Anonymous called the launch of it new campaign a “warhead.”

The political assassination of activist Aaron Swartz by Chris Dodd’s minions has started another war: the copyright war. Copyright law has changed from giving creators a limited period of monopoly right for their works (28 years) to giving corporations lifetime plus 70 year monopoly rights on ideas that come originally from the public domain. Ideas that; if fail to return to the public domain in 28 years (or less), constitute a form of sanctioned theft by the state of our birthright: our ideas.

2 comments on “Anonymous called the launch of it new campaign a “warhead.”
  1. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Fait Accompli ??? — There no stinkin’ Fait Accompli !!!

    ——> <——

  2. jon says:

    Does this mean that artists that have their art ‘stolen’ and used in a copyrighted movie/etc loose their rights to their art? These coproatocracy theives need to be put down.

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