7 comments on “BURGER QUEEN
  1. Bruce says:


    Official sponsor of the Shiny debt-pression.
    Make an impression!

  2. Verner says:

    Polish meat suppliers to blame for horsemeat crisis, says Simon Coveney

    Mr Coveney said he assumed the Polish ingredients had been ordered to keep costs down. By now he should know the facts. 29% – 4% = 25% Right?
    If Polish ingredients only contain 4% horse meat how could a burger contain 29% horse meat? Who in Silvercrest knew that horse meat was in the ingredients? Did Tesco know that the burgers contained horse meat? Why was the use of horse meat in the ingredients not picked up in audits?
    Consumers need answers not assumptions.

  3. mijj says:

    horse-meat in the burgers, tungsten in the gold .. tsk .. what’s the world coming to?

  4. Blah Blah says:

    First the meat was from Ireland, then it was sourced to Spain and now they are saying it was Polish meat. So not only are EU members allowing fraudulently labelled food produce to be exported but the UK is not properly regulating what is coming in. This is austerity at its best, people. Package shit and call it chocolate mousse.

  5. ronron says:

    fuck me. hahaha.

  6. Mattdog says:

    lololol. @ Blah Blah, a gilded turd by any other name… could be packaged in fancy plastic and sold as spinach! Or maybe meat glue…. or..

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