All Hail Kim Dot God

To explain further, Mega’s terms say that nobody can access your stuff without your personal decryption key. And they don’t have it. Only you do. The company does, however, stipulate in the privacy policy that they might cooperate with law enforcement. But big deal; what are they going to turn over? When Twitter and Facebook cooperate with the authorities, they have access to your data. All Mega has is an encrypted file.

11 comments on “All Hail Kim Dot God
  1. Ptah says:

    The concept seems very appealing to anyone who has ideas which they want to remain private, especially commercial ideas. Very disappointing to note the comments page on Gizmodo – most seem to be written by copyright gimps…..

  2. Andy B says:

    Related: Privacy, in all forms, will become worth paying for. New social networking sites, search engines, etc will develop that require users to pay a tiny fee, while not data mining for their revenues. Many people will pay 15$ a month for real service, instead of exploitation (googlemail, etc).

  3. ronron says:

    look, Max. this was invented 25 miles from me at RIM park. they were smashed to bits because of it.

  4. ronron says:

    software engineer,s are some of the best guitar players.

  5. OlympiaLogger says:


    This is an example of what’s LAWful and Constitutional, like County Sheriffs, and what’s Color of Law and corporately fraudulent like Holder and The God damned Creature in the White House.

    It’s Stand and Deliver for some of us… thank God.
    …(and the rest of you can go back and keep hiding under your God damned rocks.)

    I can hardly wait to hear your miserable worthless God damned preposterous ‘Opinions’ about what’s REALLY going to happen.

  6. TheGreek says:

    Smart man. It’s a darn shame the masses are too busy to listen…
    Actually, corrupt governments that are to be feared, rather than the sheer masses of shallow complacent ignorant sheeple. That actually makes me respect TPTB.

    When you get a bunch of people that don’t care how they will be treated, no matter how good you may be, you will take advantage and screw them over…

  7. Talcott says:


    I have had, and currently have clients that are engineers….and I agree engineers attention to detail, pattern perception/recreation/invention(improv),and work habits are exceptional, these traits are excellent for musical play/study/communication..but they seem to be a bit …imbalanced(notable exceptions excluded)toward mind and don’t pull from the heart as much they do the head…imo.

  8. mijj says:

    why isn’t my personal information (my name, address, etc; the sites i’ve visited, people i’ve been in contact with, etc etc..) under the control of my own personal copyright? .. Why shouldn’t anyone, if they want access to this information, explicitly request my permission and negotiate a royalty?

  9. TheGreek says:

    because the masses are ignorant and don’t make demands – because they’re too busy facebooking on their iphone at starbucks….
    Oh, well, if you can’t beat tptb, you might as well join’em. (aka this how a troll is born!)

  10. TheGreek says:

    The best way to voice your demands is to:
    -inform people
    -screw the data monster, don’t give it any cookies….

  11. Banking Thiefs says:

    The only flaw in this plan..

    They made a law that if you don’t turn over your password to an encrypted file you would be sent to prison.


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