Bitcoin Autumn?

In the last six months, according to Google trends, countries the world over searched the term “Bitcoin” for the second most amount of times since the digital currency was extremely volatile at the beginning of the 2011 summer. In December, “Bitcoin” was searched the third most amount of times in its history, behind June 2011 (the peak) and just this passed September.

  • Egypt historical peak search volume, September 2012.
  • Saudi Arabia, second highest search volume, December 2012
  • Kazahkstan, 2nd highest search volume
  • Pakistan, third highest behind February 2012 and June 2011
  • India, November 2012 second highest behind June 2011
  • Vietnam, August 2012  second highest behind June 2011,
  • Turkey second highest December 2012 behind June 2011
  • In Spain, December 2012 is third largest search volume behind August 2012 by one point, and the peak June 2011.


8 comments on “Bitcoin Autumn?
  1. Jayme says:

    Non-usurious money is a good thing.

    I still don’t like/trust the artificial scarcity of bitcoin and any form of digital money.

  2. snoop diddy says:


  3. vssa says:

    Here is my analysis of the bitcoin one year price circle:

  4. OlympiaLogger says:


    Wake up and die right.

  5. Please include a graph! 🙂

  6. evolutis says:

    “*In Spain, December 2012 is third largest search volume behind August 2012 by one point, and the peak June 2011.” … Geez, really? well “I’ll be dunked and thudded!”

  7. Koichi Ito says:

    So why not Bitcoin as international currency? Also Someone said that human beings will be extincted in 100 years, Why worry about national debt?

  8. Marc Authier says:

    Whats interesting with Bitcoin is that the concept cannot become a momopoly. You can and will have many hundreds and hundrerds of Bitcoins in different countries. The concept is fantastically subversive because it has the potential to break the backs of central banksters completely and the status of the US dollar as a currency reserve ! Now imagine cash strapped Iran Egypt and Syria or Argentinca to short circuit the economic war against them.

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