BREAKING: Keiser offers silver rounds to protest occupation by bankers

UPDATE: The NWTM mint has confirmed we’ve sold over 1450 1 Oz ‘Keiser Ethical Silver’ rounds ($50,000) in six days (241 per day). Our European distributor (Guernsey Mint) will be up and taking orders next week. We also have been contacted by an Australian distributor who is now talking to NWTM about securing rounds. To get to the 1 million sold in 2013 we’ll need to get to the daily-sold-per-day average of 2,750. 

Max Keiser of Russia Today’s “The Keiser Report” has partnered with the Northwest Territorial Mint to strike another blow against the monetary metals price suppression scheme    <buy 1>    <buy 60+>

76 comments on “BREAKING: Keiser offers silver rounds to protest occupation by bankers
  1. Benjamin Colombani says:

    When will they be available in Australia….

  2. maxkeiser says:

    We’ll have news and link to our new european distributor later this week . . . not sure about Australia yet . . .

  3. Nicola says:

    Great so I could buy it from Italy. Once I was thinking to invest in physical silver but I had to pay it 30+% more than market price cause of the VAT (21%). In Italy if you buy physical gold you dont pay that tax instead. I guess it’s the way our government avoid masses from buying silver. So what happens if I buy Max-Keiser’s coins? Will I have to pay VAT too? Will I get jailed? Bye.

  4. Marc Authier says:

    And occupation by MONSANTO also you should add.

    In this new year 2013 I suggesst externding your campaign to offering non GMOs food stamps coupons to unable Americans retards that dont know how to eat contrary to the French that have banned GMOs for darn good reasons.

    I am 100 % pro crash JP Morgan but we this year we must also crasch Monsanto Obama and the FDA mass murdering GMOs laced with genetic Zyclon B pesticide. Lets say I still like Americans but some days, specially those that voted in Monsanto-Obama, I think that Monsanto is maybe on to something quite productive for the ecosystem if it controls the number of Americans on Earth.

    Goof News for all Burger King fans. Burger King introducing Bacon Sundae. Double whammy here. Filled with yummy mercury laced GMO glyphosate round up corn syrup and genetically modified antibiotic steroid fed piece of bacon. USA today is 100% Monsanto controlled and you are all going to die very early because of that.

  5. Bruce says:

    Julia Gillard has never liked Keiser, or his silver rounds.
    (yes, robots can get cranky too).

    Still, she is testament to just how far robotics technology has advanced.
    “julia gillard” robotic – Google Search

  6. The Dork of Cork. says:

    Austin is a good place to party…………

    The capital is stinking in oil wealth tax income…………

    But its not a nice place for Santa.

    Santa is a American ?

    Perhaps Coca Cola left him go from his job.

  7. athanasios says:

    vat is 24 per cent in greece ..imagine that .still i m buying with both hands! happy new year max and stacy u guys rock . viva la resistance

  8. Nicola says:

    Anyway even if VAT was 30% I’m gonna buy 1 silver coin of Max and do my contribution pro-justice and against those banksters.

  9. jischinger says:

    can you walk in and buy them or do they have to be shipped?

  10. Hucklebuck says:

    Hey, where’s the ounce I won for being the 3002nd commenter on the last thread?

  11. Dr Catz says:

    still waiting to get the silver I ordered the last time from those Canadians… And still waiting to get a reply about missing shares from my pirate my film purchases… Boo Max for bad customer service!

  12. mel says:

    if not in at kitchen tables
    where nobody sits
    if not with friendships
    where nobody gives a shit;
    then why not with bombs
    hallucinating corporations

    postmodern maladies
    political pharasees
    governments only speak
    dungeons of opportunities
    labyrinths of morality
    armies of double speak

    friend please talk to me
    tell me what you see…
    do we feel anything?
    beating automations
    nerve plexuses of infinite
    roll the dice, just you and me.

    cryptographic ergonomics
    civilization built on top of it
    economics without social profits
    architectural land of hobits
    pseudoscience for the giants
    conscience of the complacent

    amphitheatre friendship
    social engine hearing
    technology beyond apology
    cadaver vernacular
    habits devoid of tactics
    stomach of the rich

    recycled auto no me
    patients of industry
    patents of reality
    cancerous ecology
    nonlinear ideology
    psychological teratology

    hubblescope market bubbles
    commodified interpretation
    gentrified treason
    independent alienation
    trafficking deportations
    holy cost of colonization

    violence of philosophy
    stand up when you talk to me
    billboards of tragedy
    human ontology
    native physiology
    metis trignometry

