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  1. Tom-Tom says:

    These was this excellent video link on one of’s posted articles. It’s about Fukushima in Japan. But … since my comments stopped getting posted here, I guess this one might, too, not be posted. Good luck everybody. PS, our children’s children’s children are doomed.

  2. snoop diddy says:

    Leonard Cohen – Waiting for the Miracle

  3. MirrorMirror says:

    Excellent Video !

  4. Bruce says:


    What bothers me is the economics of repair these days. Repair is basically RIP; god knows what most electronics repairers are doing these days for out-of-warranty goods.

    The economics is all messed up on goods we buy; it doesn’t reflect the true cost of the goods and repair becomes unfavourable to buying a new one. Very slippery slope we are on, with no regard for precious resources, longevity, fair pay for labour nor environmental costs.

    Keep up the cycle of disposal and re-consumption.

    The Century Of The Self 1 of 4 | One: Happiness Machines

  5. Stack more Silver says:

    Bravo! But that guy’s name should be on his T-shirt. Mr. Monsanto… or perhaps Mr. Dow Chemical. Or “Mr. Progress”, etc. In the end,, when he lights up his cigar,, he reminds me of Rush Limbagger.

  6. Steven says:

    The march of mankind in a youtube video. The master critter got the subdue the earth part down to a fine art but forgot about the replenishment part. The aliens came to the right conclusion however instead of aliens we will have ice ages.

  7. Blah Blah says:

    I think I saw the Tesco’s Caballo-burger I had for lunch being made in that video.

  8. Sirial says:

    Homo Sapiens are a very nasty species with an extraordinary tendency for self destruction. Sometimes I think our only purpose is to cleanse the earth with nuclear fire so evolution can make a fresh start.

  9. Harry says:

    The video is brilliant!

    @Tom: your posts do work.

  10. evolutis says:

    We can not see it, we cannot hear it, we cannot smell it, we cannot touch it, we cannot taste it …curiosity’s tools don’t function wtf? … yet we want it. Just what is it, we imagine “they” have, that you/we do not?

    If we had any rational answer to the obvious malfeasants, of a linear, monetary belief, it would have shown up centuries ago. There seems, all kinds of opportunity for success, based on specific action, if you just get back to allowing your paycheck to be knowledge and design with that intent. … Outside the tent flap, infinite energy and information, held in common. An exponential, genetic algorithm of recombination, reproduction, that guarantees enough non – linear riddles to facilitate the infinite loop. Nothing to place a high profile belief in … change does not sit still. Facilitate what the loop indicates we need, not what misinformation dictates.

  11. marcio says:

    Wow! Cool.

    Bye A’ll!

  12. velvet says:

    Great !! Sums up Man … Self-gratification at any cost.

  13. Alf says:

    Yep…a totally misguided use of freewill.

  14. SqueeSquaw says:

    Very myopic video. The first humans were probably not white. And where was the abortion? He was not hacking and burning fetuses. 54,000,000 humans to date have been murdered since Roe vs. Wade. Are we still hating humans? I would say yes.
    I say abort the Polar Bears. Then there would be people carrying signs saying a Polar Bear fetus should not be aborted.

  15. Monica Dunlap says:

    A brilliant video. The most succinct summation of the problem
    I have seen.

    Congratulations and thanks.

  16. JonnyJames says:

    Western Civilization is a suicide cult.

  17. JonnyJames says:

    Sorry, Western Civilization is a genocidal, egomaniacal suicide death cult.

  18. alan says:

    We understand the consequences of our action, yet we continue along the same path.
    It would appear instincts/emotions are stronger than reason.
    Just another animal.

  19. alan says:

    There ain’t no Santa Claus on the evenin’ stage
    There ain’t no way t’ pull the curtain
    ‘N hide from hunger’s rage
    There ain’t no town t’ stop in
    There ain’t no time t’ stop in
    There ain’t no straw for my horse
    There ain’t no straw for my bed
    There ain’t no comfort in cold boards
    There ain’t no rumours or food for my stomach
    ‘N someday I’m gonna be saved
    ‘Cause I gotta eat ‘n drink ‘n breathe ‘n sleep
    ‘N I’m ah slave
    Down in hominy’s grotto there’s ah soul die’n ‘n leavin’
    Every second on the evenin’ stage
    There’s ah soul die’n ‘n rottin’ ‘n pickin’
    Some new kinda cotton
    With his fingers broken ‘n his heart ‘n back forgotten
    There ain’t no Santa Claus on the evenin’ stage

  20. evolutis says:

    @alan … thanks

  21. Silverstreamist says:

    Smashing video!
    @ alan
    Quote: “We understand the consequences of our action, yet we continue along the same path.”

    That’s the definition of addiction. We are a culture of abuse, a junkie factory.
    For a traumatized brain there is no time for reasoning. Soothing is required regularly and fast, no matter what.

  22. alan says:

    @ evolutis glad you liked it
    Trumatised brain is right.
    I heard a quote from somewhere the other day.
    “The farmer does not cry for his dead cow, but cries because his neighbours cow did not die”.
    I think this is suppossed to be a reflection on the human mind set, not farmers in general.

  23. Bruce says:

    MAN – YouTube

    (original YouTube link from

  24. Uptic says:

    so true Murder , lies and theft as its tools./ P.S good to see ya , hope life treating ya right!

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