LEAKED: Mario Draghi And His Triumvirate Shut Up German Finance Minister To Keep Cyprus From Blowing Up The Eurozone

The state-sponsored chorus about the end of the debt crisis is deafening. It even has feel-good metrics: the “Euro Breakup Index” fell to 17.2%. In July, it stood at 73%. For Cyprus, fifth country to ask for a bailout, it fell to 7.5%. “A euro breakup is almost no issue anymore,” the statement says. Just then, top Eurocrats expose what a taxpayer-funded con game they think these bailouts really are.

Read…. LEAKED: Mario Draghi And His Triumvirate Shut Up German Finance Minister To Keep Cyprus From Blowing Up The Eurozone

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  2. marcio says:

    Draghi and Schäuble throwing dummies at each other as a warning sign won’t help this time. We all know the kids have their eyes pointing to Cyprus and we all know what they are doing. I’d call this Operation Calling the Shots, as if Draghi could hypnotize Schäuble into playing in the rooftop, in the likes of the film “Eye of the Devil”. The question is: who is hypnoting whom?


  3. Andy B says:

    Here’s another shut up: invisible censor turns off video at court hearing, judge seething, prosecutors: “you should have known big brother could do this.”


  4. Vonda Bra says:

    @ marcio | January 29, 2013 at 3:28 am |

    thanks for the movie-link! … nice 🙂
    can´t remember to ever have seen it.
    Draghiula, Gollum-Schäuble …in a wheelchair on a rooftop …. and J.C. Juncker….

    scary!!!!! 😉

  5. marcio says:

    @Vonda Bra, you are Welcome!

  6. Peter Jennings says:

    @Alastair Carnegie…great info. I too believe that Hilter didn’t die at the bunker as the story goes because the remains didn’t fit, especially the jaws on both bodies. There are other thing besides but they are too varied and indepth to go into here. The nazis didn’t disband either but simply moved house with the help of the clergy.

    I have a sneaking feeling that the US shysters, with the help of their EU traitors, are responsible for causing the trouble in the EU. They don’t want it because of the competition and would much prefer a bankrupt and broken europe that is squabbling & fighting, for obvious reasons. Smaller countries are easier to deal with/push around. The UK plotiticians think their “special relationship” will save them. How naive is that?

    President De Gaulle had it right from the start. Shame the French people didn’t listen for long. History is just his-story, whoever writes it up afterwards.

  7. YoLithos says:

    Speaking of rational :
    I’m sure Turkey would be glad to pick up the tab, in return for the island itself. They might then even convince a lot of their Curds to relocate there. Russia or someone could be set up as top frontman, with lesser ones out taking point. Or, maybe, a mid-eastern monarch or two. And Germany wil lbe able to sell even more subs and battleships to practically all sides. What could be better?

    Why not Japan? They also have a lot on loan. They could exchange debts, which would then magically morph overnight into assets on the other balance sheet. And, Japan might need a non-radioactive island soon, for the 1% plus the maintenance staff for their household robots and appliances.

    If said island is also next to undeveloped oil reources – and great international tourist destinations – so much the better. And, also, the tatoo boys get new friends to play with and keep them entertained. Solutions all around. :s