  13. Paul says:

    I’ll second Ben, hopefully one of your distributors will eventually ship to Australia (At fair cost)…

  14. jischinger says:

    why not take the profits from this venture and start a new foundation and community?

    ask all the Keiser guests to come up with some idea to develop a sustainable social order, a three fold social order – that includes education, economics and an honest social order.

    with some of the professors who visit the show I bet there’s a ton of grant money that could help with the initial investments.

    there’s still a lot of talk out there and just a few sparks of anything happening – there must be some kind of idea like this developing – like the bio-dome only outside

    all you need is land and then use the university system to build the efficient green housing.

    If communities are willing to spend large sums of tax payer money to build roads, install water and swears for outfits like WalMart at no cost to them why not build and invest in a few role models for people?

    with all the talent that comes on the show, surely a few of these people can come up with developing a sustainable community – what a legacy that would be.

  15. Mattdog says:

    jischinger; biospheres.

  16. Mattdog says:

    I’m sorry; @ jischingers, biospheres. I am so 100% x pi behind you.

  17. OlympiaLogger says:


    Wake up and die right.

  18. Harry says:

    See for Dutch prepper support.

  19. flicks says:

    Marc Authier – Don’t much like this guy Mercola but this is worth a listen:

  20. Harry says:

    Any visit to Oz planned?
    Or Netherlands?

  21. gerry owens says:

    max keiser coins listed at GURENSEY MINT but not yet in stock,when will they be available in uk,
    cheers gerry

  22. AntiEussr says:

    The coin looks nice, I’ll wait until it is available in Europe.

  23. gussy says:

    Happy New Year Max & Stacy, your still the best. William Banzai’s work is a great addition to the site, and finally a happy New Year to all the commentors. Be lucky.

  24. patrick says:

    I can go to the local coin shop and buy a walking liberby for 5 over spot, I’ll have it in my hands today, or I could opt to order your keiser and wait for months to receive it. Liberty is far more attractive than max, in so many ways .

  25. MirrorMirror says:

    Jacob Appelbaum 29C3 Keynote: Not My Department

    50 minutes about what & why the NSA is doing … with it’s new Spy Centre !

  26. Clark says:

    This is awesome! Just bought me and my Dad one.

  27. AG says:

    About $5 over spot – Ouch! But, a novelty item nonetheless. In Canada I pay 1.30- 1.60 over spot for Cdn Maple Leafs or American coinds. Nice idea but a little pricey IMO. Maybe a gift idea hey?

  28. Specky4eyes says:

    Square and compass, eye…

  29. Mimesis says:

    Great news about European link Max. Waiting for UK/Europe availability. I’m sure we’ll keep the mint busy for a long run.

    Happy new year everyone.

  30. Jeremy says:

    global organisation for bankster castration

  31. James Brown says:

    Great, another coin to give my GIABO coin some company…

  32. Aaron Koo says:

    Is there an opt in link to get on an email list for updates?

  33. ronron says:

    @Stacy. did you see the rocking horse chunkymark got for his little girl? someone threw it out. it,s fucking nice. if you ever have a girl, buy it from mark.

  34. Wahrheit says:

    $10 shipping on a $35 item? Egad.

  35. SLA-mdunk says:

    Where can I get these in Australia ?

  36. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    — The State Is Your Shepherd… —

  37. OlympiaLogger says:


  38. adampeart says:

    “Ethical” silver rounds…only 17.5% premium.


  39. BertyCroydon says:

    Don’t forgot that if the package is caught up in customs they will add an £8 charge on top, and then royal mail will add another £8 for a handling charge on top of that for dealing with customs. I’ve had this happen before on receipt of coins to the UK from outside the EU. It depends how the declaration is written. Likely as these coins are coming from a mint that they will be accurately declared.

    I am sure it is worth risk accepting to be a part of history 🙂

  40. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Hey… it worked !!!

