Chewing: It’s Quite Similar To Eating

Are your children hungry and acting like JPM executives; headless and running around in circles?  Does hunger have you feeling Wimpy but unable to find anyone who will exchange a single hamburger today for a double payday loan next Tuesday?  Then do what Eskimos have done for generations – chew on some blubber.  There’s no need to travel because the London Whale delivers satisfying media right to you.  Okay, who ordered whale blubber with extra cheese on their pizza?

3 comments on “Chewing: It’s Quite Similar To Eating
  1. donk says:

    And what better way could there be to chow down (or chew down) on that blubber with radioactive silver utensiles, courteously of US energy corp.. YUM!

  2. Kevin Eshbach says:


    Also, when you and the significant other sit down to enjoy a nice candlelight dinner the utensils will have their own unique glow to add to the mood.

  3. donk says:

    @Kevin Eshbach. Nice…. and some after dinner dancing round the table.

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