Gold emerges as euro debt-crisis option

The European Union is running out of options as it seeks to emerge from the debt crisis burdening member states. Economist Ansgar Belke, an important voice in advising Europe’s politicians on what can be done next, explains how the use of gold as collateral can support struggling countries’ sovereign bond issues.


2 comments on “Gold emerges as euro debt-crisis option
  1. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Here Fools… a little something for your left ear:

    Watch if you have the guts… I’m not holding my breath.

  2. luckylongshot says:

    Talking about gold as the answer is a big mistake. The problems in Europe stem from having allowed private Banks to gain control of the right to issue money. These Rothschild controlled parasitess have then abused this right to steal most of the wealth in Europe. The Gold Standard was an early version of the mechanism they used to do this so returning to it would be a mistake as it would not address the problem. What would fix things is for Governments to reclaim their right to issue money and to do so with the issuance linked to productivity. This has worked wonderfully well historically and is how China still operates. Public Banking is the only viable solution as it is the only way to stop the parasites.

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