[KR387] Keiser Report: Year of Banking Death Penalty

We discuss the two big themes for 2013: the execution of the too big to fail outlaw banks and the death of the Bretton Woods engineered fiat and faith debt based system as nations around the world ask for the return of their gold. They also talk to several Keiser Report guests about their predictions for 2013, including predictions from Rob Kirby on JP Morgan’s collapse, Mitch Feierstein on JP Morgan’s copper ETF, Ned Naylor-Leyland on the CFTC investigation into silver manipulation and the Yes Men’s Andy Bichlbaum on the Global Spring.

Charlie Brooker borrows our “Keiser Report”
set to record “2012 Wipe”

88 comments on “[KR387] Keiser Report: Year of Banking Death Penalty
  1. susan says:

    Looks like a good time to buy stocks in stocks, then?

    Ellen Brown:


  2. susan says:

    “have nots and have yachts”

    Classic! HNY!

  3. Asif says:

    sadly as much as i would love to see the end of the banking mafia i suspect they will leech off of us for a few more years before another bank drops dead! Happy new year Max / Stacy and everyone else 🙂

  4. Mini US says:

    Hope y’all had a great NYE and all that.
    Keep on tellin’ the people Max and Stacy.

  5. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Austin is a good place to party…………

    The capital is stinking in oil wealth tax income…………

    But its not a nice place for Santa.


    Santa is a American ?

    Perhaps Coca Cola left him go from his job.

  6. MirrorMirror says:


    @susan …. Ellen Brown:

    Thanks – great interview.


    Nice to hear Eleen mentioning the old English Tally Sticks …. which I have mentioned here many times.
    In fact , the BoE was bought using such sticks… and IIRC, the King’s share in the BoE – a Tally Stick – is still displayed there.

  7. Marc Authier says:

    Death is too kind of a sentence. In Northern Siberia there are abandoned gulags that could be reopened as bankster reefucation camps. You should suggest maybe to Vladimir Poutine ? Unfortunately Russia I know is infested also with these pseudo capitalists like USA, Europe and Asia. In reality we are infested by what I call International Facism called globalism. The whole world is infested by this cancer. Banksters must be kept alive. Make them work like us.

  8. Pup says:

    Didn’t black ops guy Steve Pieczenik have a dig at Dimon lately ?

  9. evolutis says:

    Lol … Extraordinary measures … Shh! Rational beings are at work, as evidenced by the language we use, to describe our environment of betrayal.

    *On Monday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner made it official: Federal borrowing has reached the $16.4 trillion debt ceiling.” So the inference is that “a ceiling” is the high place. … YEP?

    Then there is the stretch, logic that carpenter’s are qualified to raise ceilings, so there is fallow ground in our monetary speak. YEP?

    “The median expected salary for a typical Carpenter I in the United States is $39,229”

    “Congress/Senate compensation for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year.” So “Congress” ..”Senate” in monetary parlay, imply leadership … therefore, it makes perfect sense to to spent 5 X times as much, for those who have such a proven track record and really know a lot about the betrayal of false ceilings …YEP?

    Infiltration is everywhere! My wife, is calling out to the family pet,”happy new year!, with each toss of a biscuit. The damn, dog understands far more than I. YEP! / I too, would say “happy new year”, but in this maze of metaphor, I have no Idea what the implications of such a statement implies.

    So, I’m back in default mode… I understand nothing. Tonight I’am planning to cry myself to sleep.

  10. The Rubble of my Country says:

    This is the thing

    Who are the least evil banks ?
    People namecheck Coop and triodos, who else ?


  11. Bruce says:

    nice little write-up.

  12. iamsosickofnaggers says:

    I love your predictions Max.

    They have teeth usually and require efforts like that staged interview with Blythe to sway those in the still attending the mass in the media.

    Pitching the TWO NEW FLOORS of the Morgan Stanley offices in San Diego on my art.

    Any recommendations?
    619-231-9061 or http://www.luminous-views.com

  13. giggler says:

    giggler wants 1oz K round (???) 😥

  14. Bruce says:

    giggler, you poor thing.
    I heard about your disappointment.

    Actually I didn’t hear about it, just assumed it.
    You OK man?

  15. Teppo says:

    I have a question. Why Max is recommending goldmoney.com in his site, while telling that you shoud only get solid silver/gold?

  16. Sterly says:

    @Teppo. It’s not always possible to hold physical yourself. For example, in the UK if you have a SIPP (personal pension) and you want to hold bullion in it then a Goldmoney (or similar) gold holding is the closest you can get.