  41. Harry says:

    Are we nuts?
    Ever heard of VAT on silver?
    We’re doing export/import here so please bear with us and find a GERMAN distributor.

  42. Harry says:

    Paying 21% VAT plus whatever import fees is supporting the status quo and I will not do that.

  43. Harry says:

    Even WORSE:

    Guernsey is NOT within the EU free trade area as far as the customs people may think.
    See to get an idea.

  44. It started as a whisper says:

    Nice looking coin. So I know exactly what it is I’m looking at, what does ethical mean in relation to these coins? Does it just mean it’s made from recycled silver? Are they carbon neutral?

  45. susan says:

    Guernsey Mint = Rothschild owned.

  46. Vonda Bra says:

    @ Harry

    thanks …. you´re right! ….but I think here is a little confusion anyways … I got trapped into as well …
    The KES is not itemized/specified as a “bullion coin” like Eagles, Maples, Phili´s etc… with reduced VAT of 7% (Germany) … it is traded like bullion, i.e. like bars!
    Bars are also 19 % VAT in Germany … so thats why all the discussion about a “german distributor” NOT a “european” btw. 😉 … is probably pointless anyway!
    I think!? you see, what I mean?

  47. microhousehold says:

    @ Harry
    @Vonda Bra

    Good point.
    I guess I’ll get one Keiser coin for fun of Guernsey Mint, for bigger quantities I’ll stick to the coins on German 7% rates.

  48. Vonda Bra says:

    @ microhousehold | January 3, 2013 at 6:50 pm |
    @ Harry

    as far as I know, there is just a few “bullion” that are outlined as “bullion coins” with only 7% VAT in Germany, like cook island-bullion, Andorra-bullion and some others!

    look here:
    and here:

    I have no idea if or how this could also be done with KES ????
    I suppose no!

  49. Longjohnsilver says:

    Just buy some, or fuck off and buy some fiat

  50. AntiEusr says:

    @ Vonda Bra

    Look @ the prices for shipment, some calculate 30 euro’s others 9 euro’s.
    Shipment by ups is the best option because packages will be “lost” in the process if they are send by the Dutch postal service or TNT.

  51. marshall says:

    I live on the UK mainland. To Date, nearly two years, I have paid zero VAT on silver coins from GM. Bars, you will be clobbered if intercepted…50/50 chance of that.
    Phils, Eights, 1kg Perth Coins……. all VAT free to date.

  52. jarrollin says:

    A million? That seems like a lofty goal.

  53. Hardcore Uproar says:

    I am not sure if this is one of your brightest ideas, It now looks like you want to profit out of your viewing base. Call me a cynic. Normally when some person keeps on telling you something, the´re trying to sell you something. Nothing has changed this time, Max.

    Notice that you´ve taken down the price of silver & gold at the top of your page!

  54. Harry says:

    @vonda: I would like to avoid paying VAT as much as possible.
    For maples, philharmonics, etc I do not pay high VAT in Germany.

  55. Harry says:

    So then we must look for bullion VAT.
    Netherlands is 21%. Germany 19%. Who has lower VAT and is in the EU?

  56. realaverageamerican says:

    Max – is that a ForeverLazy you’re wearin’ there?

  57. Harry says:

    See for some VAT rates in the Europe.
    Which country would be used?

  58. Lumber Jack says:

    Max Keiser wants you to bank on silver soaring out of control. If you talked to him 2 years ago he would have told you silver would be past 50 by now. The truth is that JPMC is doing to bidding of the U.S. government by naked shorting silver for as long as necessary due to NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS. Silver soaring in price is considered a national security problem by the U.S. government as the U.S. wages war in a global currency war. Do you want to go up against the U.S. government. I’ll pass. You’ll make more money owning JPMC stock than silver, that’s the dirty truth you’ll all be realizing within the next couple years. The game is rigged, don’t lose your wealth fighting the rigged game.

  59. Cole says:

    Can’t wait for the Coin to be Available to Australians Max. Wish you appeared on “mainstream” TV in some form here.

  60. jarrollin says:

    @ Lumber Jack They seem to consider everything a national security issue. They’re like a mall cop, checking out everything except that which is actually suspicious.

