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I’m arranging an interview with Alex Jones for “Keiser Report” what questions do you want me to ask him?

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  1. freefreakshow says:

    !!! L@@K !!!
    Ask him about his opinion on the BAR ASSOCIATION.

  2. swell says:

    The Proust Questionnaire

  3. Mimesis says:

    I am definitely interested too know more about these aspect you have both commented on of Alex Jones. By proxy this concerns his Jewish connections, his perspectives on Palestine, the zionist gulag and war of terror.

    Is Alex coming from the perspective of intelligent and decent Jews who see the whole ‘israel’ thing as an offense against reason and even strictly forbidden by their faith or does he support the Gulag?

  4. mad hatter says:

    I noticed that Alex and piers were sitting quite close together. Was it possible to smell piers’ cunt from that close of a distance?

  5. Trevor Morgan says:

    Give me the date of the show.
    That one I will be missing.
    The man is a friend of the angels of Death and an enabler of the slaughter of innocents.

  6. rocky from the jolly says:

    Hey Max and Stacy,
    Ask him what the reason was that he was so irate from the beginning of the interview.
    Is he fighting for liberty or his sanity? Because, he made the freedom-loving constitutionalists look like raving lunatics, Bud.

  7. john cole says:

    Did someone at cnn spike your coffee with quaaludes and ecstacy, or do you think the msm directed the dreaded loopy-lou beta rays at your brain? Oh, and quit doing the stupid accents, you sounded like a parody of some toff in My Fair Lady.

  8. Jacob says:

    Ask Alex why Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff & Stew Webb have called out Alex for having an FBI/CIA handler, and why Alex fired staff for trying to get Stew Webb on the Alex Jones show.

  9. Bonn says:

    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hic 😉

  10. Youri Carma says:

    Why doesn’t have Alex have a weekly financial quest on the show like with Bob Chapman every friday? (RIP Bob Chapman) I always use to look forward to Bob on Friday and so did Alex’s mother btw.

    Alex could rotate between diffirent financial experts like Paul Craig Roberts, Max Keiser, Webster Tarpley etc.

  11. Bonn says:

    Scapegoat Hunter
    The complexity of gun control requires all solutions not directly related to guns be on the table.
    Scapegoat Hunter – Gun Control
    Gun rights activists’ paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents America from addressing its actual dystopic present.—gun-control

  12. Wouter Drucker says:

    What would the world ideally look like?
    Does he believe in the capitalist theory that human beings are fundamentally selfish and unreliable, and that trade is therefore the ultimate form of collaboration?
    Aren’t Al Jazeera (Gulf States, neutral, smart, proud) and Russian Today (biased against US) very much independent, and providing an alternative view, and doesn’t China see to be going against the US, making a global NWO unlikely?

  13. Dan says:

    Alex Jones obviously wants to be extremely emotional. He is a veteran media presenter for goodness sake!

    Question for AJ: As you are a NWO disinfo agent, and as the NWO is defeated, where do you think you will end up?

  14. Wouter Drucker says:

    QUOTE KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere | January 12, 2013 at 2:11 am |

    So, even though you’re probably off base, you do have a trait that would put you firmly in my squad, you don’t trust ANYBODY.

    I would say this is the attitude of at least 50% of the Americans I meat on the web. And I would argue this is the attitude of the ruling class as well. We don’t trust foreign countries, so it’s better that America should rule the world with its military (I literally heard a conservative say this, on RT with Assange), we don’t trust our population, so we use cameras etc. to control them. So it is a culture problem. As Arab and Asian countries rise and the US falls, I would say this would change, because the ‘I only trust myself’ attitude is typically American culture, you don’t find this anywhere else.

    Note that distrust is self perpetuating. If I distrust you, my actions are going to make you distrust me.

  15. Jason miller says:

    Max thanks for not giving up on Alex Jones.

    Without Alex Jones I would not have found Mr Keiser

  16. Vladimir says:

    For many years I wanted to ask him this:

    What would you say to your people if you were a leader of a nation and you know that outside of the borders there is NWO?

    We had Slobodan Milošević as a “dictator” and he was telling us about the NWO, Bilderberg,….in the 90’s, but nevertheless the people overthrew him and rushed into the hands of the banksters. Now we are slaves.

