A War To Reverse The French Government’s Descent Into Unpopularity Hell

Normally, the media would have given it priority: French President Hollande and Prime Minister Ayrault have become more unpopular than ever before. But the poll was shoved into the background by France’s bombing campaign in Mali—which released an avalanche of positive comments and support from all sides, at least in France. With impeccable timing.

Read…. A War To Reverse The French Government’s Descent Into Unpopularity Hell

4 comments on “A War To Reverse The French Government’s Descent Into Unpopularity Hell
  1. Max Power says:

    Meanwhile in French speaking Canada ::

    Gen Y too busy paying off debts to save for retirement

    Those in mid-30s, early 40s who’ve neglected retirement planning have time to catch up, analysts say


    Canadians in their mid-30s to early 40s fretting over having never contributed a cent to an RRSP need not worry, financial analysts say. They still have a lot of time to plan for retirement.

    “You’re still 20 or more years away from the age at which you’re likely to retire,” said Toronto-based actuary Malcolm Hamilton. “And you can move mountains in 20 years of focused savings.”

    Whether it’s the accumulation of school debt or coping with the expenses that come with having a young family, there are a number of reasons why someone in the Gen X and Y demographic may have put off saving for retirement.


    The average Canadian follows a similar financial path, Foot said. Those in their 20s aren’t saving, because they’re still grappling with debt, getting their career started and think they’re never going to get old. Once they reach their 30s, they have often bought a house, started a family and are “up to their eyeballs in debt,” Foot said, meaning there’s no spare cash to save for retirement.

    At 40, Foot said, “the teenage kids are eating you out of house and home,” but the student loan is probably paid off, and headway is being made in decreasing the mortgage.

    By their late 40s, they may have a little spare cash available for investing, and finally, when their 50s roll around, the kids have left, the mortgage is nearly paid off and they say: “Geez, I have to seriously save for retirement.”

  2. KingOfTheNorthernHemisphere says:

    Wolfie the Judge… Great piece – and right on the mark!

  3. MonsantoUSAbioterrorists says:

    Hey Max and Stacy. Time to get out of France. Gérard Depardieu is intelligent and he is 100% right. Go East young man. The West and what we presume as free because of the propaganda is about to go from soft tyranny to hard tyranny.

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