Vietnam Continues Gold Market Clamp Down

Vietnam continues its gold market clampdown, of which much more is to be expected worldwide. News of regulation has swirled around Vietnam in recent weeks, and just yesterday, the State Bank of Vietnam said that more than 2,000 storefronts will qualify for trading gold bars through the nation under new rules designed to regulate the country’s booming gold market.  Those 2,000 storefronts, however, are comprised of only seventeen banks and 14 companies, the only companies to be granted licenses to trade gold bars in 2013.

So, I guess we failed to free hearts and minds back in ’75?

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3 comments on “Vietnam Continues Gold Market Clamp Down
  1. Paul says:

    I live in Australia. My wife is from Vietnam, I watch there news all the time. They are the only country I know of telling people not to sell there gold as the price is only going to go up.

  2. moist von lipwig says:

    Coming soon to U.S of Aholes….price controls, ban on AG and AU, maybe obamama should just ban the whole country and jail everyone so that the employment rate will go 100% as they can enjoy getting their 80 cents per hour in a jail workhouse.

    P.S err what happen to 1. Truth about markets and 2. On the edge ?