Is The “Self-Promotion-And-Envy Spiral” Taking Down Facebook?

Facebook isn’t over the hill, exactly. Last October, it announced that 1 billion people a month used it, in a world of 7 billion. Leaping from one milestone to the next. But in key markets, such as the US where it derives most of its revenues, it is plateauing, and a shudder-inducing D-word has snuck into polite conversation: declining. And now we have a new reason.

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5 comments on “Is The “Self-Promotion-And-Envy Spiral” Taking Down Facebook?
  1. ricecake says:

    FB’s concept is no much different than that of MySpace. Had been on MySpace long time ago so totally agree with the “Envy” bomb. Social network sites such these are especially great for the “leader-wanna-be” personality who need to be admired envied and followed, although FB is good for some business people relationship such as dance or Yoga teachers who want more students. But some students don’t want to go there to get themselves obliged because not everyone can keep up the commitment. And some want different teachers not just one. So no there responding no feelings hurt.

    While FB is also good for families and friends to keep connected, yet there many people don’t want their families friends following them around all the time. In addition, there are many lonely people who have little family and friends so they can only become followers to feel less lonely. But who wants to be the sycophant forever without being paid? Many people will get bored fast before they know it.

    Point is how much FB worth?

  2. ricecake says:

    Oops missed my point. what I want to say is:

    FB’s concept is no much different than that of MySpace. Had been on MySpace long time ago so totally agree with the “Envy” bomb. Social network sites such these are great for the “leader-wanna-be” personality who need to be admired envied and followed.

    But who want to be the sycophant for long without being paid?

  3. Andy B says:

    “Our findings signal that users frequently perceive Facebook as a stressful environment, which may, in the long-run, endanger platform sustainability…”

    That says it all. You need a certain amount of stress to keep the rat pushing the lever, but how much is too much?

  4. daddy warbucks says:

    The other manipulation of Facebook and social media and the real world:

    Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM)

    The Alliance of Youth Movements and its subsidiary,, are US-sponsored entities that are dedicated to the overthrow of existing regimes around the world. Through conferences, events, and training, AYM seeks to create the conditions for revolution in various countries., is a website that allows information sharing as regards these movements.

    It is likely that US intelligence agencies including the CIA are involved in every aspect of AYM, helping coordinate regime change and providing “youth leaders” who are actually agents.

    AYM is obviously a creature of the Anglo-American elite, and was designed to take advantage of the Internet and its burgeoning technologies. What is astonishing is the level of participation by top Western firms, under the aegis of the State Department. According to Wikipedia these include Facebook, Howcast, MTV, Google, YouTube, AT&T, JetBlue, Gen-Next, Access 360 Media and Columbia Law School.

    The US political elite is active in AYM on all levels and includes Jared Cohen, who worked for both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton; he is Director of Google Ideas at Google. The Obama Campaign’s New Media Team is also involved in AYM.

    The arrogance of the Anglo-American elite is on full display in these efforts at destabilization. Not only have these efforts borne fruit in Egypt and Tunisia as of this writing, the assumption seems to be that the aftermath of these color revolutions can be controlled as well. This is a significantly more questionable assumption. There is no doubt that many of these revolutions shall eventually give way to Islamic republics.

    No doubt Western elites believe that they will be able to control the topmost levels of these Islamic republics as well. Time will tell whether the elites have over-reached once again; but presumably Western elites don’t care that much so long as maximum chaos is introduced throughout the world, giving the Anglosphere further justification to continue its domestic crackdowns. Source: The Daily Bell

    Was the West Involved in the Algeria Attack … and How?

    Tuesday, January 22, 2013

    By Staff Report, The Daily Bell


    It is a sign of the times that we are impelled – as part of the alternative media – to speculate on the REAL truth of what went on and why it took place. One point that occurs to us is that Algeria has not yet been fully drawn into the current military madness afflicting the area. But now, thanks to this latest event, it probably will be. Is this the plan?

  5. ronron says:

    i yold you this the other day. facebook is done.

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