Last year’s ‘Silver Keisers’ trading at huge premiums on eBay

23 comments on “Last year’s ‘Silver Keisers’ trading at huge premiums on eBay
  1. Terryb says:

    Uhm….they can ask for that much but there are no bids on them. But still, they should sell for a bit more then spot.

  2. aleksy says:

    Max or Stacy—for those who won Silver Keisers, can you say which carrier will be delivering them? All I want to do is make sure my gates are open so they can get my signature which I presume will be required. I live 50 miles one way from the nearest Fedex/UPS so it would be really helpful if I knew the delivery day. I won one on 12-31-12; do you know if it has been shipped yet?

  3. BankingThiefs says:

    “Trading” assumes a buyer.

    A bit like the Fed ZIRP/TOTO fantasy housing market I suspect.


  4. SLA-mdunk says:

    They should have a HUGE premium.
    A fair number of coins NEVER arrived — SLA-mdunk’s coins among the missing..
    Whoever marketed them was a f***ing rip-off artist.
    This “KES” project had better be better.
    Still pissed.

  5. :Dman says:

    Oooo, zero bids. Nice try with yet another shill from the organ grinder monkey named Max. You have lost all respect and integrity with your .. sideshow finance schlepping. Your bookmark has been dis-invited from my toolbar.

    Tired of sellout jokers (like you two) that chase the coat tails of elitists by stirring up ineffective opinion-ites that further pacifies the sheeple.

  6. jarrollin says:

    uh, yeah max, somebody gotta buy da ting for it to count dat much

  7. Mattdog says:

    Quality Silver.

  8. Bruce says:

    coins that only half look like max attract the numismaticists 🙂

  9. Longjohnsilver says:

    I sold a 1oz keiser for £135 off eBay, I met the person on eBay. So these figures are nothing compaired to what you can get for them. I wouldnt even sell for those prices listed, I’ve still got a lot and would never sell until paper silver gets ***ked. You trolls and idiots make me laugh, trying to discredit this site and max. Giabo, silver liberation army baby!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Longjohnsilver says:

    I sold a 1oz keiser for £135 from someone I met on eBay, just because there’s no bid doesn’t mean it didn’t sell for what was listed or more. I wouldnt even sell for the prices listed, and wont sell my keiser until paper gets ***ked and the true silver price comes in. Then trolls and just uneducated idiots posting here, that try to discredit max and this site, can go and post bullsh** somewere else. Giabo, silver liberation army baby yer!!!

  11. Longjohnsilver says:

    Sorry thought it didn’t post first time lol

  12. Longjohnsilver says:

    You can’t buy the coins anywhere, simple supply and demand

  13. Phil says:

    Yea a sucker born every day.

  14. morgiony says:

    Check out the completed listings. A one ounce Keiser round has sold for $74. Ebay item number 330838160193.

  15. jackjohnsonsecond says:

    Hmm, looks like eBay themselves are warming up to the gold frenzy as well:

  16. Mother Earth says:

    Eh, minus the price discovery. No bids.

  17. ronron says:

    the last one sold for 80.00.

  18. GMc says:

    I bought my son a 1oz coin last year from bullion by post in England and it cost me 80 odd pounds sterling

  19. Hardcore Uproar says:

    Anyone can do fake bidding on ebay you just need two accounts. Who buys bullion on ebay, anyway? Only buy bullion from reputable dealers!

  20. Jeremy says:

    Iv only ever managed to buy 1 silver item on ebay – 1878 silver doller for 99p. (27g .900 or sterling?)
    I suspect the ebay [spy] team ‘watches the watchers’ so they can block others from bidding at last minute on bargains, and grab it for themselves.
    Dificult to buy from legit dealers as the greedy lizards HMRC impound your parcel and try stealing more of your hard earned.

  21. BankingThiefs says:

    The person on the coin looks more like Glenn Beck than Max Keiser.

  22. giles says:


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