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  1. Klaxon says:

    The SLA web ad opens: fade from black to hot chick holding KES coin with one foot propped up on man in expensive suit lying prone on floor.

    “I’m Nastassja Kinski and I don’t go anywhere without my Keiser Ethical Silver coin”

    She reaches down and grabs a lit cigar from the submissive banker’s mouth and tosses it across the room on top of a pile of a variety of bank notes which go up in flames.

  2. Klaxon says:

    SLA web ad 2:
    Two single women speaking to each other about recent dates while riding double decker bus.
    Woman 1: “How did your date go the other night?”
    Woman 2: “The food was great, I really like him, but he paid in banknotes. How about you?”
    Woman 1: “Fine, but my date paid with a credit card.”
    They both utter a disgusted groan.
    Another lone woman behind them stands up to pull the bell
    Woman 3: “My date paid with a Silver Keiser.”
    She pulls the bell, kisses her hand, and the camera follows her reach over and touch the face of Max on a print ad for the ‘Keiser Report’ on RT.
    Woman 3: “Thanks, Max.”

  3. daddy warbucks says:

    Hey Anonymous, when will you wake up to the other giant vampire squid and show us some leaked files?

    The United Nations Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson
    On January 26, 2013, in news, politics, by Velvet Hammer
    I repeat:
    Of all of the oppressive controls government has heaped upon us, or has plans to, Agenda 21 has to be the single most frightening. I’m talking hair standing up on the back of your neck, bone chilling frightening. Truly diabolical. Every move you make, every breath you take. Complete and utter control on a global scale.

    Worldwide central planning and social engineering courtesy of the United Nations.

    One world order –global socialism (communitarianism)

    Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center has published an excellent one page primer on Agenda 21.

    Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson — American Policy Center

  4. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    Not the US Department of Justice.
    It should be renamed the ”US Department of No Rule of Law. ”

  5. OlympiaLogger says:

    Fait Accompli ??? — There no stinkin’ Fait Accompli !!!

    ——> <——

  6. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    ANOTHER… yes ANOTHER, Constitutional County Sheriff who insists the Globalists and other sadomasochistic effeminate homicidal control fetishists shove their “Fait Accompli” up their “schving schving”, where they shove everything else.

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