Financial terrorist Hector Sants knighted!

12 comments on “Financial terrorist Hector Sants knighted!
  1. alan says:

    Its all part of the brain washing propaganda war.
    Knights are brave and true. right
    They would not make him a knight if he was a crook!
    The finacial idustry must be doing something right, some have received knighthoods.
    This might be a case of the word transforming into a new meaning.
    In 10 years time people may conceive knights not to be brave and true, but farcical puppets
    The old movies will just confuse people

  2. Alf says:

    A splendid job well done Sir Hector…nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

  3. What-me-worry? says:

    Hector Sants, right up there with the likes of Allen Stanford, Fred Goodwin, Jonathan King and Jimmy Savile. Queens fiddlers.

  4. bbrebozo says:

    Ah Knights. These were the goons that left the comforts of the castle to rough up the serfs if they… didn’t cough up wheat, food, their daughters or soldiers for the kings army.
    Well, you get it, Mafia goons who are weak in mind and for money.

    Good analogy Max.

    Now, let us all see on who’s side of this equation Obama is , Hmm?

    Will he send the drones out to nobly assassinate any of the descendents of the … wait for it ….Rothchilds? I think not, for he is a house slave.
    As is Tony Blair, with his Al Jolson’s blackened face. See Tony run. Run Tony run. To your gated community with your whore millions. Or, is it Billions?

  5. bbrebozo says:

    And for those who knee jerk see me as a racist. Think again. I love Susan Werner’s music.
    I am not her manager. Ha. But, if you listen to her songs. You will get my drift.

  6. bbrebozo says:

    Now me buckos, there are those you know, who people like to see. They are good men. They are willing to lend a hand as well. But best of all, they want to uplift peoples hearts, not oppress them.

  7. bbrebozo says:

    Knights and Rothchilds don’t understand simple pleasures.

  8. Trevor Morgan says:

    Knighthoods used to be strictly for recognition of military prowess. For skills in battle and plundering the peasants.
    Knighthood are now for services done. This includes plundering but not usually battle skills any more.
    He has served his masters loyally and well so deserves his knighthood from them.
    Now me, I object to the services done and have no liking for his masters and their screw ups.
    As an American you seem to lack understanding of the nuances of the British way.
    Sometimes we give a gold watch, say “well done” and put the old git out to grass.
    Sometimes we say “well done” and actually mean it!
    Many Americans have difficulty in spotting the difference.
    You should get about this island and meet more real people and not just than the whore house workers of the City.
    You never know you might even like and respect some of those you meet.

  9. bbrebozo says:

    @ Trevor Morgan

    Trevor, I am am sure there are many good men in “good old England”. And I raise my glass to them.

  10. The establishment need a regular barometer of public opinion of their acts
    Then they do something completely outrageous such as this and await the reaction
    When there is barely a wimper they sigh with relief and prepare to do it again very soon
    When will the public wake up and react in sufficient numbers and ask exactly who could be capable of knighting such a loser and hold the perpetrators accountable

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