France is heading towards an economic Bastille. The longer it stays on that path, the more possible that the eurozone regime it labored so hard to create will crumble.

9 comments on “France is heading towards an economic Bastille. The longer it stays on that path, the more possible that the eurozone regime it labored so hard to create will crumble.
  1. jischinger says:

    isn’t that why France attacked Libya and now Mali?

    need money, go get the champagne of oils in Libya.(Oil reserve in Libya are the largest in Africa and the Fifth largest in the world)

    need more money, go steal gold in Mali ( Gold is mined in the southern region and Mali has the third highest gold production in Africa)

    still not enough? who is next? Congo, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Senegal? yeah, my guess is the Congo too.

  2. lupe says:

    global corporate feudalism… money is its’ god, the bankers are the priests and lead by the prophit motive… only way to change what is happening is to let it collapse and hope to make a comeback after the dust settles… maybe the phoenix bird will appear soon.

  3. Bruce says:

    Germany, for example, specializes in fancy cars, Audis, Mercedes and BMWs that folks are willing to keep buying if prices rise a bit. By contrast, France makes cheaper Renaults and Peugeots that risk losing sales to Ford or Fiat unless manufacturers hold down prices — or settle for puny or non-existent profits.
    FIAT? FORD? As usual I pick out the peripherals of the article…

    Testosterone Pit – Home – As Cars Burn In France, The Industry Of Hope Booms
    According to here, it sez:
    Other automakers got clobbered as well: Ford was down 19.8%, Fiat, which hardly anyone is buying anymore, fell 23.7%, only to be outdone by GM’s beleaguered Opel, down 23.8%. But there were winners: BMW was up 2.3%, Mercedes 5.3%, and Hyundai-Kia 28.2%!

    It’s the other asian automakers that they need to worry about. Ford and Fiat seem to be losing market share in France.

  4. Bruce says:

    That’s already happened in Italy, Spain and other troubled eurozone members. The difference is that those nations are adopting structural reforms to restore their competitiveness.
    Structural reforms meaning what exactly? Banksters buying up the infrastructure?

    France’s decline is best illustrated by the rapid deterioration in its foreign trade. In 1999, France sold around 7% of the world’s exports. Today, the figure is just over 3%, and falling fast. The same high costs that are pounding exports draw an ever rising flow of goods from Germany, China and even southern Europe. Those imports are taking an increasing share of sales from pricier French-made products
    This means we all need to buy more BIC lighters, made in France. And wines.

    An astounding 86% of all wage earners enjoy “contrats a durée indéterminées,” permanent contracts that make layoffs extremely expensive and time-consuming.
    This might explain the lack of service from France Telecom!

    Since 2005, France’s unit labor costs — the expense of producing a single car or steel beam, for example — has jumped 17% compared with 10% for Germany, 5.8% for Spain, and 2% for Ireland. Today, French workers earn an average of 35.3 euros per hour, compared with 25.8 in Italy, 22 in the UK and Spain.
    35.3 euros per hour average?! That’s insane. = ~ 47.09 USD average hourly wage.

  5. evolutis says:

    @Bruce / thanks for the insight .. feeling helpless on the sidelines with all these countries having such a tough time.

  6. BuBu says:

    Feasibility study to build USS Enterprise – another petition

  7. BuBu says:

    Banksters buying up the infrastructure?
    Yes; they print money and buying things worth something more then cost of printing/creating money;
    perfect deal; couldn’t be better
    It’s called investment :p

  8. Max says:

    The European Union is an outrageous creation that does not take into account the reality and lessons of History. It is doomed to fail. How come that some people believed that a single currency within a community of as much as seventeen countries with absolute different economies could work ? How come that such an undemocratic structure, inhibiting peoples and their will all across Europe, have thrived for so long ? How come that countries of the European Union that refused the Euro are in better economic situations than the others ? How come, above all, that after twenty-one years of European Union, no analysis or assessment of the outcome has ever been conducted ?

    France will never accept to be imposed an unelected government. We are even capable of fighting for or against the gay marriage so those who think that what have been done in Greece and in Italy can be done in France is ignoring our History.

    The figures show everywhere that the Euro is a big fail and it has only permitted the “banksters”, as we now call them, to buy an entire country. Greece doesn’t belong to the Greek people anymore : they don’t have a say in politics and their airports, highways and public structures are being bought by foreign companies. What is this world where a people can be oppressed like this ?

    Remember these dates : 1789, 1830, 1848, 1940. Now look at this one : 2013.

  9. microhousehold says:

    France receives one of the largest sums of agricultural subsidies of the EU together with Spain.

    On the positive France banned GM agriculture.

    But then I don’t sleep well knowing how much nuclear plants we have to clean
    They should running them right about know, not half of them as Hollande is planning to do.

    The future looks bright. 🙁

    Lets hope the 6th republic will come soon.
    (We are now in this episode: 5th republic of France)


    Good to mention all the French revolutions, most people only seem to speak about the first one.

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