Gold & Silver Hammer Time!

imagesI see the dollar soon beginning a decline akin to a snowball tumbling off a cliff of gold.
Note the bullish long-tailed candlesticks on the gold and silver charts. Last Friday’s jobs report created an exciting hammer candle formation, and it came on climactic volume.

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25 comments on “Gold & Silver Hammer Time!
  1. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    I thought this was just too obvious, but I can’t see that anyone’s posted it yet…

  2. Johan says:

    I must say that the fundamentals in favor of silver are overwhelming. Can’t wait for it to start climbing towards $50 again!

    In the meantime: value of silver – great article about silver.

  3. ronron says:

    these charts were stolen from poland. i know the box.

  4. ronron says:

    haha. the original keiser is the lowest mint 1 oz silver on the planet. a 1948 80% canadian silver dollar goes for 2 grand. buy all the fucking keisers you can on ebay.

  5. ronron says:

    every one of those original keisers are worth around 3800. soon to go to 5100. you fucking watch yourself.

  6. ronron says:

    the person who won the original keiser during the contest, is one lucky fucker. hope he was shipped as elvis.

  7. ronron says:

    i think gerald celente has had his jackets and scarfs over dry cleaned. they are shiny. @Max. could you have a talk with him? and get your old avatar out for a ride.

  8. ronron says:

    @Stacy. there,s an old 1949-250 CZ with foot clutch and tank shift for sale. you should have it. coolest motorcycle i ever seen. all there and rideable. 4000 CAD.

  9. Ptah says:

    @RonRon – he may have a bit of a cold – especially if most of the shiny-shiny is on the sleeves!

  10. ronron says:

    if this was a coin contest? i would win. 🙂

  11. ronron says:

    ah, Ptah. snot. it is flu season. 😉

  12. Ptah says:

    x-celente reply!

  13. ronron says:

    i could see Stacy taking this CZ around private grounds and laughing her head off.

  14. ronron says:

    haha, Ptah. pretty quiet around here these days. kinda strange?

  15. ronron says:

    @Max. when i got my new wife, i got her a TM 250. she scrambled around the country roads.

  16. Ptah says:

    @ronron…. almost too quiet!!

  17. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    This guy’s a cross between – Freddie Wong, Clint Howard and Rowan Atkinson.

  18. ronron says:

    @Ptah. have you ever opened one of king of the northern links?

  19. Ptah says:

    @ronron… nah – should I?

  20. ronron says:

    @Ptah. i never have and don,t want to be the first one.

  21. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    I like his editing too.

  22. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Someone’s twiddling with the header.

  23. ronron says:

    in the old days we used to buy cars for 75 bucks, never change them over and never get insurance. no computer? no problem. drive em into the fucking ground. leave them on the side of the road with the engine blown. cops were cool back then.

  24. ronron says:

    anyway, there are 2 sides to the computer coin. see you fucks.

  25. Luke James says:

    Wow ronron, you sure are getting pretty upset there. You do know this is just the internet, right?

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