If you have your Keiser Ethical Silver – post a vid

8 comments on “If you have your Keiser Ethical Silver – post a vid
  1. A Gardener says:

    When will they be available in the UK ??

  2. Longjohnsilver says:

    Just spoke to guersey mint, should be on sale within two weeks, giabo

  3. Harry says:

    And what about a German reseller?

  4. Renzel says:

    Guernsey Mint said in about 2 weeks, but that was 9 days ago. So shouldn’t be to long before we can get them in Europe

  5. A Gardener says:

    Still not available in the UK.
    Guernsey Mint advertise them but still they are not priced or available for online ordering.
    Also this mint send silver out vat free but British customs will and do charge 20% vat tax if your parcel is checked and you will also be charged an extra handling fee, which you must pay to the Post Office before you get your parcel.
    You should price this in or if you feel lucky then take your chances that your parcel might slip through unchecked.

  6. Paul says:

    Any news on when they’ll be available in Australia/New Zealand?

  7. Mattdog says:

    I went to my P.O. box yesterday, (was out of town for a few days,) and lo and behold, the Canadian Silver round (#2011 comment) was there. Glistening brilliantly.
    I wanted to Thank Max and Stacy for letting me take part in a fun little competition, the other competitors (commentpetiters?) and hope to do my part in the global scheme of things to help my neighbors at the right time and place. 🙂

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