    How would you convince your people that the “candys and toys” of the outside world is not good for them and its better to be poor since you will be isolated once you start talking the truth about the NWO?

    Vladimir Dž from Serbia

  17. Mark Weller Jr says:

    How is silver going to compete with gold in the international market once the dollar collapses?

  18. jarrollin says:

    I thought of several more questions:

    (3) Ask him if he’s seen the documentary by Lewis Lapham “The American Ruling Class”. In it a recent Yale grad, with Lapham’s help, interview several members of the Bilderberg group with no apparent difficulty.
    (4) If he’s seen it, how does he reconcile his sense of the Bilderberg group with the one in this movie.
    (5) If he hasn’t, does he really think he’s doing very solid research.

  19. gman says:

    Well Alex, tell the listeners what sort of medication regime you follow? And tell us also how often you forget to follow your psychiatrist’s instructions? What are the consequences when you go off your medication? BTW Did you still see those black helicopter following you.

  20. ed says:

    Where will two trains meet if train A leaves Chicago traveling at 35 mph and train B leaves Washington D.C. traveling at 45 mph?

  21. jarrollin says:

    (6) Ask him if he thinks ronron posts too many times on your message boards.

  22. Phil says:

    By the time you get through all the Water Filter Ads the 15 mins are up.

  23. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    @ Mort Drucker,

    Well said.
    What the fuck does it mean?

  24. Mark says:

    1) What is the greatest lesson learned from all his interviews with Bob Chapman (RIP).

    2) What is AJ’s plan for leading his viewers out of the Anger Phase / Fear Loop his listeners tend to get stuck in after learning about all the frightening problems he discloses? I’ve listened for awhile now, and don’t remember if I have heard him ever talk about HIS SOLUTION. Maybe that’s not his bag and he certainly never claimed he has the answers, but it seems unfair to leave his listeners stuck in the anger phase without some sort of positive message to overcome it afterwards.

    3) Ask him to answer in his NPR voice. It cracks me up…

  25. Mark says:

    One more, but this is for MAX…

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Get Chris Duane on from the Silver Bullet Silver Shield. I assure you it will be your most inspiring interview EVER. He is an encyclopedia of historical information on silver, and also provides a REAL solution.

    He is releasing 30 special rounds this year and are right in line with your stacking philosophy. An interview w/ Chris can REALLY make a difference in how your listeners relate to the economic date in real life terms. Please consider…

  26. A Gardener says:

    The global elite corporate/banksters/burocrats are making us all poor and slave like.
    We need you and people like Alex Jones, Bill Still, Gerald Celente,Chris Duanne, etc, etc to stick togeather. Continue showing us the facts but also how new systems could work that would take the extreme wealth and power out of the hands of such a small number of groups and people. We need new systems.

  27. Terry says:

    Ask if he minds if I skip the show.
    I have a previous reality.

  28. Mr. Holipsism says:

    On a serious note….

    I would ask him if he thought going on a show and raving like a lunatic helped gun pro advocacy or hurt it and does he intend to use the same strategy each time he appears on mainstream television?

  29. Paolo says:

    “You can’t ban the iron bar” stated AJ in the debate with Morgan. Does he understand that the difference between the iron bar and a semi automatic weapon is the speed at which the gun can kill people, the number of people that can be killed with such a weapon is a short space of time? If he does understand this, why does he not think it is relevant?

  30. A Gardener says:

    Ask him, what he thinks we can replace central banks with.
    Ask him, what money system should our current fractional reserve fait system be replaced with.
    Ask him , how a new money system should be controled and by whom.
    Ask him, how many keiser coins has he got.

  31. Andy Perry says:

    Alex says that arming ordinary people with guns is the best way to protect them from government oppression and crime. He often makes the point that be believes this is true for all people, not just Americans. Since Alex believes this as a point of principle, is he in favour of those Latin Americans he calls ‘illegal immigrants ‘ being armed with as many weapons as they can get? Would he be in favour of helping them to purchase semi-automatic weapons- perhaps with a subsidy from the Texas state government?

