My plan to wipe out the banksters in London is WORKING!!!

Hi Max,

This is the biggest online retail bullion company in the UK.

All silver bars are out of stock for the next 3-4 weeks………never seen this before.



“I only date Silver bugs.”

7 comments on “My plan to wipe out the banksters in London is WORKING!!!
  1. Mother Earth says:

    AJ on Pierce Morgan is a disgrace. He’s a shill as I always maintained. He earns money from keeping a group of people in a frenzied rage/panic.

  2. bit chin says:

    Good news!

    Shortages are the first sign of an impending collapse.

    Wake me up when we get to DEFCON 2 and the banks collapse.

  3. Blah Blah says:

    It would be interesting to know what the delivery time on reasonable sized orders (not just a couple of coins) are for PM retail outlets across the UK. Whilst the few retailers I keep an eye on are listing prices at spot and slowly adjusting their premiums up on sales the real disconnect in price can’t be far away when they are showing so much out of stock or not being able to fill larger orders. I’ve noticed coininvestdirect (a big german retailer) have not been listing Silver Maple or Eagle monsterboxes (500 oz) for a while now which strikes me as a sign of scarcity too.

  4. Internet serfer says:

    Max any news on online KES purchases from Guernsey Mint?

  5. Are you mental says:

    With a 26% premium on their coins (for 100+ coins) no wonder no one in their right mind would buy their stuff…..

  6. Bruce says:

    “Hey babe, let’s talk…silver.”
    *babe rolls eyes*

    “I’m only interested in you ’cause you’re rich. Let’s be clear on that…”
    Out of stock situation: not through some shortage, more like re-stocking after christmas, yo.

    Slow period, this traditionally is.
    Call me Mr Inventory. Now hand me that barcode scanner.

  7. SLA-mdunk says:

    Did not have this problem last year in the UK, uh, uh !

    So it’s a shortage or a Co financial problem.

    No such problem in Oz, as Western Australia has silver coming out of its ears,
    sending blanks to the US for eagle coins.

    Get Phys!
    SLA-mdunk in Oz.

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