  17. Evolutis says:

    “Portman Tells Obama to Rescind Federal Pay Raises”
    don’t go buying roses off the street down there. … Ever notice that, quite often we follow the “dick”Tate’s of our names? Could well be, portman is simply following his name and accupation traits of a sexual act, now… withdrawal and deafening, silence to come later.
    Thanks for link!

  18. Youri Carma says:


    How Goldman Sachs Decides the Oil Price at Wish with ROUND-TRIP TRADES http://www.ktradionetwork.com/wealth/goldman-sachs-oil-scam-passes-25-trillion/

    How Goldman Sachs Hikes Our Food and Oil Prices At Will http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=197135.0

  19. stacyherbert says:

    @teppo – they allocate the gold for you and you can also fabricate your gold into bars, coins, etc.

  20. Youri Carma says:


  21. Youri Carma says:

    btw Happy Newyear @Ya’ll (This Is Not A Love Song)

  22. Hondo Stalwart says:

    A bang-up show! We need real Cowboys to put the bankers in the bone orchard.

  23. kcb000 says:

    Hey Max,
    You’re always saying:
    “When I used to do this on Wall St.”,
    “When we ripped off customers…”
    So if you want some bankers DEAD why don’t you start with YOURSELF?
    OR how about giving the money back?
    Oops I forgot you are just an entertainer.

  24. Hondo Stalwart says:

    The banksters live on shoving the queer, they still won.t be satisfied with the whole kit and kaboodle. THEY are untouchable, therefore we are all gonna get it in the neck.

  25. Youri Carma says:

    Brent Crude Averaged $111.50 A Barrel In 2012 http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=239551.0

    Brent Crude Averaged $111.50 2012
    Brent Crude Averaged
    $110.90 2011

    Together with gold, oil prices are a clear signpost of depreciation/devaluation of the euro and the dollar.

  26. Palantír says:

    @kcbooo – He says those things because when Max was a younger version of himself he did work on wall street trading options and stuff like that. Doing so he gained knowledge of how the finance system operated.
    Why he quit working there in his young age I’m not sure … maybe he developed a moral compass over those years that told him to quit his job was the right thing to do or maybe he just made enough money to be able to explore other ideas of his that made him move on…
    Ether way hes come full circle and are fighting hard to make YOU the viewer understand what is going on. And as too big to fail bankers are at the heart of the problem he sets the spotlight on them by using his various mediums to undress them so that YOU can attack them by protesting or demand action from the politicians or protecting your own money form the bankers or simply get the laws that already exists to be used to stop bankers from steeling more or *fill inn the gap*.
    Don’t forget, when working on wall street he did not play with his own money so he can’t pay any losses back even if he wanted too. Don’t you see, that is the nightmare of wall street, they gamble with your free money (public money, pension money, savings), profit the fees and even gains, but if they loose your money – you loose them.
    He is a financial journalist that do indeed entertain.

  27. Youri Carma says:


    Well you know what they say: It sometimes takes (ex) cons to get cons. 😉

  28. The Dork of Cork. says:

    I am not so sure.

    The Euro seems to be acting as a extraction mechanism for the Anglo banks ……..not unlike the 70s.

  29. The Dork of Cork. says:

    No Euro and the oil price and possibly the Gold price would collapse.

  30. The Dork of Cork. says:

    the peak oil thingy was the Euro – PIig – BRIC capital export ,goods import dynamic ?

    You can clearly see peak oil (low price) in 1998 on page 6
    The numbers are very dramatic and stark.


  31. ronron says:

    fun show. been up all night with a tooth problem. just got back from a kind hearted dentist who extracted the tooth on new years day. friend of my sons. i feel good.

  32. Terry says:

    We are in an abusive relationship were we keep taking them back. We need to kick their arses to the kerb and develope a bit of self respect. Repeat after me…” am not the the problem. I deserve better.

  33. ronron says:

    happy new year Youri.

  34. john clements says:

    A whole show with Stacey what a great way to start the new year.

  35. OlympiaLogger says:

    Wow…up all night and still delivered a crackerjack Wild West show. (Were you TKE?)

    Speaking of delivery… when’s the cute little toe-headed deutsch/scandihoovian angel showing up? September!?!!
    Momma Sherbert… …diggin it!

    Speaking of Momma… Jesse James’ mother had him buried face down so he could see the fruits of his labor better.

  36. ronron says:

    anyway, if banks are accumulating gold and basil 3 makes it tier one. if gold goes up, the bankers become solvent. it,s going way up.

