Inflation Rocks the UK as Beer Gets Watered Down

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg

These types of stories are popping up with increased frequency throughout the western world.  Products are simply declining in quality, and in many cases these declines are being accompanied by price increases.  Remember my article from a week ago Inflation Hits Coffee as Brewers Secretly Swap Robusta for Arabica.  This is more or less the same story, except this time in the UK and centered around beer.  From CNBC:

Britain’s favorite pint of bitter is being watered down as austerity continues to bite and taxes rise.

John Smith’s Extra Smooth, billed as “no nonsense beer”, is being reduced from 3.8 percent alcohol to 3.6 percent in response to rising costs and reduced beer consumption.

Heineken, which is also raising the cost of the famous bitter by about 2.5 pence a pint…

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21 comments on “Inflation Rocks the UK as Beer Gets Watered Down
  1. SilverPorno says:

    Heineken up by a massive 2.5p a pint?

    Judging by pub prices that’s about 0.6%.

    We’re doomed!!!

  2. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    Is the british beed made with GMOs ? Hope so. 🙂 The British deserve to drink urine. Beer is too good for them. Before USA, UK is the epicenter of the criminality. I dont see anyone revolting against the bankster in UK. I remember who invented fractionnal reserve banking system. It was the English and since then, we have all these problems.Unecessary problems that did not exist before 1694. It all started with England and it MUST end also with England and I sincerely hope England dies in totaL bankruptcy and hyperinflation.

  3. Goldman Sucks says:

    Have you not taken your Ritalin today or something?

  4. bankstercrusher says:

    English beer is mostly pish, ive moved to red wine and spirits

  5. arty says:

    “Taste that beer? That’s the taste of you getting poorer.”

    then earlier in the article he quotes the Heinkekn spokesman ““Extensive research conducted with retailers and consumers consistently confirmed that a 0.2 percent reduction in [alcohol content] does not compromise on the taste and quality,” which is certainly the case.

    not so many years ago, 3.6 was a fairly common sort of percentage for beer in the UK.
    Like wine, percentages have gradually crept up over the years, adding to the public health problems that are caused by the UK’s drinking culture – there are good public health reasons for beer and wine producers to slightly lower the strength of their drink, so this is no bad thing

    although John Smiths smooth tastes crap whatever the percentage

  6. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    @Golman Sucks

    No. I prefer personnally pancreatic enzymes, carrot juice and apple juivce all organic and goos food not made by Monsanto WASP nazis, a good organic coffee enema taken rectally. Nothing better to evacuate the MADE IN USA demonic crap called food, that unfortunately I took too many years. Today I feel great and yes check your history books. This accounting fraud called fractionnal reserve banking, where like by magic you transform a liability into an asset, was originally popularized by the british empire and its the main cause of all these problems.

  7. Wolferl says:

    Reducing alcohol in beer by o,2 % points has nothing to do with reducing costs. People drink less beer in pubs because of the stricter driving laws. Reducing the alcohol in beer gives people the chance to drink an extra beer and increase profits of pub owners and breweries. True, alcohol is a taste enhancer but of course you can make that good by using better ingredients and methods.

  8. Goldman Sucks says:


    I wasn’t disputing your argument. I just think it’s a little insane to blame a whole nation for the repressive actions of their over lord class. Wind it in a bit, son, as we say here in the UK

  9. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    @Goldman Sucks
    You are right. I admit. But I still do not see riots or revolt in UK as in Iceland, Greece or Spain. A part from little protests, banksters in WASP countries have everything under control and the people dont really seem to mind. Do they ? I dont feel anything. I know that the drug most present in London’s drinking water is effectively fluxoine (PROZAC ! ZOLOFF ! CELEXA !!) etc……… Not so funny indeed. 🙂

  10. Goldman Sucks says:

    I agree. Most people here are pretty docile when it comes to issues relating to banking and most just glaze over whenever the subject comes up. Most just can’t comprehend it.

    I doubt there is prozac in the drinking water though. There is really no need to go that far. Most people here are already obedient drooling dicks.

  11. Yeknod says:

    @Goldman Sucks
    Just a quick little linky about prozac in the drinking water 🙂

  12. JonnyJames says:

    Heineken is Lager not Bitter! Someone knows noting about beer. Wine snobs need to look up CAMRA and look at all the hand-crafted traditional ales still available in the UK. They have not destroyed everything yet. Heineken is the McDonalds of beer, forget about it.

  13. Goldman Sucks says:

    Heinekien own John Smiths, which is definitely a bitter.

  14. Goldman Sucks says:

    To effectively dose the whole UK population to a suitable level the government would have to dump the entire worlds production of fluoxetine 10 time over into the water supply every day. This is just fear porn. Don’t waste your time on it.

  15. JonnyJames says:

    John Smiths may be owned by megacorp Heineken, but it aint Heineken. Heineken is brewed in Holland on an industrial scale. InBev and Interbrew control most of the rest of the beer market. That’s why we need to support CAMRA and support Real Ale.

    Drink up lads!

  16. JonnyJames says:

    Fuck Heineken, InBev and Interbrew!


    Home made beer much better !

  18. Alf says:

    “CAMRA”…now you’re talking…
    Once went to a CAMRA festival in the south of England…highly recommended.

  19. Yeknod says:

    @Goldman Sucks
    Just being picky, you did write the following though: “I doubt there is prozac in the drinking water though.”

    Completely agree with what you’re saying about the dosage – for adults, but when it comes to embryos and young children though thats a different matter.

    Fact still remains that it’s in the water supply… and as we all know these prescription drugs have been getting prescribed more and more since this article was in released in 2004. Also lets not limit this to only prozac.

    Quick searches online reveal many articles of nasty stuff turning up in the water supply. Cumulative effects of all trace elements of things like lead, cyanide, copper, mercury, arsenic, cancer treatment chemicals, fluoride, prescription drugs, recreational drugs, hormones and EVEN SPICES! – Whoa! watch out for those spices!

    Not suggesting for one moment that there is some conspiracy behind anything typed above but it should be concerning none the less 🙂

  20. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    “…John Smith’s Extra Smooth, billed as “no nonsense beer”, is being reduced from 3.8 percent alcohol to 3.6 percent in response to rising costs and reduced beer consumption…”


    And why waste your breath on other beers when you have Croak & Stagger in your own back yard.

    (Guess in a way we do to… the liquor store across from CU has it.)

  21. Glass says:

    Australian beer has been watered down for several years now. Most domestically brewed beer contains 1% or less fermented alcohol. Several years ago the law was changed to allow an increased amount of industrial alcohol to be substituted for fermented alcohol. So previously brewers could add upto 1% ethanol and upto 1% methanol to beer. Now they can add 2% ethanol and 2% methanol. Both of which are industrial bi products.

    so if your standard beer contains 4 – 5% alcohol content, most, if not all of that is now industrial alcohol. This stuff is recognised as class 1 carcenogenic if consumed internally.

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