  32. Andy Perry says:

    Alex says that he believes that arming ordinary people with guns is the best way to protect them from government oppression and crime. He says that this a principle that is true for everyone- not just Americans. With this in mind, would he like to see those Latin Americans he refers to as ‘illegal immigrants’ armed with semi-automatic weapons? Would he support the Texas state government providing a subsidy program for this end?

  33. Antony says:

    If you don’t give up on Alex Jones then people will give up on you..I’m starting to lose interest and think you might be a nut too.

  34. A Gardener says:

    Ask him, when he is going to make an ” Infowars” SILVER coin. You could help him out with your contacts in the private mints. Stick together friends we have a formidable enemy with global power.

    I think we would all love to see you and Chris Duanne on talking about his silver bullet /silver sheild coins.

  35. Mr. Holipsism says:

    @ Picklez

    Glenn Beck? You are joking right? You actually take Glenn Beck seriously? You do realize he is a comedian with a standup act, right? SMDH

  36. @CasperJames says:

    I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death. #TomPaine #Lewes #PeopleRise


    We are blessed as servants of the highest order, empowered with importance to convey a warning.Tyranny a domestic disease now has reached epidemic proportions.
    Unemployment sores fueling desperate indecent greed for more, hindering impatience towards a fading nations whisper of reform. Tired of being fed with the edge of a sword, a fight until death is LAW as pride of the young can not be bought. Information is used as a tool for war in which fiction and fact are distorted and fought. The prize is the mind so it can be poisoned to perform, held captive on a planet without a heaven for a cure.
    We live in the reign of the Golden Calf, shackled to desires the machine thieves without thought. It conquers the family with divides, it robs our time as eyes of insight are perpetually blinded by constant lies while freedom is at the hight of democratic demise. Awoken from a slumber of obedience, we, the people rise.

    Poverty is the pantomime of controlled collapse under a flying false flag as our homelands attacked. Financial arsonists silence patrons of truth, paid off with cash by cats in there fat city suits. Keep the creatures mute, constrain their facts, dumb the masses and provide their food. Fuel the fear so they continue to consume, give them a HD TV, a copy of HEAT magazine, then watch an idle disease infect their nests with recycled stories of low-self-esteem.
    Innocence once sweet becomes a victim of creed, killing sprees claimed as a vindictive commission of peace. Godlessness is a sin as our society recedes, true grief is the regret we watch on with reprieve. No longer should we be left with a bitter taste of defeat that stain the teeth, no longer will cats hoard the cream until it sours the belief we are the children of nature who it taught to teach. We are the last of the free people of the earth, it’s up to our words to feel a burden of worth, worked in a certain sequence that heals their hurt.

    Unified as a single force, we can slaughter this apocalyptic horse in a world that’s yours. We are reminders of respect that expression can mean honesty when honesty’s expressed. If instead of injustice we remain unflustered and say that just is the way creatures draw breath. I can only suggest we all escape, open the cage as a phoenix of change, modern day arcane saints that tear through webs of rape spun by spiders of legislation. Updates become decorations of deceit while crippling regulations are passed secretly in seats, the vail has been dropped, low and behold behind its screen is a pig with a trough feeding on gold. Daily tabloid sheets print dross yesterday’s inbox forgot, tomorrow is the same but dressed differently to shock. Clandestine agendas are doomed to fail, the revolution shall prevail!

  37. Bonn says:

    U.S. Cities Relying on Precog Software to Predict Murder
    Wow !
    Hic 😉

  38. Danny Cunnington says:

    Ask Alex if he would agree to a gun ban on anyone who is currently taking Psyche drugs such as Prosaic and other anti -depressants. Clearly these psyche victims are a menace and all the so-called mass killers are on them.

    Secondly ask him if he considers it reasonable that the authorities should release the camera footage that has been kept secret at all three of the latest shootings. If the authorities would like us to believe these events were not staged by them this should be a fairly reasonable request.

    Thirdly, Ask him why people are still talking about banning assault rifles and describing them as “weapons of war” when in fact these so-called assault rifles are just semi automatic hunting rifles with assault weapon style control boxes. (Assault rifles are already banned. Ask the Taliban if you want to see a real assault rifle).

    And finally, Ask him why shrieking urban liberals get so emotional about banning so-called assault rifles when the vast majority of gun crimes are committed in urban areas with hand guns especially in cities that already have concealed carry laws in place.