  61. Mattdog says:

    @LumberJack, I agree with you to a point, (NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS) but what happens when the rest of the world decides to get along without the Good ole’ U. S of A? Some corrupt mf’s in congress or the White House going to whine about it? Own JPMorgan stock? All people have to do is stop using the f*cking dollar. With it’s own velocity slowing against (or in accordance with?) this onslaught of tyranny, YOU CAN SEE THE CHANGE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES.

  62. SLA-mdunk says:

    OK, maybe something happening in the land of Oz with these.
    Hope it’s my friends in Perth — Bullion Bourse.
    Cheers yall…
    SLA-mdunk in Oz.

  63. jarrollin says:

    @Lumber Jack Silver has doubled over the last 5 years. JP Morgan is up about 5%. Use any block of time and you’ll find similar results. How, pray tell, is that making more money? Also, if you are really saying that this free country is discouraging a kind of free market investment, while a communist country is okay with it — is that the USA that you can really still bet on?

  64. karate kid says:

    lumber jack

    and others
    i have my own reasons and they are the delusion of america

    a country that has lost its morale high ground is nothing
    but a goverment trying to force you to do whats right in the best intrest of a few
    they can prop it up until one day it wont be

    and jpm will be worthless as any other american debt
    i love america but its so indebt its laughable

    but most americans are your source lumber
    when the average american finds out they have been manipulated and robbed and
    threw laws criminalized as the enemy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thats why they need all those bullets

    this will end lumberjack
    the scary part is i would rather you be right and me wrong
    but i fear your delusions will end with you broke and your family in jeporady of starveing,

    the fact is the train left years ago and is far overdue
    god help us.

    i would rather my silver be worth 3 dollars
    but my 3 dollars will be worth 3 billion dollars in new money
    feds thinking is 2 x 8 =1 trillion their math is a lie
    all things come to a end
    when, not if

  65. MirrorMirror says:

    French judge offered proof of Gaddaffi’s €50mn to Sarkozy

    PressTV … News you’d otherwise never hear !

  66. Fionnsdragon says:

    Guernsey Mint = Rothschild owned.

    How do you know that?

  67. Dan says:

    For the record… everything purchased at the Guernsey Mint is VAT free.
    It is the border agency of the destination Country that “may” stop the import and ask that VAT or GST be paid on the item(s) before it is released.

    QUOTE: Guernsey Mint
    Import of goods into your country may be restricted or subject to local taxation and it is your responsibility to ensure that your order can be legally received. Any implications or charges will be down to the purchaser. If you are unsure, please contact your local customs and excise office.

    As far the UK is concerned.
    VAT is exempt on item(s) marked as “gifts” up to the value of £36.
    VAT is exempt on investment grade gold coins.

    As for the Guernsey Mint being Rothschild owned.

    LOL what?
    It’s owned and run by Bruce Russell and family.
    Bruce and co are good guys who truly believe in PMs as a protection from the decline of fiat.

  68. marshall says:

    I shall repeat again.
    All silver coins purchased from Guernsey Mint ,be it Philharmonics, Guernsey Eights, Australian 10 ounce & 1kg coins…….. all are shipped to the UK mainland not incurring any VAT. Silver bullion bars are a different story……………… You are charged 20% VAT if intercepted by Customs, 50/50 chance of that.
    This has been my own personal experience over nearly two years.


    Any UK resident purchasing from the likes of Bullion By Post, based in Birmingham are nuts. You have no option but to pay VAT at purchase.

  69. Harry says:

    @marshall: thanks but most of the euro people are not in the UK 🙂

  70. Censored Comment says:

    When will you all realise silver is still in a bubble? How many negative articles do you see on silver? NONE! People cannot possibly get more bullish. All this supply taken off to stack will eventually go back onto the market.

  71. Censored Comment says:

    Look at every comment on here, everyone has all their eggs in one basket (silver). Silver has done nothing for the last two years. Only half of silver produced goes to industrial uses, rest is storage/jewelry/coins which can easily be put back onto the market at a high enough price.
    Go on Max, pull the other one, it has bells on.

  72. Don says:

    Hey Max Matey! will ye make these pieces of Silver available for sale and shipping to the Caribbean? lol

  73. Håvard says:

    Would be fun to own a pack of these but I will probably have to pay 25% customs tax in order to get them into Norway, and that it is better to buy Maple Leaf silver bullions or something.

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