  37. alan says:

    Hi all, sorry I just cannot see a real change. Power never gives anything unless forced to. The force required (effective actions, leaders not compromised by the present system) is just not in the people anymore. The mindset of the masses has been so corrupted nothing good can come from it. There may well be a collapse and a rebuilding but it will be controlled and orchestrated by the current power brokers. “meet the new boss same as the old boss”

    Something out of left field may force real change. (I love it how the greatest plans of mice and men have the ability to come unstuck). So I still have hope.

  38. Youri Carma says:

    China PMI just printed below expectations at 50.6 http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-31/china-pmi-prints-most-schrodinger-ish-23-months-japan-ups-growth-guess

    While the result was still above the 50 mark that divides expansion from contraction, the lack of improvement contrasted with HSBC’s own China manufacturing PMI, out Monday, which jumped to 51.5 from November’s 50.5. http://www.marketwatch.com/story/chinas-official-dec-manufacturing-pmi-unchanged-2012-12-31

  39. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    ‘2012 Wipe’ – quite the apropos appellation whilst reporting onst an aggregation of assholes, eh?

  40. Palantír says:

    Re: Silver.
    Why do Marc Faber not believe the Silver price would be higher if there were no shorts by JPMorgan? He refers to miners and owners of shares in mining companies who do not believe that the Silver price is manipulated. Saying that banks are shorting future silver production. Also he’s saying that clear facts of Silver manipulation do not exist.
    Referring to an Marc Faber interview with OneRadioNetwork, october 2 2012
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMTfVJl_qYs (from 29min)
    It is an fascinating angle on the silver topic, but there is too little information to go on.

  41. Banking Thiefs says:

    Charlie Brooker’s “2012 Wipe” is awesome, he just says what we were all thinking.

  42. Youri Carma says:

    Europeans take a wintry wade on New Year’s Day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUNlqqxbSlA

  43. Youri Carma says:

    Families Packing Up and Leaving California, Chinese are Coming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TndAu5uZhF8

  44. ronron says:

    i see the coin critters have moved back to there caves. haha. 🙂 that was quite the flock you assembled Stacy. lol

  45. ronron says:

    the bottom line is, the US is mickey mouse.

  46. Youri Carma says:


    – Emerging-market growth seen slowing in 2013
    – Asia growth forecasts lower
    – Japan in recession after GDP revise
    – China’s exports growth slows
    – India Forecasts Lowest Growth in Ten-Years
    – South Korea cuts growth views for 2012, 2013
    – Vietnam Grows at Slowest Pace Since ’99 on Credit Slump

    – ECB staff revised down euro-zone economic projections for 2012 and 2013
    – Bundesbank Slashes 2013 German Growth Forecast to 0.4% from 1.6% in June
    – IEA sees sluggish world oil demand growth in 2013
    – France’s GDP revised lower in third quarter
    – Finland’s economy slips into recession
    – S&P cuts outlook on U.K. AAA rating to negative
    – Spanish Debt Reaches Historic Numbers
    – Italian debt hits record high of $3.2 trillion

    – Chinese rating agency puts U.S. on negative watch
    – U.S. runs $172 billion budget deficit in Nov
    – Oct. U.S. trade deficit up 4.9% to $42.2 billion
    – U.S. housing starts fall 3% in November
    – Leading economic index drops in November
    – Hedge Funds Reduce Bullish Bets by Most in a Month: Commodities
    – Small Business Owners Cut Capital Expenditures, Plan to Cut Even More
    – U.S. small business hiring plans fall in November
    – Job-cut announcements up 20% in November

  47. Terry says:

    I’ve got a prediction for 2013.
    I think we will build a new system we can call it the “BEAST MK11” we’ll give it all of the powers of the old beast but this time because now technology means nobody can hide. The problem with the old “BEAST” system was, people weren’t contributing as much as they could. Now we can watch em 24/7 and we wont scare em with an imaginary hell after death we can make it hell for them now. All you have to do is give your power to the “BEAST” and it can make a perfect world.
    Hang on…..I’ve heard all this before.
    Seriously folks you can never improve on freedom no one is gonna make you safe or keep you fed and healthy it’s the lie they use to enslave you. They cannot protect you from poverty or sickness or stop death so one day you will get sich or just old and then you will die. What you can do for the rest of us is let us be free to face the inevitable the best way we can. M&S are entertaining but they don’t have any answers there is no system that will fix whats wrong with us. Take care of those you love, be a good neighbor, support love and freedom, hold the hand of those who are dying. Have mercy so you can have mercy because power is a myth and a snare for your feet. We aren’t going to another planet and if we got there we couldn’t have a life on it only exist so take care of this one. If you want a better 2013 start inside your heart and that begins by facing reality here and right now. Only love can create kaos is kaotic and fear will destroy us all.

