Where Will You Stand?

When the single day “swipe of the hand” reset is complete, where will you stand on the Monday morning quarterback debate?  When looking back as the music stopped  and the question is finally asked of you, was it a “jig” that was up, or a “gig” that was up, how will you answer?  Enquiring minds want to know if the statutory release of swaps from a contractual insurance obligation of uberrimae fidei is the escape hatch for non-enforcement of Dodd-Frank and the final nail in the coffin for caveat emptor.  Readers beware but buyers can relax because “transactions are not reversible.”


3 comments on “Where Will You Stand?
  1. johnseattle says:

    Any comment Max?

  2. Tom-Tom says:

    All I’m sure about is this: The 1% will lose and the 99% will, at worst, have to make minor lifestyle adjustments. It’s “caveat proletarius.”

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