  39. Brad says:

    Have you always been a shill Alex?

  40. Specky4eyes says:

    Would an American civil war play into the hands of the globalists by destroying America’s domination of world politics.

  41. Drones2TargetBanksters says:

    AJ, what’s your primary motivator, fame, fortune or freedom?

    AJ, why do you continue to tirelessly repeat the MSM’s mythical translation of Ahmadinejad’s “Zionist map” speech?

  42. Hegelian Dialectic says:

    How’s about these for starters?:
    What do you think about my positions of , ‘The Gun lobby lost: time to focus on something more urgent with some chance of success, fighting man-made climate chaos.’ and ‘ If the reason you own guns – is to respond to tyranny – you would have acted by now.’ You could preface these with ‘What is… while playing this as background music: ( )

  43. SilverPorno says:

    Ask him to give up his show. He makes things up and has zero credibility. His attitude and presentation undermines all those that are seriously looking to get to the truth of what’s going on.

    Why is he being given airtime on the KR? Hopefully Max will take it as an opportunity to further expose what a shill he is.

  44. Bill says:

    How about, “Why am I so off base on peak oil, global warming and gun control?” Maybe he will know.

  45. Bonn says:

    @ Bill | January 12, 2013 at 2:25 pm |
    LMAO !!!!!!!!!!! Nice one !
    Hic 😉

  46. PragLib says:

    Sadly neither Max nor Alex have demonstrated an understanding of the root causes of authoritarian social structures. I would really like both to spend some time researching social science, psychology and education practices. Max should start off reading Wilhelm Reich’s _The Mass Psychology of Fascism_, a book whose importance should be obvious considering it was first published in the early 1930’s. In one of the worst cases of censorship in US history – all of Reich’s books were ordered burned in NYC (I think the only time in US history this has happened). That should be a sign that Reich was striking close to the bone of authoritarianism.

    Max and Alex: we have heard enough about the ‘effects’ of authoritarian social structures. We know politicians and banks are corrupt. We know big business runs the show. We know the environment is being destroyed. We know civil liberties will continue to be eroded. We know wealth is continually extracted from the lower and middle class and funneled to the upper class. In a nutshell: we already know all your talking points.

    It’s time to stop being simplistic observational commentators, and become true radicals who can start to grasp the root causes of all the symptoms you discuss on a day to day basis.

  47. Mattdog says:

    @@CasperJames, Thank you, for that was more brilliant, and eloquent than this morning’s sunrise. 🙂

  48. Bonn says:

    @ PragLib & @ Bill
    If I were the producer of the Keiser report I would do at least one Show on
    Is the US Currently Involved in Inter Gallactic Travel ? if so
    Have they(US) conqured Free Energy technology ?
    Is the whole world Financial Monetary System a big Scam perpetrated on the Human Race ?
    Implications Of Free Energy Technology
    Suitable Guest would be Jim Marrs ! & or a Guy who Knows about Nuclear Power Energy for Examples on the US Nuke powered Submarines and the latest Nuke powered US Aircraft carrier
    Free Energy what I mean is Either yup Totally Free Energy Technology
    or with the example of US Aircraft Carrier and Submarine that Submarine hasta be Refueled once every 20 years or 600,000 Miles/ Km I forget…..Do they have a Fuel that last say not 20 years but 200 years ………..This would certinaly Explain NDAA and all other wierd stuff that Obama has been upto.

  49. Bonn says:

    These Guys have done a Brillant Work in Puttin us in Citys
    While Farmers are Few manageing vast Acres of land
    Lets Automate the whole Farm link it up to Zynga Farmville
    and farm For myself with a Laptop Computer
    …..Errrrr …..Wait a minute I might Just already be Doing that without my Knowledge
    What if Zynga Farmville is Hooked to another planet and its farming there
    Am I paying to Work ??????
    Hic 😉

  50. Dustbowl Daze says:

    @Feral Female: Actually temples were the first places to give out loans and the church grew out of those temples. So I’m not so far out in left field. You are just ignorant of history.

  51. arty says:

    maybe ask how many people in the UK were murdered by firearms last year?

  52. Bonn says:

    arty | January 12, 2013 at 4:34 pm |
    maybe ask how many people in the UK were murdered by firearms last year?

