First-Hand Account of Gold & Silver Mania in China- Black Friday Style Mobs Scrambling for Bullion

imagesWith the recent claims from an Apple contractor that a Chinese silver shortage is the culprit for the production delay in the new I-Macs, an SD reader who has recently moved to China has given SilverDoctors a MUST READ first-hand account of the retail gold and silver mania underway in mainland China.

With the Chinese New Year less than a month away, Ichban describes Chinese demand for gold and silver in Beijing as a tidal wave, and states that the demand for gold and silver is more intense than Thanksgiving/ Black Friday mobs in the US, despite the nearly 60% premiums retail dealers are asking for silver bullion!!

Ichban gives readers a glimpse of what to expect when the mania stage of the gold and silver bull markets finally reaches the US, as he describes the scene at Chinese retail bullion stores:
Despite these high premiums, I have never seen such frenzied buying in my life! I am a young adult male and 40 year old Chinese women are shoving me out of the way because they are trying to buy some gold and silver!
Click here for Ichban’s full first-hand account of China’s gold and silver mania:

4 comments on “First-Hand Account of Gold & Silver Mania in China- Black Friday Style Mobs Scrambling for Bullion
  1. Bruce says:

    Hallo China
    I haz sum silvurz. Low premiums.

    I welcome 40 year-old chinese women pushing patrons away for my clearly in-demand goodz. I accept PayPalz and telegraphic transfers.

    I hope u don’t mind Liz.

  2. There will be no mania stage in North America … the stealth Gold Bull is already priced out of the hands of North American retail … the precious Metals “Mania” will be lead and isolated to China.

  3. Mini US says:

    Thats not a frenzy.
    Chinese slways push and shove.
    Cultural activity due to billions in population.

  4. Verner says:

    Has the Government Let Wall Street Bankers Off Too Easily?

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