Krugman One Ups Keiser With Platinum Crash Dummy

Technically speaking it would be a “two-upping” of Max.  Forget Crash JP Morgan ~ Buy Silver, that’s small potatoes.  Forget the Basel III gold as money meme and a fractional Fekete Tier 1 capital status, that’s old news.  How about Crash Global Confidence ~ Mint Platinum?  Krugman in the NY Times calls the trillion dollar platinum minting seigniorage gimmick a “pretty good case.”

7 comments on “Krugman One Ups Keiser With Platinum Crash Dummy
  1. Banking Thiefs says:

    They’re all trying to get you to pour money into anything but gold. ;D

  2. Geoff says:

    Nice Try.. otherwise known as fool’s gold.

  3. Banking Thiefs says:

    If the gooberment hadn’t forced everyone to have platinum in their exhaust system to turn carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide (the so called green house gas) there probably wouldn’t even be much of a market for Platinum.

  4. Blah Blah says:

    @Banking Thiefs

    Also without catalytic converters there would less reason to class Platinum as an industrial metal and not investment metal in the UK, thus saving buyers an extra 20% premium. If this trillion quatloo platinum coin idea floats in the UK does the treasury get to skim 200B off the top by way of VAT?

  5. aka says:

    if .. let’s say 1kg Pt coin = $1tn .Would it imply 1kg gold coin = $1 tn ?

  6. Mattdog says:

    Platinum is 35 more time rare than gold. It takes at least twice the energy to mine than gold because it is that much more dispersed in any medium. The multitude of uses it has for catalyzing water into oxygen and hydrogen is there for anyone to experiment with. Oh, is that why it is not that expensive when compared to gold right now?

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