  48. lupe says:

    so… why are the pension funds dealing with these big banks? is this a case of “you can’t cheat an honest man”…

  49. Terry says:

    You’ve got it in one, pensions were vehicles for seperating sheep from wealth through outright robbery or inflation. Trust is an amazing thing you trusted them to behave honestly and they trusted we were that stupid. The BEAST now decides all things, bow down and worship. We trusted the system and we got our reward…. it stole our lives and there is nothing we can do. If you try to force it to give your life back it take what is left of your life too. The best thing to do is say goodbye to it and start all over again and never trust them again. Who is like the BEAST who can make war with it?

  50. susan says:


    I like your philosophy! Agree 100% – change starts in the heart.

  51. ron says:

    @Max and @Stacy. Great show, as usual! ‘Been watching you 2 for at least 3-4 years. I consider you 2 the best at what you do. You dig deep, gather info., analize and sythesize nasty structure and people in the Banking Crime system. For, it is a snydicate of crime of the very highest magnitude. And we realize a sense of doom(at least I do) because most Americans are blind to it and certainly cannot be bothered to research even a small part. What I percieve as an Orwellian screaming Ponzi scheme of Galactic dimension seems to cause a shoulder shrug in America, and apparently the world. I’m spreaking of the masses, of course. Your “Taxi Cab Guy” and maybe a couple of hundred thousand intellectuals get it. Perhaps because we were simple born into it, we unknowingly accepted it and certainly understood nothing about the scheme.
    The scheme I’m referring to is, of cousre, the ENTIRE MONETARY SYSTEM. When we demonstrated, protested, marched, and organized in the 60s and70s(I’m 72), the smart ones knew that the SYSTEM of the MILITARY INDUTRIAL COMPLEX was the real target–not just the run-of-the -mill “evil doers”. The horror of Viet Nam, Laos, and Cambodia, was unspeakable, so we raged against it! The deeper thinkers completely understood once this war ends there will soon be another and another–ENDLESS WAR and ENDLESS ENEMIES because the “SYSTEM” REQUIRED IT!
    Likewise the MONETARY SYSTEM has to be a never ENDING PONZI SCHEME. FRAUD, LYING, and NON-TRANSPARENCY along with a weak Govt . stamp of approval brought ours into existence in 1913. Our then Pres. W. Wilson realized too late what he had signed into existence–a private clan of BANKSTAZ given direct connection to the US treasury and a system of 12 private banks all connected to our Central Bank in D.C.–the FEDERAL RESERVE and stamping the NY Fed as key bank of the system. DONE! FINISHED! PONZI in place!

    A question for you two: In a perfect world , if we could arrest EVERY crime committing banker, bring back Glass-Steagal, allow inerest rates to climb and suffer the consequences as Max pointed out in his speech with George Galloway, establish new regulations, etc., etc. while leaving the current MONETARY SYSTEM in place, would we still not have a PONZI SYSTEM waiting for the next batch of evil doers salivating as they rub their mostly white gruuby little hads together?? Does history not repeat itsel?
    Max, I was a bit stunned the other day when you mentioned to Galloway in rapid manner how fractioanl reserve “usually” works. You talked about the 10 to one ratio as “usual” then went on to note that banks and financial eneties can borrow from a bank with zero fractional reserve! I wanted to blow a whistle at you and ask you to repeat the first “usual” 10 to 1 ration. This, in itself is how money comes into circulation! This is the PONZI SCHEME at work. Even if it were a 2 to 1 ratio, money is created by the banks from nothing!! Hence, MONEY AS DEBT!! Pull out a dollar bill and start reading the sentence out loud to an ordinary person: “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR” what? Ask the person to fill in the “what”. When I do I this, the most common answer is”exchange” or “transaction”. I then suprise them(including a UC Economic Prof.)by stating the words “FOR ALL DEBTS ,PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.” There you have it: MONEY AS DEBT” and the ongoing ocotpus of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM.
    My conclusion: End it!! Or it will end us and all banking.
    I know you have covered all of my above points in one way or another and I truly admire your bravery Max!! I’m not even sure why I am stating the above to you. I guess I just had to keep stressing the entire rotten money system and how we are literally born as debt slaves. Thank you so much for your courage!


  52. ron says:

    I hope you will excuse my all too many typos. I don’t think it’s an age thing. I got a “c” in typing class.

  53. Jayme says:

    I don’t mean to promote this technology ’cause I don’t know how well it works but I thought this was an interesting clip (turn down the volume when you play)


  54. OlympiaLogger says:



    Wake up and die right.

