Mac says:

    Who is Max Keiser and why is he such a liberal buffoon. And further more why would anyone with a 2nd grad education or better would pay any attention to what he says.

  70. Franklin says:

    Oh, the irony. Or is it hypocricy? Glenn Beck, a “libertarian” who believes in less government, wants a bunch of people to cede their rights of existence to a god-wannabe Glenn Beck and his cronies who would decide if they’re good enough to live within the walls of the citadel or as happy peasants and serfs outsid. This is a guy that calls Obama an elitist (which he is, but talk about he pot and friggin’ kettle).
    $7,000 per month for a 10,000 sq. ft house with an acre of land inside castle walls? Is this what it’s come to? Shut the doors and hide in the closet? Will the kids be allowed to attend school off the compound’s property? What about dating? Will the commune insist in keeping the families together. Let’s remember Beck IS a Mormon. Pretty soon they’ll all be breeding together – which I suppose is probably just as well since we don’t want them running amock out here.
    And where exactly will the money you pay for your house in Duloc (the perfect, little town from Shrek)? I imagine 10% will go to the Church of Latter Day Saints. This is just sad. It’s like the end times when Christ told you people would say to you “I have the answer – come join me in this cave…” I’m a conservative. This stuff disgusts me.

  71. Boston Shagwell says:

    So funny how liberals get irate when the people that support their lazy asses get tired of giving their money away to a bunch of slackers. All the liberals scream “Hey, wait! you cannot do that. You cannot leave because we need your money.” And then the liberals have the audacity to demand everyone agree with their philosophy and only utilize the 1st amendment when it comports to socialistic ideals. Now that is BS!

  72. chuck says:

    I met a contractor who builds custom homes for the retired government bureaucrats. They need underground airtight “bomb shelters” and the house looks normal…but is very secure, bullet proof windows, and doors, etc. What aren’t they telling you! Liberals= useful idiots. remember after the communists take over, they don’t need you anymore! No useless parasites, no fifth generation welfare bums. They don’t need you to fake the vote….no more two party system, Just Obaminazation. Watch him over rule the constitution. I almost forgot….no paid trolls either.

  73. The simple fact is; This disarming Americans has an alarming sound to it. There are political figures in office now that are licking their chops to disarm Americans. They have already been sending guns to the cartel in Mexico; And want to disarm us? They have medicare totally out of whack. They have sunk our country so far in debt recovery is doubtful. What about prayers in school. What about millions of illegal’s getting benefits US citizens cant’t get. What about “In God We Trust? Disarm America and America as we have always known and loved is doomed. Is there perhaps “A Time For Change” to be watched more carefully and be ready. True Americans are not afraid, just worried.

  74. Susan says:

    I don’t listen to Beck……..but hey……more power to anyone that doesn’t trust the U.S. govt. Elected officials for the most part have ruined America and sadly Capitalism is only has good as the morality of the people engaging in it!

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