Is Ted Butler’s Silver Panic Imminent? Apple Contractor Claims New iMac Production Delayed Over Silver Shortage!

apple silver shortageSilver expert Ted Butler has long predicted and awaited an eventual industrial shortage of physical silver, and a resulting panic silver buying that terminates the bullion bank cartel’s manipulation of the silver market.
Butler may be about to be finally proven correct, if an Apple contractor is right that Apple has delayed production on the new 27” iMacs over an industrial silver shortage in China.

With the US Mint sold out of Silver Eagles and production shut down for the 2nd time in 2 weeks, and shortages of nearly all retail silver products rapidly developing along with spiking physical premiums, it appears that a widespread retail, and perhaps industrial physical silver shortage is developing and escalating by the hour.
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12 comments on “Is Ted Butler’s Silver Panic Imminent? Apple Contractor Claims New iMac Production Delayed Over Silver Shortage!
  1. SomeAnon says:


  2. Production Problems says:

    Silverdoctors, you have no clue what you are talking about. How do you extrapolate apple production problems into a shortage of silver eagles???? Apple is not having a problem with silver, lolololol.

    You can go to any silver dealer and buy loads of silver. The only effect the sold out silver eagles have is that their premiums are a lot higher. You can still buy 100 ounce bars of silver for only a few percentage points over spot. This have not changed.

    And lastly, apple uses industrial silver, not silver eagles. Production problems have to do with machinery problems in their factories and distribution problems related to China. Quit it with the mis information.

  3. Luigi says:


    Have you got any idea about the size of global silver supply? It’s a tiny market, only 1 billion oz. ASEs use nearly all of US mining output. After industrial use there’s only 1,5 grams left for every world citizen, if you share equally.

    So, only a little increase in demand will make the cartel collapse, and change the world.

  4. Max says:

    Apple could try making their iMac with J.M. Morgan’s silver paper : unlike physical silver, it’s incredibly abundant !

  5. Phil says:

    More Bull Squrt

  6. Dustbowl Daze says:

    LOL @ “Iris display.” The propaganda from these guys just gets worse and worse.

  7. Dustbowl Daze says:

    Silver Doctors is the Sorcha Faal of silver blogs. 🙂

  8. Silver Phoenix says:

    It is not “the only logical answer.” Confirmation of desire is wanted, but this is obvious bad thinking.

  9. Michael D. Douglas says:

    I doubt that there will be a silver shortage anytime soon. Silver production has been increasing since 2000 by 2-3% a year & recycling has really taken off. Industrial demand looks like it has either plateaued/declined since 2007. Investment demand does seem to have taken off since the beginning of this year, 2013, though. An interesting one to keep an eye on.

  10. ASSTRO-WOLF says:

    If only 1% of average people invests their savings in PHYSICAL silver, the price will explode. It will be nearly impossible for the industry, to run their production under those conditions. (The 1% already started buying……)

  11. Jack Lee says:

    1) Apple would of course, deny any shortage to protect themselves. Meanwhile you bet there will be frantic hoarding behind the scenes until all hell breaks loose in the price.

    2) Silver supplies have been tracked since the 1960’s and stockpiles have been declining, not increasing. Large Industrial use of silver is fairly new – since the 1980’s. Solar Panels use almost 10% of all mining output (60 million plus ounces yearly); this is a new industry since 2000. Cell phones, cameras, PC’s all use silver. There is no replacement.

    3) Price suppression leads to shortages, always. Simple economic fact. And the COMEX market is not a free market. It is a paper market where infinite electronic silver is sold to keep the price down. In one day they sell nearly a years worth of silver. No metal changes hands, only paper. Of course it’s manipulated. Has been for years.

    4) Silver is money, not an industrial metal. Many have been brainwashed that paper is real money. It’s not. The demand for money is infinite, therefore, the “price” of silver as expressed in paper will eventually be infinite because unbacked paper money always fails. I’ve read there are almost 2,000 examples of failed paper money in human history. Every time Silver and Gold return as money to replace paper. This time is no different, but the advent of electronic money has delayed things…for a while.

    5) Price is ultimately controlled by demand, not by supply.

    6) 1000 oz silver bars become unavailable in the online market about 2 years ago. To get one takes weeks or months, it used to be immediately. The supply of 100 oz bars, based on what I can track from 2011 to 2013, is shrinking. Both things are easy check and I would encourage doubters to look around.

    7) Shortage means you can’t get a million ounces AT CURRENT PRICE, which is what the large buyers need to keep factories running.

    8) Shortage means prices will rise so someone will sell until the shortage is removed.

    9) Eventually, because demand is outstripping supply, and has for over 40 years, being tracked by GATA, Ted Butler, Israel Freidman, and other experts in the market you will have a Super Shortage develop. New mines take nearly ten years to come online so that is not an immediate solution. The current price of $30 is so low that no one can mine silver for a profit. It is a byproduct of other mining efforts.

    10) It is unclear whether we are at a shortage stage (100 an ounce coming) or a Super Shortage stage where prices can go to four digits per ounce. Only time will tell.

    11) Stack physical silver and pray. Because its your best protection from the economic damage those fools in office have done.

  12. First, I started the “Crash JPM – Buy Silver ” movement and I say that because my girlfriend got a 27″ iMac today in the mail. But the sign that is important to note is the US Mint has halted Eagle sales. Keep buying!