    They were Killed by people who had Guns……..
    Maybe we should change the Law and prosecute firearm and let the Bloke who pulls the trigger free …..

  53. Bonn says:

    Oops read the Question wrong !

  54. gul says:

    If you claim to be exposing the secrets of the most powerful people on earth – people who you claim can pull off a 9/11 event without facing the slightest chance of prosecution or even of being exposed by its participants or victims – why are you a millionaire with the ear of millions of Americans instead of having died in a mysterious car accident?

  55. Bonn says:

    Oooh I like this imbecile

    You Cunt nobody in the US department got Court Marshelled
    Nobody got Fired
    in fact people got promted
    Dick Cheny should have Quit his Job for failure to protect USA
    And peeps like Max and Stacy are treadyin on very thin ice
    We …..Bonn and others support em so that idiots like u who have no clue whats goin on are safe

  56. Bonn says:

    @ Gul
    yer dealin with Blokes with 120 – 180 IQ here
    Sooooooooooooooo Foooooooooooook Offffffffffffffffffffffff

  57. Bonn says:

    Drinkin an Postin
    Hic !

  58. Bonn says:

    We will shoot u Down before ya infringe on are rights

  59. Mohammed says:

    Ask him if he’s a white supremacist Max.

  60. Mimesis says:

    Good Question.
    AJ, why do you continue to tirelessly repeat the MSM’s mythical translation of Ahmadinejad’s “Zionist map” speech?

  61. gussy says:

    Max the question I’d like you to ask Alex. Who would you rather go down on your mother or your father?

  62. Public Blame says:

    ask him, if he is able to give an example of a free market system, in human history. And ask him, why the fuck he would think that less gouvernment, is the solution?

    ask him, if he hates the “evil globalists” as much, as Hitler hated the jews. At the same note ask him, whats the difference between him and hitler as a person.

    ask him, why he loves to put out so much propaganda and never the truth..

    ask him, why he is so selfish and at the same time ask him how does that fit with christianity.

    ask him, if he still thinks that all these shootings are fals flags: Colombine, Virginia Tech, Norway, Australia(shooting before the ban), Aurora, Sikh shooting

    ask him, why he is claiming that operation gladio had anything to do with taking guns from citizens, when in reality had absolutely nothing to do with it.

    ask him, if he is ashamed of the numerous 9/11 conspiracy claims he made, which are now, nearly all debunked.
    Ask him, why he is always claiming that the fireworker from “building 7” said quote “they blow it up”, when he really never did say that. Ask him, why he dont research things from both sides like a real journalist would do. I could name hundred of 9/11 examples…

    ask him, why a gun owner is 4 times more likely to be killed by a gun, than someone who doesnt own one…

    ask him, if he is ashamed of himself for exploiting any tragedy there is.

    Ask him why he loves “Ayn Randt” so much, when she taught the exact opposite from christianity

    Ask him, why everytime some right winger commits an act of terrorism it is a false flage, and when someone from the left did such a thing, it is not.

    Ask him, how much of his right to free speech was restricted in his 15 years of radio. Ask him, why the establishment has no problem whatsoever to put him on national tv repeatedly. Ask him, if he is really that mentally ill, that he still believes his conspiracy theories or if he is just the most close minded person on this planet, who is stuck in his own ideology no matter what.

    Ask him, why everyone who is not sharing his close minded opinion is totally evil…

  63. SAO says:

    Max, I’m just pleased that you are open minded enough to have a well rounded variety of people on your show and that you cannot be bullied. Thank you.

  64. Oky1 says:

    Public Blame,

    Your entire last of questions for Alex makes perfect sense when turned back around & directed towards yourself & why it is you hate Americans having any freedom at all.

    One question I have are you just a Moron or a paid Shill like Jon Stewart/Daily Show.

    The great side effect of Alex/Infowars team totally destroying Pezhead (Piers ) Morgan & his CNN co-conspirators is that Alex has caused all the American hating trash like yourself to be publicly de-cloated.

  65. It started as a whisper says:

    Ask him why he contradicts himself often.

    E.g. at approximately 12:46 on 11.05.12 he said, roughly speaking, that he could only dream of having the power Lance Amstrong does. Then at approximately 11:50 on 01.08.13 he said, roughly speaking, that he doesn’t wany ant power at all, following his appearance on CNN.