  55. alan says:

    @ Jayme it is interesting
    thanks for posting

  56. MirrorMirror says:


    A Tour of the Swiss “Fort Knox” :

    Swiss Fort Knox: Ein Blick in die Alpenfestung


    6 mins.

    In German , but the pictures are clear enough.

  57. snoop diddy says:

    Silver up a buck while the banks and funds are on hols.

  58. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    For the first one in 2013 by the always entertaining and highly informed Kaisers I thought this one was wonderfully feisty and fiery. A worthy opening salvo in 2013 across the bows of the Banksters.

    In this one I thought there was a particularly interestingly noteworthy segment where Max quite precisely explained his use of the word “terrorist” when referencing the Banksters, notably the Dimon’s and Blankfein’s of this hugely corrupted sector.

    Have to say, given my forum nom de plume, it was good to hear Max in relation to dealing with the Banksters, mention the words drones and targeting! Therefore I hereby nominate the Inside Information well-informed Mr Keiser to take charge of my drone targeting control console …

    Quickly moving on. Following on from Max’s earlier prediction of a few months back predicting the City of London Square mile taking a financial meltdown, forecasted before the end of April this year. I was surprised at Max’s even more bold forecast that during this year JPM is to be ‘wiped from the face of the map’ . Certainly on many counts this prediction is of course quite some revolutionary game changer prophecy.

    Speaking of wiping from the face of the map, I noticed that the Western corporate controlled media’s favourite bogeyman, namely that much maligned, demonised and consciously mistranslated Pres Ahmadinejad of Iran is during this year himself to be ‘wiped (voted) off the face’ of the political map in Iran.

    What irony and Divine justification it would be if JPM disappeared off the face of the map before Pres Ahmadinejad ….

    Mentioning Iran, that reminds me, have PressTV shelved ‘On The Edge’ ? Or is Max, quite understandably, cutting back on commitments?

  59. Nat says:

    Ah! I thought I reconised the Keiser Report “set”. It’s where Charlie Brooker did a whole series of News Wipe a few years ago.

    I guess it’s a popular studio.

  60. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    Ron, I’ve just read your really excellent spot on post.
    Thank you for reminding those of us that have more than a few failing dwindling memory cells about the basic corruptive systemic truths.

  61. Youri Carma says:

    Equity markets are dying – Investors will be funneled to bonds, venture funds http://www.marketwatch.com/story/equity-markets-are-dying-2013-01-02

    China reform: Be careful what you wish for http://www.marketwatch.com/story/china-reform-be-careful-what-you-wish-for-2013-01-02-24855929

    Apple to dump Samsung for iPad mini chips, site says blogs.marketwatch.com/thetell/2013/01/02/apple-to-dump-samsung-for-ipad-mini-chips-site-says/

  62. Alf says:

    @all…onward and upward in 2013.
    @ron…nice post.

  63. evolutis says:

    @Ron … thank You! Can we all borrow those thoughts as starting point?

  64. COLIN says:

    Max, should we be selling copper or buying copper Mr Max ? teach us, so we can take these bankers down.

  65. Neuron Bomb says:

    Michael Hudson writes in counterpunch today


    “Public borrowing creates a dependency that shifts economic planning to Wall Street and other financial centers. When voters resist, it is time to replace democracy with oligarchy. “Technocratic” rule replaces that of elected officials. In Europe the IMF, ECB and EU troika insists that all debts must be paid, even at the cost of austerity, depression, unemployment, emigration and bankruptcy. This is to be done without violence where possible, but with police-state practices when grabbers find it necessary to quell popular opposition.”

  66. Youri Carma says:

    Total Debt: $16,432,730,050,569.12; Debt To GDP: 103% http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-01-02/total-debt-1643273005056912-debt-gdp-103

  67. Youri Carma says:

    Settlement Expected on Past Abuses in Home Loans http://www.cnbc.com/id/100345785

    Banking regulators are close to a $10 billion settlement with 14 banks that would end the government’s efforts to hold lenders responsible for foreclosure abuses like faulty paperwork and excessive fees that may have led to evictions, according to people with knowledge of the discussions.

  68. Youri Carma says:

    How US Banks And Federal Law Enforcement Worked Together Bringing Down Occupy Wall Street http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/dec/29/fbi-coordinated-crackdown-occupy

  69. Youri Carma says:

    Poland bans cultivation of GM maize, potatoes http://www.eubusiness.com/news-eu/poland-biotech.llx/

    Poland on Wednesday imposed new bans on the cultivation of certain genetically modified strains of maize and potatoes, a day after an EU required green light for GM crops took effect.

  70. Watch says:

    Happy Year New Youri,

    It’s like you are the only one, out there tonight ??

    Thanks for the Great Work, too.


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