Bundesbank to Repatriate 374 Tons of Gold From Bank of France, Substantial Portion of Gold Held at the NY Fed!!

While Bernanke spent his afternoon today outlining why the gold standard can never work (never mind the fact that it worked perfectly for 2 centuries in America), the Bundesbank has just shattered the remaining confidence in the fractional bullion banking system, announcing that it will repatriate a portion of its gold reserves from the NY Federal Reserve, and ALL 374 tons of its gold held at the Bank of France!

In the months that followed Hugo Chavez’ 110 ton gold repatriation request in the summer of 2011, gold exploded nearly $400 as the bullion banks panicked. As the Bundesbank’s official gold holdings held at the Fed and the Bank of France dwarf Venezuela’s 110 tons, don’t be surprised if the price of physical gold goes super-nova as Germany’s repatriation request plays out, as paper gold rehypothecated 100 times over must suddenly be conjured up in physical form.
Click here for more on the Shot Heard Round the world sticking a physical knife in the belly of the bullion banking cartel:

13 comments on “Bundesbank to Repatriate 374 Tons of Gold From Bank of France, Substantial Portion of Gold Held at the NY Fed!!
  1. Nathan el Corochio says:

    Mein Gott in Himmel!!

  2. jarrollin says:

    Good luck with that…while we’re at it, let’s just let gold back in the free market. I honestly think it would help unwind this problem, but the pain would begin.

  3. Uncle Ben and Cousin Timmy say there is absolutely no reason for Du Germans to Repatriate any of their New York TUNGSTEN opp’s I mean GOLD ….. Uncle Ben and Cousin Timmy say Du German TUNGSTEN opp’s I mean GOLD stored in New York is SAFE and SOUND!.

  4. Chervonets says:

    Margin calls on the international financial system

  5. alan says:

    Gold has no monetry value. Why all the fuss. Just give them their gold and get on with life.

    ( for you hollywood junkies this is sarcasim)

  6. Sharky says:

    They only hold it as tradition anyway, I am sure they won’t have any problem with this ! 😉

  7. Paul says:

    Fasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen. It’s about to get fugly.

    I just wish I’d bought more physical, instead of all those gallons of German beer….

  8. The Barbarian says:

    Somewhat unintended Nouriel Roubini was right: Gold is a Barbarous Relic.
    The Barbarians come to get their Gold.

  9. Stuka_007 says:

    Folks ! Don’t praise the lord too early. The EZB and the German politician puppets will find a way to take advantage of Germany’s gold treasure. Only a fool believes it could serve as a backing for a new “Deutschmark”. The whole story is only a fake to calm some German critical ghosts and movements (“take the German gold home”, “audit the gold reserves”).

  10. Dustbowl Daze says:

    I like how every dumb little thing that happens is the last nail in the coffin for the banking cartel according to Silver Doctors.

  11. donk says:

    No wonder France & UK are so keen to stop the Mali war. They probably need to protect their mining investments in the country to fullfil the German repatriation of its gold holdings.

  12. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    CLEAR SIGNAL. Gold about to be remontized and return to the gold standard.

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