  66. It started as a whisper says:

    [Typo correction]

    Ask him why he contradicts himself often.

    E.g. at approximately 12:46 on 11.05.12 he said, roughly speaking, that he could only dream of having the power Lance Amstrong does. Then at approximately 11:50 on 01.08.13 he said, roughly speaking, that he doesn’t wany any power at all, following his appearance on CNN.

  67. Bonn says:

    @ Public Blame
    You sure do know a lot about AJ
    Are ya a CIA / FBI Troll ?????
    If So 1776 !!!!!
    Hic 😉

  68. Bonn says:

    @ CIA/FBI Troll
    ….ask him, if he is ashamed of the numerous 9/11 conspiracy claims he made, which are now, nearly all debunked.
    Ask the Fookin pentagon for the Video of the attack on the pentagon
    WTC 7 Imbicel !!

  69. Bonn says:

    Un-Fuckin believeable
    What now they sendin 19 year Old’s to debate here ?????

  70. Blair says:

    Could you please ask him why he thinks so many believe he’s under cover for the FBI / CIA etc to wake up the masses. How does he feel about many believing he’s a dis-info man. Also, he has in the past brought up about being a christian. Please ask him when he trust Christ Jesus?

    Thank you!

  71. Hondo Stalwart says:

    long time radio guy … howeard stern … gives AJ the thumbs up

    Things may get pretty interesting if AJ would hook on the Stern show, in getting the message out to a nice chunk of fired up Americans. Rumor, Stern is worth over a half billion.

  72. Oky1 says:

    CC: Greg Hunter

    Former CNN reporter Greg Hunter came out immediately in support of AJ, Max Stacy hesitated, but finally came around… Hat tip to Greg Hunter’s

    Greg, Max Keiser is trying to set up an interview with AJ/infowars. He’s asking for readers of his site to post ideas for questions for him or Stacy to ask AJ.

    I thought I’s share my questions with your readers also.

    Keep up the great work Greg! 😉

    Questions for AJ:

    A supporter in Tulsa ask what can he do to stop laughing at seeing Alex spit all that big wad of Beechnut of truth in that dude, Pezhead Morgan, & his CNN Co- Conspirator’s eyes? LOL;)

    How does it feel for AJ/Infowars team global Folk Heroes?

    The 2nd Adm is more then just about muskets, in the 1776 revolutionary war period there were muskets, but also Cannons, wagons of black powder, etc… & even bio-weapons being used, IE Small Pox.

    Isn’t anyone arguing against the Bill of Rights & the 2nd Adm really trying to debate issues already won & settled by the blood of the real Leftist/Liberals of the day, the founders, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Madison, Adams…. ?

    Can Infowars/Ron Paul/ Keiser/Zero hedge/USAwatchdog friends & supporters rally together & call for Federal district Grand Juries across the country against the enemies in the govt that are attacking the written word & the intent of the US Constitution?

    IE: see a piece on the subject on Johnathan Turley’s law blog.

    Can you think of any other peaceful actions citizens can take against the corrupt pieces of this govt?

    At Sandy Hook, with no trail yet, no info going on a month now, isn’t most all of evidence of any crime effectively contaminated at this point?

    Case in point, observe how Conan O’Brian’s videop of AJ vs Pezhead interview, Conan changes the video & puts a gun in AJ’s hand where no gun was before.

    Isn’t Sandy Hook really in doubt now of just being another Govt False Flag Operation?

    US govt was the 1st to report using weaponized Drones to kill Americans. Could it be possible that rogue forces within the US govt used drone tech to comment part of the 911 attacks? Then say Sarc off.

    Do you think Darth Vader Boxers or Briefs? LOL;)

  73. james says:

    Why did Alex censor Dr. Coldwell despite 4 different doctors (and Alex’s guest host Mike Adams) begging Alex to interview Dr. Coldwell:

    Why did Alex fire Jeremy Floyd and John Stadtmiller for interviewing Stew Webb?

    Why did Alex hire Editor in Chief Molly Maroney who worked for the intelligence company STRATFOR that has CIA ties

    Why won’t Alex allow Judy Wood on the show?

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