1. Verner says:

    OMG Stacy Monroe

  2. dale says:

    BRILLIANTBONZAI strikes again…. happy birthday Max…. thanx for rocking the global boat of financial terrorism…. hip hip ahoy!

  3. australian says:

    i hope your wearing Bond’s

  4. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:


    Here is a nice one for your anniversary. European scientist discover in Monsanto GMO a hidden toxic gene for humans. MONSANTO USA TERRORISTS. USA terrorist country. You bet.

  5. Javier Guillermo says:

    Happy birthday Max!

  6. Zeepkist says:

    William Banzai7 – Ministry of Truth!

  7. gussy says:

    Many happy returns of the day, ye old fart.

  8. Michel78 says:

    congrats Max.

    hi Stacy ;

  9. nexusakachus says:

    Happy B day Max ;) enjoy !

  10. happy slave day max !
    i cant give a gift as good as william’s but i hope you two have an awesome day :D

  11. gman says:

    Cheers Herr Keiser. This is the year.

  12. I precariat says:

    Happy birthday Max. Same age as Paul Mason but he looks older! xxxxx

  13. A Gardener says:

    Everyone in the world should celebrate this happy day by buying or ordering at least one more shiny ounce of silver. So lets do it.
    I am sure Stacy Monroe will give him a day to remember.

  14. Juan Moment says:

    Best wishes to you Max, may the mother of silver wars be with you on this next turn around the sun.

    The WB7 picture is a classic and hopefully, painted in oil, part of of your birthday prezzis.

  15. Chad T Brodgesell says:

    Happy Birthday Max! Best Wishes you Silver Bug.
    Chad T Brodgesell

  16. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    Happy Birthday, yaz fat, rat bastaaaaaaaahd! & many more.

  17. Silverstreamist says:

    To Max and Stacy:

    Shine on forever!

  18. Silverstreamist says:

    To Max & Stacy:

    Shine on forever!

  19. Dale says:

    @AGardener YEP, coincidentally did that :)… that’s the best present… put your greetings where your coin is. Or something like that.

  20. Dale says:

    oh, and sorry Banzai7…. just came back to this post and saw I spelled your name wrong in the second comment, can’t edit it. Will pay attention next time.

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